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New firmware update rolling out for the Lumia 1520 on AT&T

Ready for update for your Nokia Lumia 1520 on AT&T? Looks like a firmware update is starting the over-the-air rollout process. We just received a tip that an update was ready, checked our Lumia 1520 and can confirm. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest firmware update for the Lumia 1520.

The last firmware update for the Lumia 1520 on AT&T that we reported came out in mid-December. It mostly featured general performance and usability improvements. (1028.3534.1347.2001)

The Lumia 1520 picked up a firmware update last month, but that was for handsets outside the United States in other markets. Those folks picked up an update that had improvements for the quality of Bluetooth connections, headset discovery and general stability/performance improvements. (1028.3562.1402.10xx)

We’re still waiting for our Lumia 1520 to finish the update process and can report back on what firmware number it lands on. We aren’t seeing any info on Nokia or AT&T’s support site yet either. Have the update already? Sound off below with the new firmware and changes you notice.

Update: Firmware version 1028.3562.1407.1001, we are hoping that this fixes the auto-brightness bug and improves screen touch sensitivity. Seeing as the firmware number is part of the same series (3562), we suspect that this has the Bluetooth enhancements, and other minor bug fixes found in the international Lumia 1520 update.

To get the update, dive into Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates. Good luck and let us know if you notice anything different after updating.

Thanks for the tip techygeek82!

