Nokia Lumia EOS

As if we needed even more photos of the Nokia EOS (we already saw it in red this morning), the expected 41MP camera sporting Windows Phone, yet-another photos has come forward today that shows off the display of the device in bright sunlight.

While we know Nokia has their sunlight readability feature on Lumia phones and that the EOS would have it as well, it’s still kind of neat to see it in its glory (though Nokia must be pretty perturbed at the constant stream of leaks we’re posting).

Not much else to discern from the photo except that it does confirm that this is a working, legit prototype of the EOS. That and evidently the leaker doesn’t use our app (for shame!).

The EOS is expected to have an AMOLED display and will be announced by Nokia sometime in July.

Source: ViziLeaks; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!