Patch for Windows 10 Anniversary Preview bumps OS to version 14393.3 for PC and Mobile

If you are running Windows 10 for Insiders and are already on the Anniversary Update build 14393 you will want to check for a new OS update. Update KB3176925 (opens in new tab) is now available, and it takes the OS to build version 14393.3.

Update: We can now confirm that the patch is available for those on Windows 10 Mobile as well (Fast Ring)

As you can likely tell today's update is not about new features, but rather a last minute 'hot-fix' to address some remaining bugs and issues. Since 14393 is now considered the ISO version for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update due on August 2 it makes sense that from here on out we will only see these types of patches before its big release.

Changelog for 14393.3

  • We have fixed an issue where keyboard input on some Windows tablet devices would not rotate to landscape normally.
  • We have fixed an issue that results in Windows Updates being delayed on systems with Connected Standby.
  • We have fixed a problem with text input with Korean Input Method Editor (IME) in some Store apps.
  • We fixed an issue causing Store apps to stop launching due to a licensing issue.
  • We have fixed an issue with apps that synchronize using DDE for inter-process communication.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Downloading now on PC but not coming in on Phone.
  • Confirmed EDIT:
    Ahh, coming now ...
  • Keep that to your self man; about ahh coming now lol
  • Phone update available as well...
  • Got it first on my tablets and SB running Fast Ring, then 20 minutes later it became available on the 930 and 950XL. Looks like some store app updates may be connected to this patch. I'm getting some of those as well.
  • I'm still stuck on 14379. :-(
  • Check that you're still an insider..
  • I am. Phone updated. Dell tablet updated. SP3 stuck since 14379. Tried changing from fast to slow, back to fast, nothing. Tried leaving it on slow since 14388 went to slow, nothing. Gonna be very upset if I have to restore to get to RTM on August 2.
  • Try do a update troubleshooter. That was one solution I tried when I had the same issue (On the fast/slow ring it the laptop find no update despite days of waiting?) That didn't fix it for me but its worth a try. One other thing I tried (which had worked) was both rolling back to the previous build. (can do so in the recovery menu - however do with caution. When i did this it corrupted some apps that were updated to a insider build and wouldnt allow a uninstall-reinstall) or use the Windows 10 version 1511 installer (link: its a genuine Microsoft link). It will roll back your computer to the latest non-insider build but then you can download the latest insider build straight after. I've used this method twice and once it completely wiped the computer but the second time is hadn't wiped it, so back up your files *just in case*. Either that or just wait til RTM and hope the laptop finds it. Whatever you do, hopefully it finds an update soon :) Edit: Or just download the latest insider .iso :) I forgot about that when I originally commented
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm running the troubleshooter now, and it has reached a point of finding a corrupted database, and is now repairing that. I'll give it a day or so, since this thread has GoghUA saying that he got the next update after about a day. Typically I delete the prior builds, since space isn't infinite. Thanks - I didn't know there was such a troubleshooter. Now it's done repairing, and no updates found, but I'll check tomorrow. I checked the .iso files, and the newest one listed is older than I have. :/ Although.... Surely there will be an iso when the RTM comes out... I could wait.... Are you saying that if I download the 1511 installer, it will roll back my system without doing a complete reinstall?
  • It should do. I've had to use the installer twice but one time it hadn't gave me the option to save files, while the second time, it had. Because of this, I cant really say for sure. It could have just been an error on my laptop. If you end up using the installer, back up your files just I case. However I'd say just wait for the next latest .iso file now :) like you said it shouldn't be too long now til they update the latest file. However I *believe* using a .iso file WILL wipe you laptop as the .iso file is the whole Win10 OS with the update. Not the update alone. Hopefully though you'll find the update tomorrow and not have to worry about it!
  • I'm not sure if you're still stuck, but I went through this before. The troubleshooter did not fix it nor did the manual repairs to the database. In the end deleting the the hidden BT folder took care of it. PM me if you need a hand.
  • It should be coming to mobile now. I had it installed this morning.
  • Recently I have downloaded on my Lumia 1520
  • How is it going with battery life? Better than the previous build?
  • The battery is huuuuge!
    (image the voice of Donald Trump)
  • Where to find untouched iso images of the fast ring preview? I cannot switch to fast ring due to language reqiuerements. I also changed everythig to US W10 enviroment but still i get update notifications in my native language.