  • Fasssssssssssssssssssssssster!
  • Wonder what took it so long..
  • Hoping this fixes the screen sensitivity issue. Fingers crossed. Edit: Sadly, I don't believe this update has resolved this problem. Not happening as often, but it still occurs. Luckily it hasn't occurred with 6tag, yet.
  • +1520 on this one!!! Agreed, definitely better but man, sure exasperating how much it still happens.
  • I'm sick of the screen issue and charging port delay.
  • Same here. Thought the charging delay was a bit odd. Downloading update now
  • I didn't know that was a thing. I thought I just had a lame charger. Good to know. Thanks.
  • Yep there's time I even have to power down for the charger to be recognized. I charged overnight and battery was at 20% cause it never charged.
  • Thank you for understanding! I'm on my 4th 1520 because of charging issues. In fact my phone nearly caught on fire and the USB port melted into the phone.
  • Same thing was reported somewhere for L620 after the Black update. Could be the OS snag..
  • I have all those issues ... Touch Sensitivity + Charge Port Delay + Two small bright regions near top center right ... however I just sent my phone to Nokia for repairs ... so no way to tell if the firmware fixed any. And in any case, fimrware would have never fixed the bright regions issue.
  • Interesting. I have two bright spots on my display noticable really only on white backgrounds.  They seem to line up more or less with the camera fixture.  In my case, its likely I sat on it too hard or applied enough pressure to damage it permanently.  If I apply pressure now around camera fixture (finger on back and on front where brights spots appear) I can magnify the effect with even some purples.  Touch sensitivity is defintely a problem especially with glance (touch wake) enabled and when playing certain games.  It goes nuts to a point I want to throw the damned thing out the window.  I just settle for turning of display and waiting for a few seconds before turning it back on.  It is a little consoling to know others share my pain.  I'm waiting for the Icon to get to AT&T this phone is just too big for -me- to take care of properly given how and where I use it.  Great phone -otherwise- and with mentioned issues notwithstanding.
  • This!
  • Brightness adjustment....
  • That damn screen brightness bug gets on my last set of nerves!!!
  • ⬆⬆this
  • Updating...
  • Just got an Audio update for Lumia 920 in India, I am not sure what it is. Will update once I get it  
  • Fixed a problem with volume not adjusting properly.
  • Got an Audio, yesterday, through the normal daily update process on my 1520 on at&t US
  • This is either a pretty big update, or the servers are getting hammered hard. Taking forever to download on wi-fi. Wouldn't mind some fixes/tweaks for audio control, as that's my biggest complaint about WP right now, but that will probably come with the big update next month.
  • Wow. "Migrating Data". This update is not fooling around!
  • Every update does it
  • Seems to be pretty big, based on the download time.  Unless the server was just loaded down that much.  Plus, gears screen bar has been at around 15% for a few minutes, now.
  • Took over 20 min for my update
  • 40 minutes here. No complaints. My 920 always took over an hour.
  • Mine only took about 10 minutes. Of course I charge my phone on Zebra Cakes so it's always a little superpowered.
  • Just done, seem like the password login got fix  
  • Funny, I couldn't login to my work wifi so it wouldn't let me download and install.  But I have my Blackberry Z30 and used it as a hotspot for my 1520!  And coincidentally my Z30 also had a firmware update this morning.  I know some people had issues with wifi connectivity with their 1520's but I never had until today.  
  • Downloading here in Detroit , Mi USA . Its going smooth over my wifi.I will report improvements ..Thanks for the great tip. I don't select Automatic Downloads  because I like to be aware of any updates and document the changes of my device,
  • It's download, prepared, and now installing...  Good to see that other people had screen sensitivity issues as I do.
  • Just finished the install checking to see what changed it seems rather large took 20 minutes to install
  • Downloading smoothly here in Tempe, AZ. Hope it fixes the reboot issues, auto-brightness bug, sensitivity, etc.
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆his⬆⬆⬆⬆
  • I'm downloading it now
  • Does ALL the 1520 have problem with the touch screen?
  • Yes, thats correct.
  • Mine does not I don't know if I'm special or got lucky with a good one, but I've never had accidental clicks or anything touchscreen related.  I do have the charging delay, but it's literally like a 2 second delay. 
  • Will get my international version tomorrow. I hope mine will be okay. But is it a hardware issue or software?
  • from what I can tell it's a software issue. But again, mine have been working fine since the start.
  • Better check that Return Policy. Unlocked International Versions are not covered by NOKIA warranty. If you have any issues, may as well return it and get another one quickly.
  • Mine does....drives me nuts. Also the brightness issue. Even though I have all auto-brightness settings off it still dims when I go into any app
  • What's the firmware version number?
  • 1028.3562.1407.1001
  • That is the same version I got. Didn't seem like it took 20 minutes, but might have since I just had it sitting next to. Updated seemed very easy.
  • Hope the international version gets it soon.
  • So far no accidental clicks!
  • Me neither. Very pleased with that improvement.
  • Same here. It was getting annoying.
  • None here yet!
  • preparing to install 2%...
  • zipped to 96% and holding...  
  • restarting...
  • wheels grinding...  
  • Hope this fixes the WiFi issue where the phone keeps taking a 169.254 address.
  • Sensitivity issue is definitely fixed. The best way to test it out is to scroll down instagram. If you didn't accidently "like" a photo then you're good :)
  • Great!
  • Hope this fixes screen issue and occasional speaker pop sounds.
  • Feels a lot snappier.
  • Icon firmware next plz Nokia, WiFi bugs out too often!
