Ngram Beta set to become the official Telegram app on Windows Phone

Remember earlier this year when Facebook bought WhatsApp? The news was met with a heavy amount of criticism from users not wanting a company like Facebook controlling their primary means of communication. The backlash led to an exodus as users left WhatsApp to try alternative messaging platforms. Telegram was one of the few messaging services who greatly benefited from the fallout. We looked at some of the best Telegram apps on Windows Phone. Migram and Ngram were our two favorites. One of them is now look to be the official Telegram app for Windows Phone.

Telegram ( is a fast, secure and free messaging service. They held a contest earlier this year for developers to create an official app for Windows Phone. Many apps were submitted, but one emerged as king.


Going off the publisher information in the Windows Phone Store it looks like Ngram will be our official app going forward. The app was updated yesterday and a few eagle eyes out there noticed a new publisher name – Telegram Messaging LLP.

While the official Telegram app still lists Ngram as ‘unoffocial’, it’s probably only a matter of time until the baton is fully transferred and Ngram is crowned as the official Telegram app for Windows Phone.

Any of you out there still using it? How do you like Telegram to other messaging services? Sound off below!

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Sam Sabri