Fresh Xbox One Preview build brings Cortana to more of Europe

Joining several small updates from the past few weeks, Xbox preview team member Brad Rossetti noted that this upcoming preview build would mostly contain small fixes.

UPDATE: Cortana will also be expanding to France, Italy, Germany and Spain as a result of this new build.


OS version released: rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160824-1140

Available: 6:00PM PDT 8/25 (1:00 AM GMT 26/8)



  • Cortana is now available in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
  • You can launch Cortana from My games & apps or snap Cortana from the Guide. To learn a few commands, just say "Hey Cortana, what can I say?" in your language. If you decide to opt out of Cortana, just repeat the steps above to toggle Cortana On/Off. Opting out of Cortana will re-enable the Xbox legacy voice commands. 


Game Trials

  • Resolved an issue which could cause game trials to be available for less or more than the intended amount of time.

System Update

  • Resolved an issue which could cause system updates to fail while being applied.



  • You may encounter an error when attempting to view the TV details page for Live TV content.

How to turn Cortana on and off on Xbox One

The Xbox team are showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to polishing up the new features contained in the Xbox One Summer Update which brought Cortana, background music and Universal Windows Platform apps to the console. The next major Xbox One update will inject a ton of social features into the console, including Looking For Group, Arena, Clubs, and more.

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  • Let's hope they bring a new UI and replace the current cluster ****
  • I know. Why is it so hard to find anything ?
  • I love the way the store looks. I wish the ui was like that everywhere. Also, a pure black theme - no grey.
  • Except you can't search by genre, the ultimate in lame
  • I could search in alphabetical order either last time I tried. The Xbox One store is worthy of Sony.
  •  Agreed.  Old Way "Xbox Bing"  "Diablo 3",   ### Store results (streams of people playing)                New Way "Hey Cortana Bing"   "Diablo 3"   ### Web results? WTF?               Start store app, search manually for Diablo 3. (no streams of people playing) Completely retrograded it. I hope they move this back to the way it worked before which was far superior.
  • much this. And how come no one is mentioning how voice commands are substantially slower with Cortana than before? This new UI looks sleek but it absolute trash.
  • Finally no more USA only!
  • It sure did work much better when it was USA only. Good for you, but now bad for us. Voice to text now commonly comes up with some random oddball word that I assume must be another language. Never did that when USA only :/
  • I'm not saying it's not worse for you, but my hunch is it's just a coincidence that the performance issues come with the same update that expands Cortana. Cortana was already available in multiple markets, so it's not like they can't do that. Time will tell though, maybe they'll work out the kinks before full release.
  • Since the last preview update, Cortana has a big lag when opening. I reported it.
  • So it's in the US, UK and France but not Canada. Canada's two native languages' are English and French. Why?
  • What's a Canada?
  • I think you meant "What's a Canada, eh?"
  • Not in Ireland either. Never available on phones here either
  • It has nothing to do with languages. The management apparently just doesnt have time to serve the smaller countries. And their excuse is "we are working on bringing the best experience with localized features", but in the end you still get the generic version that can do nothing like searching for a restaurant or anything localized.
  • Hopefully it comes to Australia in the next few weeks. I would use Cortana so much on my Xbox.
  • You can. Just select English US/UK language and keep region set to Australia. That's the way I use Cortana in the Netherlands. Cortana is region unlocked. This Xbox update means people in these countries can also keep the language set to their home language.
  • Still no cortana on my phone in The Netherlands though. Thankfully i can use cortana on my desktop and laptop without changing my region, only my language to US. I wish this option would come to mobile, i have my language set to english US anyways.
  • On the plus side, you get to practice another language on a regular basis. I can barely keep one language straight.
  • Why not?Mine is set that way region Finland and language US
  • You can on your Windows phone. When you have the W10(M) anniversary Update. Without changing region. I'm in The Netherlands and I can. Language set to EN/US, Region set to The Netherlands. So, so should you.
  • Can someone please send me an invite to the Xbox One Preview Program?
  • Canada...
  • I'm hopeful it comes to Canada soon.
  • Out of interest sake, DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY IRAN WAS REMOVED FROM OFFLINE MAPS? There must be a lot of windows phone users there i think!
  • Hi any chance of getting an invite for the preview please.
    GT is admiraldoc... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why wasn't this story posted on the "XBOX News" section of this website? Could've saved time and downloaded the update while I was occupied. Now I'm just waiting for it because I found out after starting my console.