  • You can't, not available yet and won't be for a few days at least.
  • You can always download the original ESDs and convert them to ISO using a decrypter program. Mount the new ISO and install to do an inplace upgrade. Its easier than it sounds.
  • You can cook them yourself with ESD Decrypter.
  • Is 14393 on mobile considered already Anniversary or new features are coming?
  • No new fetures. Just bug fixes.
  • Rs2 well be more focused on mobile
  • Redstone 2 will have mobile-orientated features but MS will likely not start developing and releasing builds for RS2 until after RS1 is released
  • can they please confirm if this is RTM? im holding at 14376 just in case they come up with a new build and i have to waste even more time updating yet another build
  • They will never say it's RTM as they just don't use that language anymore, but yeah, I mean 14393 is for all intents and purposes their shipping version + patches for next few days. They need 5-7 business days to prep ISO files, so do the math with August 2 and the fact we're getting hot fixes now, it's quite obvious.
  • So the RTM for PC,Mobile is the 14393?
  • for mobile I'd wait, don't know for how long, but it certainly isn't at pc level stability right now, same as first release, pc on TH1, mobile on TH2 and a ton of cumulative patches
  • Mobile has actually been better for me on RS1 than PC lately. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Been getting the Bluetooth issue (can't turn it off without phone restart) and it's not good for my blood pressure.
  • @MBY
    Yeah I saw that too, just give it a minute and it will come back to life. MS is aware of this issue.
  • @mby
    that bug is so annoying.. that and audio errors, "error cannot iniciate audio" on spotify, and then all apps cannot stream audio via bluethoot.. lol i think that part of the S.O. is all messed up..
  • It's settled with this patch 1520
  • It's settled with this patch 1520
  • I'm not sure if you mean on your Lumia 1520, or if this is related to firmware (which has "1520" prominently in the version number). In any case, I don't think it's relevant to my 640, which is still getting these errors. I'm exremely unlikely to see any new firmware for my 640 at this point, anyway.
  • @Zackary Boddy
    I second that, it's been buggy on my HP Spectre especially Edge. I purchased a used Icon of eBay 10 days ago and it's been quite solid on mobile.
  • Redstone is more stable than TH on every phone I've used since build 14376
  • You don't even have the latest version... Why give advice on stability?
  • On August 2nd there will be no TH branch anymore and everyone (except people on non-compatible phones) will be updated to the anniversary update (Redetone1). I'd honestly say that the Redstone1 branch is actually extremely stable now. It has been for a few months. I'd say there is no reason to wait anymore as there is no big bugs. Just *very* small ones that MS are removing very quickly. Even jumping to slow ring is very stable honestly.
  • 14500
    Will be a round figure.
  • @SocratesG4 Technically yeah. It's extremely stable and MS seem to now just be pushing small patches to remove any very small bugs before 2nd August. But I think the update number will be staying at 14393 til after 2nd August
  • yep, that's why I asked since you do have the means to confirm this, and as usual did not disappoint, thanks now I can update ^^
  • So I'm an insider when the Anniversary update will be released, I have to roll back to windows 8.1 or I can just update it?
    (Lumia 640 xl dual sim.)
  • no rollback, you will simply get the anniversary build, you probably have it now if you are on fast
  • Oh.Ty. It's a real pain to go back to w8 update applications then upgrade to 10 and sync your apps and accounts again.
    Is a really bad idea for MS to give us the ability when we use the recovery app to download the official w10 version and not the 8.1?
  • No. If you're an insider on the latest build, you need to do exactly nothing. You already have it.
  • No :) insiders technically already have the anniversary update and just receiving patches now to smoothen everything. But the update released to non-insiders will be the exact same insiders will have. If you want to opt out of the insider program once the update is released (or even now), you can do so in the settings (where it says "update" at the bottom of the list is settings for the insider program. Just opt out there and you'll be out of it. No need to rollback :)
  • PATCHES??!! We don't need no stinking patches!!!
  • So updates are a waste on you. Don't join the insider program.
  • This just launched for mobile too! Downloading now
  • It is available for mobile now.
  • Should I switch to the Fast wing now since this is the RTM? I am currently in the Slow ring. -Rich
  • You don't need to. This patch should be available to everyone that is in 14393 build (it was released for slow ring already).
  • I am not on the Redstone track.
