Nokia Lumia EOS Red

We’ve known for a little while that the upcoming Lumia ‘EOS’, Nokia’s first foray into a massive-shooter for Windows Phone, will come in the same color lineup as the current 920 that it is based off of. Yesterday we saw the phone in black but we know yellow and other variants are available too.

Now a new image has leaked of what looks to be the EOS in a glossy red finish. This isn’t the full phone, of course, but rather just the polycarbonate shell which is evidently in early production tests in some Nokia factory.

With the phone coming in various colors and that 41MP PureView expected to be on board, Nokia (and Microsoft) could have a headline device here.

AT&T is expected to have a 3 month exclusive on this phone, which may launch as early as July. But those details have yet to be confirmed, meaning we still know less than we think about this and other EOS devices.

Source: Weibo;  WPDang; via GSMArena; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!