Twitter PWA for Windows 10 receives first round of updates

Twitter has rolled out its first round of 'updates' for its new Twitter Progressive Web App for Windows 10. Last week, Twitter became the first developer in the Microsoft Store to re-release its app as a PWA, bringing with it new features and capabilities that the old UWP app was lacking.

Unfortunately, while the PWA brought with it lots of new features and enhancements, it also introduced a few new bugs and was missing a couple noteworthy capabilities that the older UWP app had. Thanks to the nature of PWA, however, Twitter has already rolled out a round of updates that add and improve on a few things.

First, and most notably, the app will no longer request a review every time you open it. This was one bug that affected pretty much everyone, so it's good to see it's already been fixed. Also fixed is the EU cookie dialog constantly popping up; if you dismiss that dialog, the app should remember that now.

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Finally, Twitter has added the ability to paste images directly from the clipboard into a tweet. This was something many people complained was missing from the Twitter PWA, so Twitter added it back. What's impressive is all of these changes rolled out without Twitter having to submit an app update in the Microsoft Store.

Thanks to PWA, Twitter can update its PWA on its end, and those changes get automatically applied to the Twitter PWA app on Windows 10 without requiring an entire app update through the Store. This means Twitter can move faster on app updates when required, which is beneficial for users and Twitter.

There's also more of an incentive for Twitter to update its PWA than there was for Twitter to update its specific UWP app. PWA runs on any platform, so any changes made to the PWA gets applied across Windows 10, Android, iOS and any other platform that supports PWA. That's the beauty of the Progressive Web App.

Twitter says it will be adding more features to the Twitter PWA over the next few weeks, including the ability to upload video, and even live tile support. If you don't have the new Twitter PWA yet, that's because the app is only available on the upcoming Spring Creators Update.

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