  • 920 too
  • Please fix the super dim screen when waking up phone!!!!
  • Are you sure that's not glance? I've never heard of this issue.
  • Sometimes the screen was really dim when you pressed the power button to wake up the phone. I haven't experienced it yet after the update. I'll see what happens. EDIT: The dimming problem is slightly there still. But it turns up bright again rather quickly. About a second between the screen coming on and the brightness change. Feels like a quick fix.
  • No❕.. That is a definite bug❕❕❕❕❕
  • Lol yea it is not glance
  • Does anyone know how big the update is? My WiFi has a data cap and I'm near to it.
  • Its less than a GB. I can tell you that much.
  • I was running out of space and i think it said it was about 730 mb 
  • I don't think it is 730 MBs. It downloaded too quickly for me to believe it was that much. I'd say 100-200 MBs... Btw, where does it even tell you how much it was to download? Definitely didn't tell me.
  • "I was running out of space" on my phone I only had like 63 mb left of the 16 (or so) gb left. It told me that it could not download and that it needed 730 mb of free space in order to continue with the download - now whether it actually downloaded 730 mb - im not entirely sure. I don't think it mentions the download size if you have enough space.
  • My impressions so far: 1. The auto brightness seems to be fixed. I have not had the dimming problem at all. 2. Weird. I'm finally getting notifications from Facebook Messenger.  3. I'd been having issues with the standalone Xbox Music. Running very smoothly now.  4. Ran a stopwatch and plugged to the charger. 2 seconds to hear the "charging" sound.  5. Touchscreen sensitivity seems a bit better. Could be my imagination.
  • Yea the sensitivity is definitely better. Also, the typing is a lot more precise on the keyboard.
  • I'm having the tap/swipe issue still, though less frequently. The keyboard is way more accurate! Wow
  • Had the same issue with fb messenger not giving out any toast notifications. Started getting them correctly after the first week without doing anything.
  • I ran another benchmark test on the basemark os app, and my over all score came out higher after the update.. From 1023 to 1031.
  • Mine has never benchmarked over 1000.. ❔❔❔❔
  • My first device (I did a warranty exchange) was 998.. This new device was 1023 and now 1031.. Weird.
  • Let me check and see what it does now!!!!!
  • Did you post your results?.. Because if you do then you will knock the iPhone down, and the 1520 will move up a few notches..... Run 5 test, and submit the results everytime❕❕.. Your device is special..
  • I've posted mine but I don't see it reflect on the chart.
  • My overall was 1045 with System at 1167, Memory at 1469 and Graphics at 1234. Web is the worst at 564 but I'm sure that's an AT&T issue and not a Nokia issue.
  • Just ordered mine (delivery Wednesday). I can't wait to be a part of the conversation.
  • Congrats, I'm sure you're gonna love it!
  • My camera is jittery a lot of the time, like somehow the stabilization is broken. Videos in low light pulse like crazy. I was hoping this was a software issue, but I'm starting to think my camera hardware is defective....
  • Warranty exchange
  • Had the same issue with the camera within my 14-day grace period.  Eventually the camera went out entirely.  Get it replaced.
  • my camera works fine but video recording seemed a little choppy but now with this update, video is smoother and it also has auto zoom!! When i put finger on screen to zoom in and out i just flick up and it zooms automatically. I never noticed this before but i like this...Please let me know if anyone else sees the camera improvement.
  • I don't recall that feature before. I remember a jittery zoom before as I slid my finger up and down the screen. I would call it "smooth zoom" as compared to the rushed and hurried zoom it was before. I love updates that resolve all my problems with my phone!!!! Now for my 128GB SD card to get here and for 8.1 to get on the phone!
  • Fixed & more issues!!!
  • +1520
  • I never thought that the charging delay was related to the phone itself. I mean, I thought it was a problem with the cable, since it doesn't happen every time. 925 owner here.
  • I agree. Phone USB cables are notoriously unreliable. I switched to another cable and the charging issue went away.
  • Just updated. It did take awhile.
  • This not only fixed the touch sensitivity for me but the random ghosting appears to have been addressed as well. Oh, happy day!
  • I've had update installed a couple of hours now and have not had the "accidental clicks" happen once. So far so good. Also seems a little smoother, lately I've been getting slight hiccups when scrolling, looks like that's gone also (fingers crossed)
  • Maybe its just me, but low light pictures also look a lot better.
  • I think the sensitivity problem is fixed. I hope I am not speaking too early. I usually get a lot of accidental clicks while using Craigslist, but after the update it hasn't happened once. Fingers crossed!
  • Screen sensitivity way better! Bam!!
  • Got the update, seems like the brightness and the screen sensitivity issue are alot better.
  • Interestingly enough, this update has also changed the Glance screen, so that the clock periodically jumps around the screen, as on other Nokia WPs. I believe up until now the 1520's Glance screen was static. Otherwise, I too have not had the touch or brightness issues since installing earlier this afternoon.
  • The glance screen started jumping on the last glance update, maybe you didn't notice.
  • Ahh gotcha, I must have missed that. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Just did the update. Touch does seem a good bit better. It also fixed the speaker/audio popping issue. The speaker would pop after sounds (lock and unlock) and when the keyboard appeared. It would even pop and snap on silent. Not any more =D fixed the issue on mine and my wife's 1520.
  • Dang... I don't think the sensitivity is fixed after all. I think I'm going to have to go ahead and try to get a warranty replacement.
  • Nice find! I hated that pop noise..
