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Now available: Get to work with Nokia’s JobLens for Windows Phone 8 and see your future

Back at Mobile World Congress, we showed a new app that was being developed by Nokia called JobLens. If you thing that sounds a lot like City Lens, their other famous app, you’d be right and the two share more than just a common name.

JobLens is a new project from Nokia that where they team up with LinkedIn, Indeed, and Zillow to help you find jobs immediately around your current location. The app ties into your LinkedIn account (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to create a “network” and then finds jobs that may be of interest to you.

The app itself is really laid out nicely with helpful tutorial overlays that guide you through how the app works, including all of the little features that you may gloss over. By searching through your network or recommended jobs, you can save, share or even start applying all from your phone. And with SkyDrive support, you can even use your resume that you have stashed away.

The big sell though is the LiveSight feature aka Nokia’s augmented reality technology powered by HERE Maps. Just like City Lens, users can hold up their phones to “see” available jobs around them, and then tap to explore those jobs with more detailed information. Users can also opt to use a top-down map view, to see available employment opportunities in their geographical area.

We’ve been running the app for a few days now and have been quite impressed with it. Luckily, we’re not in the need for a job ourselves, but if we were? We’d give this a spin. For one, it makes job hunting actually kind of fun, which is something we never thought we’d say. The other advantage is the sheer availability of interesting job offers—things we’re sure we would not have found on our own. Sure, we weren’t qualified or interested in some, but it’s still fascinating to use.

JobLens from Nokia brings an exciting and interesting use of modern smartphone technology to what could be a mundane (but important) task. If it sounds like something you would be interested in, head here to the Nokia Collection to download it now, or slide to the left in our official app. Windows Phone 8 Nokia’s only.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Nice Idea, Makes Job hunting easy, especially in crowded cities like banglore, bombay or delhi
  • Not available in india
  • Nokia account updated
  • That's why I love Nokia, when they make any app , they also include India, china ,Europe and other asian countries. While MS just focus on US market. We don't have xbox music service, but nokia compensate this with nokia music
  • Actually it's not available in Italy
  • Can't download in the UK.
  • Daniel is thr any big app/game or update at the end of june and july?? Any news?
  • Dan, I couldn't see it in the video; has the animated panorma we saw at MWC not made it to the live version?
  • There is an option in the settings to turn on an animated panorama background. It is turned off by default.
  • Sweet thanks Brent, can't download it here in the UK just yet (hopefully that changes soon)
  • Not available in Switzerland. Guess the region change workaround won't work ...
  • The more these exclusive apps come out the more I regret getting an HTC device.
  • Lol I feel for you.
  • We told u so but at least its a windows phone it could be worss
  • This is a very thoughtful app and can see it really helping out the working class
  • Not available in uk. Really.
  • Won't let me download in the UK on a Lumia 920
  • Same here.
  • Not available in Australia either, but didn't expect it to be honest! Anyone in the job market in Australia should check out the My Career app, looks and works great from what I can see.
  • Same in the Netherlands: "not available in your region"
  • Work on the 521. Thought that maybe it would need compass since city lense does. But it does not. Nice app for job hunters
  • Requires that I either login via Facebook or Linkedin
  • It gives you the option to skip the Facebook or LinkedIn login.
  • Wow, this is a really cool app! I already have a job, but this makes look a lot more fun.
  • Nice Nokia . Love their commitment
  • A bit gimmicky.
  • Like s-swipe, s-view and s-pause :P ...whatever they call it.
  • I'm using a beloved L920 and I agree! :p
    I just don't see myself hunting for a job with this. But that's me.
  • Perfect timing I took today off to go job hunting I've already applied to like 15 places before leaving home ready to try this livesight going down where all the offshore companies are and see which are actually hiring
  • Do you have to be a paid member with Linkedin in order for the location thing to work?
  • Yes my groot worsie
  • I just read on Engadget that it's only available in the U. S. and Canada for now. Hope it it will come to other regions soon, I'm on the job hunt!
  • Just was going to post on here about this as well. I live in Germany but have my phone set with the US as the region... opened the app and it listed "United States" and "UK" as the only supported areas.
  • when will it be available in Australia?
  • Good idea, but needs global rollout asap
  • App can't seem to see my resume on Skydrive. Anyone figure this out?
  • I have been trying to figure that out msyelf. Looks like we will have to type them over in the NOKIA APP. 
  • Sounds awesome for future reference def
  • If I try running this app in Greece, it will probably laugh at me and crash.
  • Not available in Australia