Nokia is giving away five Lumia 800's on Facebook. Again.

Want a Lumia 800 (see review)? Who doesn't? If so and you have a Facebook account, head over to this page to participate in a chance to win one of five devices being given out. We saw a similar contest earlier with Nokia UK and now with the main Nokia Facebook page.

All you need to do is give a photo or video of "something amazing", a theme which Nokia is pushing with the Lumia series. Looks to be a good deal to us and it cost nothing to try. Good luck!

Source: Nokia Facebook; via

Daniel Rubino

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  • You guys and gals not with ATT, we are not alone with our frustration regarding MS lack of support for multiple carriers. Though there maybe some, it is not shared equally. I ask how are we in the US not on ATT to support wp when its not readily available? Mobile Digest just released an article regarding this issue. I say, thanks! Hopefully more mobile tech sites will hear and recognize our frustration and present these issues to MS wp events.
  • Microsoft's lack of support for carriers? Bollocks. The carriers choose their portfolio, not Microsoft. It's up to the OEMs to sell their phones to the carriers--that's their job and MS does not step on their toes.You're mad at T-Mo for not getting the Titan? Complain to TMo (and maybe HTC). Putting the blame on MS has the situation backwards.Either way, not sure what the **** this has to do with Nokia's Facebook promo. Wish you guys would stick to the topic when writing comments here.
  • It's not Microsoft's fault; it's up to the carrier what phones they push to get.
  • Thanks dan R. As a supporter of your sight and for those individuals who love to see a great wp on their carrier, I'll make it my last comment so as to not offend anyone since usually i dont have much constructive to say in terms of subject. Though i will continue to read news and updates and the many great comments that are left here.
  • I love this site. Thanks for the Nokia giveaway update and the reality check Daniel.
  • Just entered the contest! I wonder how they'd share contents that are not owned by the submitter - Amazing WP7 wallpapers a scan away!