  • Even the slow ring is on the Redstone track now. Has been for a long time. Just fast ring is on a more recent build, but is just as stable.
  • If you want to, then go for it. The fast ring is very stable now as its being released to non-insiders soon. So don't worry about stability :) however on 2nd August, I'd recommend switching back to Slow as Redstone2 will be in development shortly after.
  • My Surface Pro3 also received Realtec audio and System Firmware update at the same time as the OS update.
  • Downloading right now on my 640 XL
  • It is available on mobile now...
  • It seems as though my issues have been resolved. Audio/Video plays without a problem. Action Center worked out of the gate. Now to see if Explorer holds up. Well done Microsoft.
  • Downloading on mobile now!
  • Did Ms give you the xbox preview after I invited you?
  • Phone update started downloading just now.
  • Just downloading it on my phone
  • UK too ☺
  • Not sure what the firmware includes but the tablet is certainly more responsive and the lock screen image does not drop out anymore. Definitely running much cooler.
  • Who fixes bugs on facebook beta/messenger? At times my fb and especially messenger stops responding to anything I tap. I get them to work back normally after a soft reset. On Lumia 950.
  • Same here, although problem is resolved with a simple restart
  • On PC looks like they have fixed Edge. The AdBlock Plus extension is working once again and webpages have stabilized (so far no more Recover Webpage issues). Hooray! Downloading Mobile version on my 1520. Hopefully, this fixes the battery drain issue.
  • Here, in Hungary i got it for my phone, but not for my pc.
  • Live for mobile also, downloading on my Icon now.
  • I hope this fixes bluetooth issues with mobile. Couldnt update my Microsoft Health stat with my phone not syncing with Band 2.
  • The new firmware fixes lot of Bluetooth issues but I don't have it yet for my 950XL OTA
  • I'm using 1520 though :(
  • getting it on my lumia730.
  • its working on Lumia 730?...specially the camera picture quality compared to win 8.1
  • This pretty much confirmed that 933 is the final build.  I don't believe they've ever released a hotfix like this for a preview build on mobile.
  • Going to still keep my 830 on production until RS is just that. Grabbing .3 on my 640 right now tho.
  • I must look ridiculous now - Downloading on 4 devices, laptop, Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Tab 8 and 950. Hid my 930 from the kids temporarily, or it would be 5! LOL
  • I'm nearly in the same boat: my desktop, Venue 8 Pro, Lumia 1520, 830, 640. I've avoided Insider Builds with my 950 XL Dual Sim and my wife's 950 for now. I still need to update my two laptops and my wife's Lenovo Yoga hybrid 2-1.
  • Lol I have to go update my phone, my laptop and my tablet
  • Same here. Updating my Lenovo desktop,laptop, Notion tablet & my 1520 +950xl!
  • Once the images are released to WSUS, I'll be assigning groups of up to 50 machines to upgrade overnight.
  • Hopefully the new firmware for 950 XL comes to OTA sooner
  • Hopefully there will be some new features on 2 August build, because for the one who are insiders in Fast and Slow Ring will feel that nothing new when getting Anniversary Update
  • all is same, navgation key bar still fully shining, battery saving don´t working :-(
  • How's the bluetooth issues im kinda waiting for it to be fixed before upgrading
  • Fixed!
  • I agree the last 15 builds they still haven't fixed this. Maps voice doesn't work over Bluetooth making it useless. Disabling Bluetooth while connected freezes phone.
  • With the latest Fast Ring build, I couldn't get Edge to stop crashing at startup. With this patch, Edge seems to be working fine now.
  • Is the WiFi issue fixed?
  • Nope
  • We NEED Phone Call RECORDING !!!!! LUMIA 640XL
  • It has been in w10m since launch... Seriously...
  • What will be the latest build for insider fast?
  • This one. Until the next one.
  • Battery back up isnt so good for me...what about others???
  • How much space required by Anniversary update. - w10 PC Non insider user
  • Is it possible that they will release an Anniversary Update with all these Bluetooth problems? Maps voice doesn't navigate over Bluetooth making it useless, disabling Bluetooth while connected freezes phone. This has been the last 15 builds
  • Actually, it has been the last three builds.
  • Facebook scrolling problem
  • I have bluecreen everytime I open Nox player (android emulator) -_- .... it's the first time I have bluescreen recently.
  • You may try ko player or memu.nox was problematic for my system too.