  • Tell me about it. I'm glad it was a software issue and not hardware. It's nice to see them addressing customer complaints (there were reports of the issue on Nokia Discussions). You would think they would give more detail about fixes like that.
  • Any official info from Nokia?
  • I will have to wait until I get mine back I sent it to my friend to add wireless charging to it :( 920 was missed a bit I have to admit (easier to handle). The screen sensitivity issue is nuts your earphone cable can change items on the 1520!! Can't wait to get device back
  • Updated within 10 minutes over WiFi :)
  • Improved but I can't say fixed.
  • Installed tonight, will keep track tomorrow
  • Anyone care to say how they get on with Office Online on a 1520?
  • Updated and restarted the phone, within 2 min a screen warning popped up about going to settings before removing my SD card. Then the phone is not reading my SD card at all! It thinks I took it out. Restarted the phone, same problem. Third time restarted the phone, went to Xbox music right away to play music, seemed to pick up my SD card content, but within 2 min, would just crash Xbox music. Went to Nokia mix radio to play downloaded mix, stuck and had to soft reset! Oh why WTF?!?!
  • My phone was doing this (before) the update.. So it's not necessarily related to the firmware update. I called att and did a warranty exchange. New device is working flawlessly.
  • When will 8.1 for Windows Phone
  • Issues maintained, charging delay, touch screen over sensitive and some apps on the main screen cannot enter by tab it after charging. Like sometimes when I unplug the USB then I cannot go into my settings or LINE app until I restart my phone. I'm using international version.
  • My 1520 has Windows Phone Preview for Developers installed, but no update found available. My firmware version is still 1028.3562.1402.0003. Is this normal? My phone is Hong Kong version of 1520
  • I updated last night and like many others found that I get less accidental openning of apps from scrolling and the brightness/dimming issue is resolved. However, I aslo noticed another scrolling related issue that was addressed. Prior to the update I found I was unable to scroll if I tried swiping at the far right of the screen in areas like settings or the apps menu. Now I am able to scroll at the far right and also notice a "scroll bar" on the edge of the screen that shows where you are in the list. A very welcome change as I tried scrolling from that side of the screen to avoid the unwanted app opennings. Thanks Microsoft!
  • Wat abt black update for Lumia 625 INDIA?
  • My 1520 just showed up in the mail today. This is my first WP. I guess this fixes some of the problems I have been concerned about before ordering it. Looking forward to updating it and starting my journey into the WP experience.
  • The WP experience is new.  If you go into it expecting it to be exactly like Android or iPhone, you're going to hate it with a passion.  However, if you start using it as a new device with little or no expectations except speed and ridiculous battery life, you'll be surprised and satisfied by it.  I previously owned 5 iPhones and 4 Androids and have had no real complaints about WP8 since I made the switch.  And love my 1520 more than any of my previous devices.  Except the Facebook experience blows on it with their native app, but this can easily be worked around with the messaging and "Me" apps that are built into WP8.
  • My only smartphone experience before this is a company Blackberry for the last 3 years. I really wanted a phone we could take pics and videos of the kids because we always forget to bring a camera along.
  • Cheers! This is really good time to join the world of WP.
  • Welcome to WP! It is unlike any other os. I support ios & Android and every time I look at one of those phones it feels like I'm going back in time. VERY dated styles. WP is the future (as evidenced by Apple and Google copying WP features and style). I hope you have a good experience with your 1520!
  • Heyfriends im from India. My firmware version is 1028.3562.1402.0001. Great to see ur results while mine is as follows:-
    System -988
    Graphics -1195
  • Hi, Which is your version..? Is it wp 8 or 8.1 ? Is this the official firmware "1028.3562.1402.0001". Or is this the developer preview ? Please tell me.. I'm also from India and I've a lumia 1520.
  • I'm not sure if any of the touch issues have been fixed. It still happens from time to time and something I've noticed though is that when I enter my pass code, to unlock my phone, a bug comes up sometimes where the first # I touch repeats itself and causes my phone to tell me that I entered in the wrong pass code. I've actually locked my phone for the first time yesterday. Can anyone confirm this? This has never happened prior to the update.
  • Autobrightness bug worse, not better, now sometimes takes seconds for screen brightness to come on when opening phone.
  • Hi! New to wpcentral, not new to WP (Samsung focus - wp7, then 900, 520, 920, & now 1520)... Screen sensitivity greatly improved with this update... Screen brightness issue improved (though never had much of a problem with it)... Never had charging issues.... And I swear low-light pictures are greatly improved (which was my biggest disappointment moving from the 920 to the 1520, but now it seems that low light pics are on par with the 920)... Also, the phone seems generally faster... But now after the update my battery life is abysmal! Just terrible! I was really impressed at what a beast this battery was... Used to be able to go all day on a charge with watching a couple of hours of video, or two whole days when no video is watched... Now I can't go four hours (with no video/games) without the battery being drained by 50%. Very disappointed. I would have lived with the previous issues for a long battery life!! Anyone else having battery issues?
  • Correction: battery sense says 3 hours 22 minutes since last charge... With 36% battery left... Haven't watched video or played games... This sucks!
  • My glance screen now moves the time around, before it just sat at the bottom left. Brightness issue is better.