New Microsoft Edge Canary feature will autosave your passwords

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Canary has a new "save passwords automatically" feature.
  • It's optional and can be enabled within the password section of Edge's settings.
  • Not everyone has this feature available to them.

Those of you who are tired of manually typing in passwords or giving Edge permission over and over again to save them on your behalf can rest easy, as a helpful new feature may be on its way to standard Edge. It's a "save passwords automatically" feature that's recently snuck into Edge Canary.

Not everyone can see the option at present, so you may not have access to the feature even if you're on Canary. But if you are one of the folks Microsoft has chosen, you can find the fresh tool within the passwords subsection of Edge's settings. From there, you should see a toggle-able checkbox to enable automatic password saving.

The feature was spotted by Leopeva64-2 over on Reddit.

Edge Canary Automatic Password Feature

Source: Leopeva64-2 (Image credit: Source: Leopeva64-2)

Edge is always testing new features, so there's no guarantee you'll see this password-saving tool in the standard release anytime soon. And Microsoft doesn't only try out these sorts of things for Edge, it does it with all its products, including Windows 11 and search engine Bing. If you come across a feature you really like or dislike, here's how to submit feedback in Microsoft Bing. Windows and Edge also have feedback options where you can sound off your thoughts on Microsoft's experiments.

You don't have to limit your feedback to new things, either. If you're not a fan of existing staples of any of the company's products, you can still share thoughts in the hopes that Microsoft will revise something tried and true to be better down the line.

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  • As I read that, I thought of the many times that Microsoft Password Manager as well as form manager want to fill in a password or data that isn't necessarily correct for that site or data. Automatically saving? Not for me right now.
  • Personally speaking, I agree.
  • I agree with those who point out that Edge is often less than brilliant in determining what is a password and what is a one time code. For example, letters 1, 3, 7 of a banking login. A pain telling it to get lost every time one enters the banking site. Further, it remains unclear to me what is the linkage between Edge and Authenticator. Which also now has password saving. I appreciate both. When they work. I also applaud Microsoft for making buying a password manager a waste of money.
  • I subscribe to LastPass....and would love to learn that this sort of thing, with Microsoft Edge, makes it no longer necessary. Is Edge's method just as secure? That, to me, is the most important aspect of password-saving services.
  • So far, MS' service hasn't had any massive security breaches.
    Unlike LP, which did just a few years ago...
    And for all we know, they may well be still compromised. It's not good enough for me yet, but it's getting close.
    For now, I'm still with 1Password...