  • Finally, DDE once again works properly.
  • How long will it take for this patch to show up on slow ring for mobile?
  • Depends on if there are any problems with it.
  • Downloading!!!!! Hope That Bluetooth problem has been solved.
  • Action center bluetooth still broken and I really hope they fix this issue in the next build!
  • What's worse than the toggle is bluetooth in general on my icon. Bluetooth in my car is almost completely broken whereas it worked great a few builds back. Dropped calls, crashing bluetooth on the phone when hanging up a call, people saying I sound like a robot, or they just can't hear me at all.
  • Noticed on my 640ds that I can choose Release Preview again, so this must be a release candidate. Same on PC.
  • When I go to settings->system->notifications and actions, and try to scroll the moment new window opens it just freezes for a second or two and then rolls down... I dont like this lag... Lumia 950
  • Still getting random reboots with the patch installed.
  • Downloaded but not installed yet !!
  • I think this cumulative update make my phone even better. L535
  • Bluetooth problem solved Lumia 1520:)
  • What about the battery drain?
  • Not remotely solved for my 640.
  • Hello, everyone. I recently switched to fast ring and now I'm running 14393.3, but I'm not getting any app updates. What should I do?
  • Hard reset your device. IMO everyone should be doing this, especially since this is looking like one of the more polished RS builds.
  • Thank you. Resetting now :)
  • That nice cause my L950 run slow on the latest update strange. Wonder why MS can't make the update available globally at once. I mean there is only so many windows phones.
  • Insider builds are made available globally.
  • But they are valid for limited time
  • Is it safe to reset your PC with this version? I don't want to receive any other insider builds, just cumulative updates. Or should I wait until next week? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still messing with Windows Central Website....
  • Downloaded on my Verizon 735 last night.
  • I think battery is improved on my 950XL
  • For me its been like that all summer long. Its frustrating because I rely on car navigation every day for different locations
  • New update not installing in PC? Any suggestions...
  • Happened on my Surface Pro2, I did a "sfc /scannow" from administrator command prompt and it corrected some corrupt files.  I rebooted it and tried again.  It finally worked.
  • App scaling issue not fixed on my Lumia 638 yet. Shame...
  • Question is anyone experiencing problems with speech/mic for Cortana? It was working last night now nothing. For pc
  • No one still has not addressed the tile transparency yet! My girls phone does not have transparent tiles like mine does! Some one needs to look into this. She has a 950 and this bug needs to be fixed!
  • All she has is solid colors and she has the same phone as I do!
  • Not really impressed with this patch. This patch has broken more than it has fixed. Maps dont work( they fail to show the directions), action centre freezes , battery drain in stand by is pathetic, in app notifications arnt received until the app is open (whats app for eg. the messages dont "hit" the phone until the app is opened ) . This build is just a reminder as to why my 950 XL isnt my daily driver.
  • I'm worried that as close as the anniversary drop is, its breaking things that has long been fixed.  My Dell XPS is locking up like it never has before, doing nothing but iTunes and a browser. Just before it locked up today I got a message asking if I had any lockups since this build.  I was able to screen shot the desktop and the message about the lock up but nothing else but to hard reset.
  • Seems a better build for me. Tho battery drain is stil not fixed on lumia 640 lte. Overall everything is running smoothly. Battery pliz fixxxxx
  • Wow this small update is night and day on my 950XL. Battery life went from 4-6hrs to normal. Not sure exactly yet but I pulled off the charger about 11hrs ago and I'm at 82% with moderate use.
  • I keep dropping my mobile network in the last two builds.  I hope this isn't my phone.  If it's the latest builds hopefully they fix it next release, if there is a next one.   It's happens at least three times day.  I have to reboot the phone.
  • Anyone with an Icon...well any phone really.. knows if you do a hard reset without a backup Hey Cortana work with this version?
  • Yes, that is what I had to do on my Icon
  • sorry that should have been 'Does Hey Cortana work with this version?'  Before the .3 update, I did a hard reset, but Contana would not turn on.  It was stuck in the loop where is takes you to settings to turn it on, but it was already on.  I could not train it.  I had to revert back to 8.1 and setup Hey Cortana there. then do the Insider update.
  • Major Major stability issues since yday, aout 10 rebooots in a span of 2 hours, did a WDRT reset to the newer firmware still on that and having multiple reboots again. seems like the phone is gone.