New Microsoft Edge hits Xbox One, Series X/S with latest Insider update

New Microsoft Edge Xbox
New Microsoft Edge Xbox

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has debuted the latest iteration of its Microsoft Edge web browser on Xbox consoles.
  • The new Chromium variant of Microsoft Edge supersedes the legacy EdgeHTML version of the browser, with end-of-support status for the desktop client slated for later this month.
  • The new Microsoft Edge is now available to Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders, with a broader public rollout expected over the weeks ahead.

Microsoft has debuted its all-new Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox consoles, providing a long-awaited refresh to the web experience on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S devices. The new and improved Edge saw its PC overhaul last year, stemming from plans unveiled in 2018 to rebrand and rebuild the app. It's currently available to a subset of Xbox Insiders and on track to replace the aging legacy Microsoft Edge widely available today.

The new Microsoft Edge delivers a new look and feel, switching the inbuilt browser from EdgeHTML to one based on the open-source Chromium Project. The engine changes hugely improve compatibility and usability in most instances while also adding new features previously unavailable with the now-abandoned legacy Edge browser. Its Xbox arrival marks the latest expansion of the app, available for testing through the bleeding-edge Alpha Skip Ahead ring, which provides the earliest access to future updates.

New Microsoft Edge Xbox

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

New Microsoft Edge Xbox

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Microsoft Edge returns with all the core benefits and features seen with previous platforms, albeit fine-tuned for Xbox and living room usage. The user interface comes tuned around controller input, with mouse and keyboard support currently absent. Skip Ahead testers who install the latest Xbox system update will automatically find the new Edge in their apps library.

The new Microsoft Edge hits Xbox with an important end-of-support date fast approaching the legacy Microsoft Edge desktop app. The company hopes to transition users to the latest app by March 9, 2021, at which point legacy Edge security updates will be discontinued.

While infrequent among countless games and apps, web browsing remains crucial to Xbox consoles. The new update looks poised to keep its current Xbox family updated with the latest available version of the browser, headed into the latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S generation.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • the last platform without google... Welcome to ex-box google. Looking forward to play store launch
  • What do you mean by PlayStore Launch?
  • I think he's trying to make a joke about Google bringing the Play Store to Xbox. It doesn't make sense though because Edge has nothing to do with Google.
  • He's saying it bc chromium
  • Which is open source. Not controlled by Google.
  • It is controlled by Google. Being open source doesn't mean it doesn't have an owner.
  • You do realize that MS has stripped all the Google stuff out don’t you? MS is also actively contributing to the Chromium base as well. But your snark is just easier than understanding that.
  • Can you install Edge Extensions on it?
  • It still needs mouse & keyboard support
  • That's most likely on the to do list as it progresses through the insider rings.
  • I wonder if it will use the unified codebase like their future mobile version of edge. That would ensure everything syncs and extensions work.
  • Yes, it's already using a recent build unlike mobile
  • Good move. Will Xbox version support ins alling sites as Apps? That would be great
  • Hope they implement voice search as seen in the Bing xbox app.
  • Utility of browser in console for playing ?
    Porbably more reasons for others things, as programming, tools.
  • Hope that they will do a UI redesign for Xbox to be more optimized when using controllers. Navigation mouse-based UI on a controller is a nightmare for this as it makes using a browser more tedious. Sure, gaming console isn't exactly meant to do general web browsing tasks. But that not necessarily mean we just must accept user experience not more optimized to more most common human interface control for a game console. Still, this is a good start to unify the code base of their web browser. Finally ditching old Edge engine. But hopefully they won't just leave it as it is and improve the user experience. At least do a controller optimized UI, then they can just leave at that and maintain it. If Xbox user connected mouse and keyboard, they user can switch to Desktop UI of Microsoft Edge. Since using Controller-optimized UI won't be good for mouse usage as well, or at least won't be as optimized.