Nokia Wireless Charging

Charging your Windows Phone is a thing of the past with certain Nokia Lumia smartphones. The ability to rest the handset on a cradle or stand makes it painless to give the device a few hours of charge before heading out. If you haven't yet bought a Qi wireless charger to go with a compatible Windows Phone, the Nokia DT-910 is available for just £33.95 on Amazon.

Sporting not only Qi wireless charging, the DT-910 also comes with NFC and can launch a pre-determined app when charging. This particular unit is the black version. Selecting the white variant will up the price to £46.73. 

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We're not sure when this deal went live, but it's worth noting if you're on the hunt for a compatible charger. Should you need some more details before making the purchase, check out our quick review of the DT-910.

Thanks, serenityangel, for the tip!

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