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New Intel beta drivers fix 'numerous reported game play issues'

Intel just released their beta drivers for 4th, 5th, and new 6th generation Intel Core processors. The drivers were evidently published on February 5th but have just been listed on the Intel download site. Once installed, the drivers show a February 2 date for their file information.

The update from Intel appears to mostly address 'game play' issues encountered when playing specific gaming titles.

The changelog says the following:

"This beta version driver is provided to confirm pending driver code changes that address numerous reported game play issues. A list of issues addressed is below. A production version driver will follow in a few weeks, if the beta tests well.""This driver is being provided as a beta test driver, and while it has had limited validation testing by Intel, it is essentially a test driver and is not to be considered a permanent replacement for a fully validated and certified graphics driver. Use at your own discretion."


  • Just Cause 3 - game crash
  • Microsoft Enhanced Video Renderer - API crash
  • Project CARS - game crash
  • F1 2015 - game crash during built-in benchmark
  • Angry Birds - corruption after using "Maximize" icon in game window
  • Quake IV - corruption resuming from standby mode
  • Fallout 4 - game crash when game is loading
  • LEGO Minifigures Online - command list reset lock takes long time (4th & 5th Gen)
  • Wolfenstein The New Order - game crash

Obviously, these are very limited scenarios, and there is no apparent benefit in installing these beta drivers if you do not play the above-listed games. While Surface users can install the drivers as well, there could be unknown side effects, so please make sure you either have a recent OS backup or are familiar with rolling back drivers.

To install these drivers, you need to update manually. You can read how to do that in our tutorial, which applies to all PCs and not just Microsoft Surface ones:

How to install Intel beta graphics drivers for Microsoft Surface and Surface Book

Once the beta testing period is over Intel will push the drivers to production for all PCs. Companies like Microsoft and Dell will then certify them and push the updates through either Windows Update or their own updating software e.g. Dell Update.

For more information about the drivers including download links and how to submit feedback, please head to the Intel site linked below.

Source: Intel Download Center; via: Reddit

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  • Good News.
  • Life is a beta.
  • Hope they are fixing the smite issue were the game crashes and crashes the whole OS where i have to restart the laptop, using intel i7 4th gen, NVidia gtx 860M, lenovo y70-70
  • I doubt that an Intel graphics driver update is going to fix and issue with your Nvidia graphics card
  • Seems faster :) Do I win a prize?
  • For some reason Hearthstone crashes she. You quit to desktop. Game plays fine, haven't had any other issues. Only when trying to close the game.
  • That happens on my surface 3 as well, not on my desktop with skylake processor though
  • Would love to see a fix for the non-function start menu that happens after a few sleep/wake cycles.
  • Get tired
  • Bought a brand new computer a few weeks ago, thought I could get away with no graphics card becasue I do not game... so my Intel 530 was the possible answer. Oh man was I wrong, this damn video chip and its drivers crash my machine all too often. Blue screen it... something to do with the video drivers cannot rmember the specific message at the moment.   Will be buying a new AMD card soon probably a 360 with little power draw. So much for Intel video smarts.
  • Intel 530 is an ssd, typo?
  • "Microsoft Enhanced Video Renderer - API crash" That wouldn't be a game, ​but rather the service that draws video in IE and causes many driver crashes or even system hangs. WHile I am nervous installing beta drivers, this would be a good one to try since it would fix so many problems.
  • Lmao at Intel, is this their way of fixing the overclocking capabilities of non k skylake processors in disguise. I was wondering how would they go about doing that. Anyone with an i5 6500 overclocked will not do something to mess with their system overclock. Just find it suspicious that they suddenly want to patch gaming performance
  • The way they're doing that is with a microcode update that motherboard manufacturers are including with BIOS updates to disable the feature. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Quake 4?. Even the most low-end PC can play that game.
  • Would this address any issues with the SP4?
  • Who plays with intel graphics??
  • People who can't afford a dedicated GPU, who only want to play older PC games and games from the store.