New Windows 10 hotfix remedies Explorer crash

It looks like users of the Windows 10 Technical Preview are getting a new hotfix today. Announced by Gabriel Aul on Twitter, this one addresses a second high frequency Explorer.exe crash. If you're experiencing the crash, be sure to check out the Windows Update servers to grab the patch.

Aul announced:

One more hotfix today for #WindowsInsiders addressing a second high frequency explorer.exe crash. Replicating to WU servers now.

This one comes on the heels of an earlier hotfix released earlier this week to fix issues that came up with the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879.

Source: Gabriel Aul

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  • A pretty hot fix, if you ask me.
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  • XPS 13, not 15. My XPS 15 is not like this.
  • Yeah, the 15's bezels are at least twice as big.
  • Shoot, I thought he said "hot fox." But really, for the first time in weeks my Windows 10 laptop is stable. It was terribly disappointing not so long ago as it was nearly unusable. Now I can sit back and wait for the consumer preview.
  • I'm not disappointed its only an alpha build...
  • Never had explorer crash yet. Internet Explorer though (IE 11) that's another story. Crashes and restarts itself all the time
  • Don't forget, IE and explorer are intertwined. So while it doesn't seem like explorer, the ie crashes can take down explorer with them.
  • That could be a plugin.
  • Update: It worked! Installed the fix yesterday and IE hasn't crashed since
  • Obtained via Windows Update? My PC Settings app is crashing immediately when I open it so I can't get to the preview build toggle!!!! Madness!!!!
  • Madness...? THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!
  • do it via Control Panel then. or reset the windows updates components. it's a hotfix, not a preview build.
  • Had this bug on windows 8.1 and 10 recently. I restart seams to fix it typically.
  • Yep, restart is the fix for this in most cases.
  • I've never had the Explorer crash, but I have had an almost identical issue with OneDrive lately. It keeps crashing and restarting all the time in the background.
  • Man, that only leaves OneDrive integration for Paul Thurott to be sad about tomorrow on WW.
  • Paul isn't the only one. I miss the old OneDrive. :(
  • you are a loser if you use this preview release of Win10 ^_____________^ ms-dos FTW. anyway I am waiting on consumer preview to see if I might use it again on a VM, for the moment there was nothing interesting to and keep using the first preview, at least the consumer one seems like it will be a really nice release.
  • You are a loser if you use silly shit like this -> ^______^
  • Madness lol I never had explorer crash
  • Do you think I should be seeing "Sponsored" ads in this app that I paid to be ad free?
  • I'm glad about this fix explorer been crashing a hell of a lot today
  • Finally
  • Neither of these address the GDI leak though, right? That's why I had to go back to 8.1
  • They should've fixed OneDrive
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  • That was just a test.. Lol... I was having issues posting last night.
  • Has anyone noticed that IE for windows 8.1 is also crashing lately? What's up with that?
  • IE and Explorer are so closely connected they might have been related. I had both going on.
  • How to open IE in metro mode?? Even i kept IE as default browser i am unable to open it in metro mode..
  • I am still having issues, tried the work around and it did not work.  Tried updating and restarting (about 10 times)  still no change.  No "windows 8.1 app' ex store,  will not open. Everything blinks very quickly and then minimizes itself into load screen.  This is as of 12/17/2014 11:00 AM Central Statandard Time.  I might just have to wait for Consumer Preview.  Anybody still experiencing this or am I an even smaller subculture of the 12%.
  • I have the tech preview installed on a spare machine that I'm using as a "Media PC". Instealled Steam, NetFlix, use it for YouTube. Has been working great. It's a old Core 2 Quad and a modern lower end AMD (ATI) graphics card. It games!    I was seeing the crashing, and installed this heafty update this morning. Will be curious how it runs going forward. Will nuke and pave this machine when the consumer preview comes out. So far I'm LOVING Win 10.