New Dell XPS 15, refreshed XPS 13 now available from Dell UK

XPS 15
XPS 15

Following the announcement of the brand new Dell XPS 15 and the refreshed XPS 13, Dell's UK arm has been in touch to confirm its own launch plans, and it's good news! Both laptops are available to purchase right now from

The XPS 13 starts at £849 while the larger XPS 15 goes from £1,099. As a reminder, the XPS 13's major hardware points now include the 6th generation Intel Core i CPUs, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage while still keeping the same looks and form factor as the model already available.

The XPS 15 is all new and packs up to a 15.6-inch 4K display into a 14-inch form factor, 6th generation Intel Core i CPUs, up to 32GB of RAM and options for NVIDIA GTX 960m graphics.

As an aside, the third new device, the XPS 12, doesn't yet have pricing or release information for the UK. All we've been told by Dell is "in the coming months" and that pricing will be announced at launch.

If you're interested, check out our hands-on with both new laptops at the links below. At the time of writing we're having a few issues getting on Dell's UK site, but we'll update with the links you need when we can.

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  • I want to run 3 additioanl displays the TB15 box looks perfect! 
  • Great looks
  • Does anyone Know if there Will be a cut to the price of actual xps 13? So maybe it Will enter in my budget
  • Maybe for sure as newer models come, the older models price fall.
  • Nowadays, even Dell laptops look gorgeous, Sleek profiled
  • So today is Dell XPS day?
  • Absolutely. We've got stuff from ASUS tomorrow, Acer on Monday, Lenovo later next week I believe.
  • Soo much god stuff wonderful :)
  • They have shrunken the size of XP 15 way too much. I am worried it will have a negative impact on its durability. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dell this Dell there Dell here... many posts about the one.
  • Yes... Yesterday it was HP this HP there HP here
    It's gonna be like this for the next few days as each manufacturer is presenting their hardware on different days
  • Very nice looking and high performance machines. Was going to buy a XPS 13 BUT after Surface Book I am ready to spend money on that as I always wanted a bigger tablet too.
  • Do anyone think that 32gigs of ram is necessary for people other then tech nerds, coders or GUI designers.
  • The XPS 15 is Dell's highest end notebook (not counting what Alienware does) so it's fitting it has options to spec it up to the teeth.