Nintendo Switch to get Xbox Live achievements with Minecraft update

Minecraft Nintendo Switch
Minecraft Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Windows Central)

Minecraft continues to expand across a variety of gaming platforms, bound together with cross-platform features, multiplayer and purchases. Following the Better Together update, Xbox One, Windows 10, mobile and VR users were unified, standardizing the experience under the game's "Bedrock" versions. While Nintendo Switch was announced among the platforms receiving the update too, the merge is yet to be seen six months later.

It now appears that Xbox Live achievements are on their way to the Nintendo Switch, as a part of an upcoming update for Minecraft. Listings for 79 achievements have surfaced on Xbox Live servers (via TrueAchievements), totaling 1,750 Gamerscore for those on the system. Although these achievements are yet to be reflected on the current Nintendo Switch version, this likely signals an impending update.

Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack'

Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack' (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

The upcoming arrival of achievements is especially notable, marking the first time Xbox Live achievements will be available on a rival console platform. Although Nintendo maintains its own online gaming network for Switch owners, the company appears to be willing to allow Xbox Live achievement integration on its platform.

Despite Microsoft and Nintendo fostering a strong relationship between multiple cross-platform titles, Sony continues to remain averse to cross-console engagement. Although far from the norm, more games than ever are now offering multiplayer between systems. Seeing the early stages of cross-platform networks is a promising development, further blurring the lines between systems as we know them today.

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