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Nokia looking to score $200 million deal with Vodafone India to upgrade mobile network

Nokia may well be looking to score a $200 million deal with the Indian arm of UK mobile operator Vodafone. The Solutions and Networks (NSN) arm of the Finnish company would be tasked with upgrading Vodafone's 2G and 3G networks in the region. This is another large partnership for Nokia, so soon after news hit the media that Microsoft is seeking to buy the company's devices division.

Should the deal go ahead, NSN will enhance 19 second-generation and 6 third-generation networks. Supplying higher capacity base stations, switches and core network systems for both platforms, NSN will ensure Vodafone is ready to handle an expected surge in data, thanks in part to increased smartphone penetration in India. The Lumia 520 from Nokia is a perfect example of this.

It's reported that Vodafone India does not currently hold any fourth-generation airwaves, which therefore makes sense for the company to rock on with both already-established generation airwaves to tackle increased usage from customers. Vodafone here in the UK is currently starting to roll out 4G upgrades in London to mark the start of the next generation of mobile connectivity.

AdDuplex India Lumia 520

AdDuplex data from June 2013

Windows Phone will continue to absorb more of the market share pie, especially with the likes of the Lumia 520 and Lumia 625 taking off in multiple markets. India proves to be an important market for Microsoft and co. to take advantage of, and with the improvements to be made by Vodafone and other mobile operators, it's never been a better time for consumers to invest in a smartphone.

Vodafone refuses to go into more detail about what the plans will bring to the company and India in general, but does note they do all they can to continuously upgrade and improve on their infrastructure. Are you looking to upgrade to a Windows Phone?

Source: India Times; thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!

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  • Not really sure what the paragraph on WP devices in India have to do with this story. Nokia's network business wasn't going to help Lumia market share even before the big news of the day
  • NSN is working with Vodafone India to expand and improve networks. Lumia 520 is taking off in that very same market (tying into reason why the operator is looking to improve its backend services). It's a good time to move to a smartphone as adoption rate is increasing and better support is on the horizon.
  • Hmm.. People here are indeed converting to 3G but the growth utterly sluggish.. And Lumia 520 didn't really make any difference than just making people switch from laggy Samsungs in that price limit.. People here are really into wifis rather than 3g..
  • This kind of deals are going on all the time. In fact, I'm sure other companies are trying to win this specific contract. The only thing this has to do with WP is Nokia's involvement which doesn't affect WP in any way (building the back end wouldn't get them any help from vodafone in selling their devices)
    When it's the other backend network companies, it's never mentioned on this site. After the Microsoft deal is finalized, NSN deals would not be mentioned on this site either. This is just irrelevant for WP no matter how you try to justify it
  • Verizon bought out Vodaphone from US, Vodophone decides to throw money into developing markets to increase potential customer base in smartphones (2G to 3G), Nokia Network business is the enabler and Nokia Devices division is a major winner. It is not about market share in the developing world as much as it is about user access to data-networks. Same market share, but more handsets sold on the whole. It shows that Nokia was right to push head fast into the developing world market and network providers and OEMs alike are beginnning to realise this too. 
  • NSN deals not going to help WP sales anymore because Microsoft buying them.
    Also, don't expect 625 to bring more sales in India because they priced it higher than Lumia 720 and even 820. 
  • Omnias...
  • Does it means that the network will get better and we'll get one good network provider with strong coverage against nil such providers rite now?
  • i'm sorry but NSN in Australia is very poor. I hope they dont spread to be honest. The BTS are crap and prone to weather changes. They work with Vodafone Australia.and look at the network losing subscribers
  • Being an Indian Not at all looking for any kinda upgrade towards Microsoft's Nokia Traitor Elop!!
  • Kind off only one network is concerned about converting 2g base to 3g that is reliance where 3g speeds are really about 5 - 20 mbps and 3g rates are cheaper than 2g. Its a marketing move to get more customer's but as this will encourage people to switch to 3g due to the cost. Reminded this is the same company who bought down the call rates several years ago and now the mobile data plans. Its big brother plant reliance jio has already started rolling 4g in some states. Atleast heads up reliance with revolution and encouraging the user crowd to switch to quality speeds and plans
  • I will be happy to see Vodafone selling high-end Windows phones in India on contract just like US and other countries.