Nier Replicant remake announced, Nier: Automata joins Xbox Game Pass soon

Nier (Image credit: Square Enix)

What you need to know

  • Nier is regarded as a cult classic franchise.
  • Nier Replicant is getting a "rebuilt" version on Xbox One and PC.
  • The game should hit store shelves "soon" according to publisher Square Enix.
  • Nier: Automata is also coming to Xbox Game Pass next week.

If you're a fan of the Nier series from Square Enix, you'll be happy to know that there's a Nier Replicant remaster in the works. Today, the publisher sent us a press release with a teaser trailer and some accompanying text. The rebuilt version will be called "Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139..." for those wondering.

In the year of the 10th anniversary of Nier, we are announcing that the cult classic third-person action-RPG Nier Replicant, is to be rebuilt for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139... Nier Replicant is the prequel of the critically acclaimed success Nier: Automata. NierReplicant Ver.1.22474487139... invites players into a dark, apocalyptic world as they join a brother's captivating quest to cure his sister of a deadly disease — a quest which will, in turn, make them question everything. Developed in collaboration with Toylogic, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... brings together an all-star team including acclaimed director, Yoko Taro, composer Keiichi Okabe, and producer Yosuke Saito.

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Are you excited to play the game again? Let us know. Nier Replicant is regarded as a cult classic because it featured amazing combat as well as an intriguing story. We can't wait to see how it's defined for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation soon.

According to Japanese website Game Watch, Xbox Game Pass is coming to Japan soon, and a lot of acclaimed Japanese role-playing games have been added to the service like Yakuza 0. Based on what we could translate with a high degree of accuracy, it's unclear where the team got this information from. However, on Thursday, Nier: Automata will be joining Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One. Only Overcooked 2! is joining Xbox Game Pass on PC soon. You should be able to download it early because usually, games are available at 8 PM ET the previous day.

Invaders from another world attack without warning — unleashing the machine lifeforms. To break the deadlock, a new breed of android infantry is sent into the fray: the Yorha Squad. Highly-acclaimed and award-winning Nier: Automata is a fresh take on the action role-playing genre that gracefully blends mesmerizing action with a captivating story.

Be sure to check it out because it's another incredible experience that runs at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on Xbox One X.

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  • Coincidentally, I was sat up last night, and I thought, I hope Nier comes to Gam Pass. Excellent news, wanted to try it. Incidentally, MS Rewards current has 30% off a 3 month membership, now 28000 points.
  • Gamepass. The gift that keeps on giving.
  • It's good, definitely. And the quests are great too. I buy less games now though, as I know a few will come to Game Pass. Two Point Hospital is getting hammered at the minute, by my Mrs, she loves it. My only gripe is the number of RPGs and turn based stuff on there. They are not my cup of tea really. That said, there are a few games I do like, The Garden Between is great, love it. Nice simple puzzler. The Jackbox party pack is good, though a little to America centric. One game we really miss, and it ain't ever coming back, is Lips. Spent many drunken nights playing that. 200-1 was good too. Incidentally, is there any way to turn notifications on for comment replies at Windows Central?
  • All the recent turn based stuff is big though. Because it's all titles people didn't think Xbox would get. And they didn't just get them, they got them on Gamepass.
  • Good they rebuild it, because for PC it doesn't work in 1080. And if they do this and fix it, they could well fix the PC Steam version too.
  • I mean Nier: Automata.
  • Definitely going to download! game pass has been doing good these days.... Ori, Final Fantasy, plague's tale, bleeding edge...
  • I've wanted to play these games for a long time. Looking forward to this.