Nintendo Switch exclusive 'Super Bomberman R' appears on Xbox One [updated]

Bomberman is an incredibly popular franchise with a long history. The first game came out in 1983 and since then has garnered a significant fan following. The latest entry in the franchise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive called "Super Bomberman R". It's been many years since a Bomberman game came out so gamers were understandably excited for this release. Unfortunately, players on Xbox One felt left out because they haven't received a new game since the Xbox 360 got Bomberman Live: Battlefest in 2010.

Today, a Microsoft Store listing for Super Bomberman R appeared for Xbox One. The game is expected to launch on Tuesday‎, ‎June‎ ‎12‎, ‎2018. Unfortunately, the preorder link doesn't work at the moment so we were unable to ascertain the price. Those who preorder the title gain the additional "Golden Vic Viper" and "8 Shiny Bomberman Brothers" characters.

Super Bomberman R allows you to play alone or with a friend in Story Mode, in a bunch of different levels. The game also contains the classic Battle Mode where you can play with up to eight players locally or online. Lastly, the new Grand Prix Mode focuses on teamwork just as much as individual skill.

If you love the Bomberman series, be sure to check out Super Bomberman R on Xbox One. We'll update you as soon as we have a price point or the preorder goes live.

Updated March 15, 2018: Super Bomberman R is now available for preorder on Xbox One for $39.99.

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Asher Madan

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  • How is it a Nintendo exclusive if it's on the Xbox One?
  • Well, it currently hasn't been announced yet and it's not available on any other platform as the preorder isn't even live. So it's a Nintendo Switch exclusive until then. That was my reasoning.
  • So how does it "appear on XB1"?? lol
  • Try clicking the link to preorder. You'll see how it "appears on Xbox One".
  • So you can see it on your XB1? No.
  • Your comments are the definition of pedantic. Open Edge on Xbox One, go to this article, open the link...there, you can now see it on Xbox One. Yes.
  • There is a meaning to the word exclusive.
    If it's exclusive for switch then it's not on XB1. Here it is listed or "appears" on MS's store page. Or a possible XB1 version could be coming. The game hasn't appeared on XB1.You can't play it on the console.  It's simple english. But that's not the first time from this guy. That's why I'm correcting it.
  • Really grasping straws there..
  • Yes, the listing is also visible on Xbox One if you're a Preview member. It was discovered due to an error.
  • Well, honestly, I don't think anyone (low sales) is buying the game on the Switch anymore. The game is a full priced game, for a simplistic not great port of Bomberman. It started well as it is was a lunch game, and usually you don't have much choices. But now you have way better choices. I doubt that the game will fair well on XBox One.. I expect a PS4 release as well, as a way just to get some extra sales. Getting whatever they can get.
  • The problem is that Nintendo may have invested money to have it "timed" for a year. And which ever way we look at it, that's anti-gaming. I really hope Nintendo don't start making such bs move...
  • $39 for u guys...$69 for us in no way am I paying that.
  • I'd buy it for $20.  I'd have a hard time buying a Bomberman game (as much as I like them) for $40.  I'd maybe do $30, but unless there are some really impressive additions to the gameplay, $40 is too much, imo.  I'll pass the time paying Battlefest and other games until the price drops. 
  • Hmm where is that Sony troll now?