Square Enix recently announced that its hit action role-playing game (RPG), Nier Automata, would be making its Xbox One debut. Following its PlayStation 4 and PC release last year, the "Become of Gods" edition packs the base game alongside a variety of additional content.

Digital preorders for Nier: Automata are now live on the Microsoft Store, priced at $49.99, ahead of its scheduled June 26 release. The listing has also confirmed the game will support Microsoft's flagship console, the Xbox One X, offering enhancements to leverage its additional horsepower. Xbox One X buyers will have the chance to play at 4K resolution, with a bonus of High Dynamic Range (HDR).

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Nier: Automata's Xbox One arrival will be mostly similar to existing counterparts – but opens the game to a wide new audience. And between an unstable PC release and 1080p cap on PS4 Pro, the Xbox One release could be the best version yet.

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