Surface Pro 6

Since the launch of the Surface Pro 6 last month, Best Buy has been causing a bit of confusion over the processors available with Microsoft's latest tablet. Despite the tablet only launching with Intel's Core i5 and i7 processors as options, Best Buy was curiously listing a Core m3-powered Surface Pro 6. Upon further inspection, it was clear that the listing was actually for the 2017 Surface Pro with a Core m3 processor, but the retailer kept advertising it as a Surface Pro 6 for nearly a month.

Things got slightly more concerning, however, when Best Buy listed the device as one of its Black Friday Ad deals for $600 with a bundled keyboard. This caused at least one Reddit user to mistakenly think they were getting a newer tablet for less than the 2017 Surface Pro would have cost, even without a keyboard.

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Finally, Best Buy has updated its product page to correct the error, simply listing it as a "Surface Pro," sans the 6. But that change didn't occur until after Best Buy's Customer Care team responded to a reviewer, claiming this was a special edition Surface Pro 6 only available at Best Buy. From the response:

To clear up any confusion, this is a limited edition Surface Pro which is only available at Best Buy. It has the same design and operating system (Windows 10 Home) as the Surface Pro 6, but this product has different specs which are correctly listed on our website. In addition, the keyboard included is the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, which is made of Alcantara leather.

Best Buy SP6 Snafu

To put this to rest, it's worth reiterating: there is no Intel Core m3 variant of the Surface Pro 6. At least as of this writing, the tablet is only available with Core i5 and i7 processors. Any m3 Surface Pro you see for sale is likely last year's Surface Pro (2017), if not an older model.

That said, the Black Friday deal Best Buy is offering up isn't a bad score if you don't mind the dip in power from Intel's Core i-series processors. For $600, the bundle includes a Platinum Type Cover, shaving $360 off the usual price tag. If you need something more powerful, however, you're likely better off opting for a higher specced Surface Pro or Surface Pro 6.

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