A new Xbox Insider build is coming to the Alpha ring — here's what's new, fixed, and broken

The new build fixes a couple of issues with signing-in, but also delivers screen time limits for child accounts in your family. Screen time can be configured on your Microsoft account over here{.nofollow}, and allows you to restrict child accounts in various ways.

It shouldn't be long before this build heads out to the Beta ring, and eventually the third and fourth rings too. Here's what's new, fixed, and broken.


OS version released: rs_xbox_dev_flight.170206-2328

Available: 6:00PM PST 2/9 (1:00AM GMT 10/2)


You can now enable screen time limits for any child accounts in your family on Xbox One.

To get started...

  • Navigate to https://account.microsoft.com/family.
  • For a child who has logged in to the Xbox One previously, select the screen time link to the right of their profile. If you do not have a family set up, or a child in your family, you will need to invite them by selecting the Add a child button.
  • After you select the screen time link, you'll be taken to the screen time page where you can enable screen time limits for the child, and adjust daily allowance and time limits.
  • Once configured, your settings will be applied to your child's account when they log in to your Xbox One enrolled in the Xbox One Update Preview.
  • NOTE: When your child runs out of time, they will be signed out of their profile until a parent grants more time by entering their passkey on the Xbox One, or by configuring screen time settings at https://account.microsoft.com/family. When the time limit expires, it will not turn off the Xbox One.
  • If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please let us know via Report a problem.



  • With profile sign-in settings set to "Lock it down", you should no longer be unable to sign in after playing a game.


  • Resolved an issue which caused the Home screen to flash briefly after signing in with automatic sign-in enabled.



  • Cortana may be too responsive to phrases which sound like "Hey Cortana". The development team is continuing to tune and improve this.
  • Cortana may take a long time to respond when activated while playing certain games.
  • Scheduled Cortana reminders will not provide a notification if the user who created the reminder is signed in, but not the current active user.

Ubisoft Club

  • When launching the Ubisoft Club app, the screen automatically starts scrolling down, and prevents the user from scrolling back up.

EA Access

  • The EA Access app may indicate you are not an EA Access subscriber when you are. This does not affect your ability to download or play games from the Vault, or receive discounts on EA titles.


  • Microsoft Edge webpages which have been pinned on the Guide Tab fail to launch the webpage.

Screen Dimming

  • The screen may dim after a short amount of time while viewing videos in certain apps (Hulu Plus).

Settings - Ease of Access

  • When enabling the Mono output setting in Ease of Access - Audio, Settings becomes unresponsive, crashes, and fails to launch on subsequent attempts.
  • Workaround: To launch Settings, perform a hard reset (hold down the button on the front of the console for five seconds until it fully powers down, then power it back on).

Settings - Display & sound

  • The Audio output page is under construction and some of the new settings are not yet functional. New support is planned for Dolby Atmos for home theater, Dolby Atmos for headphones, and more in upcoming builds. An announcement will be made when these new features are ready to try out; enabling these settings now will have no effect.


  • The IGN app launches and immediately crashes to Home.

Wireless Display

  • The Wireless Display app fails to launch and immediately crashes to Home.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for all the latest information from the Xbox Insider Program.

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  • sweet ready to test and see if i can find issues.
  • They really need to get rid of the four levels and just make it 1 or 2.
  • why? if your not in the first 2 then maybe work harder and send in more reports and do more quests. i wonder to the people who complain how many times have you opened the app to see if there are any new quests or surveys todo?  I open it weekly even when there were no "expected updates" guess what i made alpha. 
  • I didn't give any feedbacks buy i did do all the surveys and quests. And I got beta. I'm happy with the selection. Less bugs, more features than alpha.
  • Lmfao @Saka you don't get more features on Beta the Alpha like me and others get the Features first but can have bugs ..you just get a more stable build
  • Not happening it goes according to your participation in the preview program And it wouldn't be fair to those that contributed so much more then those on 3 and 4 ...it's staying like this and I love it
  • Too bad was hoping Beam would have been added tonight dying to try it.... Updating now!
  • Downloading now, like the addition of the timelimts for children account.
  • I was in the preview program before the new rings appeared but I still have not received any update since early December. Not sure if not having yet optin to the alpha ring means no beta builds neither are being received...how was the transition to new rings done?? Because I'm stuck at the last public release...
  • You should be able to see your current ring in the Xbox Insider app (Under Insider Content > Xbox One Update Preview > Manage).
  • Downloading it now. The last few releases have been pretty stable. I did encounter a bug in one that wouldn't allow Vudu to launch but it was fixed within a day or so.
  • I'm in the Alpha and the last build really slowed my Xbox down. Nearly to the point of unusable! However I do understand that this is what happens sometimes, not all builds can be as stable as others and I love being an Alpha tester so downloading now and ready to give feedback. ☺
  • That "Join the Xbox Insider program" screen is on an Insider build?
  • What ring am I in if I'm Preview ring 4
  • I'm in ring 3 or 4, and my last update was Dec... Wtf?!
  • I'm ring 4😭 I joined a few days ago want update so bad
  • Too bad the settings to operate TV's, receivers and such work even worse now that Microsoft has limited the settings to just toggle or off.... I don't understand why they don't implement proper CEC through HDMI....
  • Ok I wanted to say that I was very happy to see BEAM available to me.... I didn't get to try it out though because the icon was gone when I turned my console back on.
  • Nevermind I still have access! Anyone feel free to watch my broadcast! Beam.pro/deadpool491980