The Nokia Lumia 800 (see review) is certainly one of the more interesting devices to come out this year. Nokia has now put out a video documenting the process of its creation, lending an inside look into some of the though process and careful considerations that Nokia puts into making a phone.

Some new terms are introduced too, like Nokia's "Fabula" design language, which seems to compliment Microsoft's "Metro" ideas well (it's always nice when companies have specific design philosophies).

You get the see the phone designed from wax, discussions about signal reception, how plastic was used, their machining skills, etc. On the surface, it may sound a bit droll but in reality, like a lot of things Nokia, it's extremely interesting (plus we're fans of the Canadian series "How it's made").

If after watching this you don't want to man-handle one of these phones, you may want to see a doctor.

Source and more discussion: Conversations by Nokia