New video documentary by Nokia on the design and creation of Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 (see review) is certainly one of the more interesting devices to come out this year. Nokia has now put out a video documenting the process of its creation, lending an inside look into some of the though process and careful considerations that Nokia puts into making a phone.

Some new terms are introduced too, like Nokia's "Fabula" design language, which seems to compliment Microsoft's "Metro" ideas well (it's always nice when companies have specific design philosophies).

You get the see the phone designed from wax, discussions about signal reception, how plastic was used, their machining skills, etc. On the surface, it may sound a bit droll but in reality, like a lot of things Nokia, it's extremely interesting (plus we're fans of the Canadian series "How it's made").

If after watching this you don't want to man-handle one of these phones, you may want to see a doctor.

Source and more discussion: Conversations by Nokia

Daniel Rubino

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  • Don't get me wrong, I really like the design of the L800, but it seems kind of odd to me that they'd make this visceral video about all the hoops they jumped through to design this phone when it's pretty clear it's just Mango shoehorned into an N9. I don't doubt that they went through all these exercises, but it seems kind of disingenuous to suggest that it was all for the L800.Still want one though.
  • I think it was a nicely done video. I agree though, a bit dramatic - they didn't cure cancer - but I enjoyed it.
  • 1:28 Dude, you are too old for that hair cut3:54 I'd be worried I'd end up breaking off the door eventually, but cool it hides the USB port3:58 Is that a removable SD card or the SIM card?4:54 Life in plastic, it's fantastic! ;)Overall, this slightly over the top video (that's marketing!) has me kinda liking the Lumina 800 more now. Hopefully it will be available on all carriers when the phones hit the U.S.
  • oh I want a nokia so bad!!!! but please nokia, listen to us people, fix the recording sound quality, right now it's not good at allsample right now the recording sound is so oversaturated and far from detailed.iPhone: fantastic audio recording MONOTITAN: fantastic audio recording STEREO (WOW)samsung FOCUS S: horrible sound recording MONOany other windows phone: horrible sound recording MONOcome on nokia, you have a 1.4 ghz processor, even my old pc with 100mhz processor records better audio!
  • i cant believe how fake this documentary is. Lumia is clearly just N9 with Mango so I dont buy this BS like "Nokia's "Fabula" design language, which seems to compliment Microsoft's "Metro" ideas well"
  • Let's not forget the L800 has a different processor (SnapDragon vs. OMAP), different processor speeds (1.4Ghz vs. 1Ghz - OMAP), 512 MB RAM vs. 1 GB (N9), different supporting chipsets, smaller screen (3.7" vs. 3.9" - N9). The only thing that is similar is it's external appearance (case) . You just don't throw a bunch of stuff together in a case and expect the phone to work well - ask Apple with their antennae issues. There is more of a design change with the L800 than any of the new WP7.5 mango devices.
  • Actually the screen is the same size as the N9, as is the device, almost exactly. The N9's screen doesn't have to accommodate the wp7 interface buttons... There is not that much different. Sure different chipset, different radio (not using the pentaband cell radio), and they had to axe the FFC since the buttons are down there... but the phones are very similar.