Nike+ for Kinect companion app now available for Windows Phone

Nike and Microsoft launched the official Nike+ Kinect Training program this week, which was first unveiled at this year's E3 convention. It joins a growing number of fitness titles available for the Xbox 360. What's more is an official companion Windows Phone app has been released to the Store.

Michelle Tatom, one of the title’s producers, had the following to say about the program:

"This is really not an exercise game; it’s a game-changing, truly personalized fitness program."

Sounds jolly good. The Windows Blog notes that to emulate the benefits of working out with a Nike trainer, the program literally pushed Kinect's sensors beyond limits, which required Microsoft to produce custom software for more precise floor tracking and the like.

So what does the companion app do? It connects with Nike+ Kinect Training on the Xbox 360 console, enabling users to access console activity on Windows Phone. Exploring workouts, tracking progress, connecting with (and cheering on) friends, preparing for upcoming sessions and more is all possible.

We previously looked at Nike+ for Kinect when an advertisement was released showing off both Kinect and Windows Phone content, and the advert itself can be viewed above.

Source: Windows Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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