A newly updated Xbox Insider Hub is launching in Beta to some Xbox Insiders

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What you need to know

  • Xbox has an Insider program to test new updates and features before they're released to the public.
  • Updates to Xbox consoles and games on the program are frequent, but the app itself hasn't changed a lot.
  • That's about to change, as a new Xbox Insider Hub is going into testing with a few Xbox Insiders.
  • The changes focus on easier navigation through the app, as well as changes to how you can personalize the app.

The Xbox Insider Program has been a great way for dedicated Xbox fans to test out and provide feedback on upcoming updates before they're released. However, the app has left a lot to be desired, being a little sore on the eyes and lacking in some features and customization. The Xbox team is working hard to change that, and the first Beta for the new and improved Xbox Insider Hub is going to start being available for a select few Xbox Insiders.

The update should be a fairly large one, updating the navigation and personalization aspects of the app to make things easier to find. Insider content and previews are moving front and center, as they should be, with quests and challenges being in a better location as well. Little flairs of personalization are here too, with your gamerpic being integrated into your Xbox Insider profiles, along with some other changes.

To find out if you're eligible to test out the new app, just open the existing Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One console and navigate to the "Insider Content" section. If you're eligible, you should see a new Xbox Insider Hub labeled "Rushmore" for you to join. The Xbox team notes how you should continue to have the older Hub installed alongside the new one for now, since the new Hub does not have the "Report a Problem" feature. And that's pretty important for providing feedback.

If you're interested, you can read the full blog post for the announcement here. (opens in new tab) If you're not already enrolled in the program or don't have the current Insider Hub installed, you can grab it from Microsoft for free here. (opens in new tab)

This should be a good evolution of the Xbox Insider Hub, and it's fitting with the Xbox Series X coming later this year. The Xbox team is certainly working hard to make sure everything is perfect for what will possibly be the biggest Xbox launch of all time.

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