Nokia Lumia 1020 Wireless Charging Cover available at the Microsoft Store (US)

One of the more hard to find accessories for the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the Wireless Charging Cover. You can pre-order them through Expansys (opens in new tab) or and there's no telling when (or if AT&T will carry the charging cover).  However, there is a ray of hope out there.  We aren't sure as to the when but the Microsoft Store is listing the charging cover and best we can tell it is ready to ship.

The Microsoft Store is only listing the black cover (comes in white and yellow as well) at a price of $39. Standard shipping is free and you'll have to pay local taxes.

The pricing is slightly higher than what ($26) or Expansys ($33) has the covers listed for. But if the covers are ready to ship, it is worth the extra few dollars for those missing wireless charging.  It is one feature on the Lumia 920 I really miss.

You can find all the details on ordering the Nokia Wireless Charging Cover here at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

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  • I love wireless charging. I wonder how much extra weight would that have been. Or was it due to thickness/size target that they didn't include that, in 1020?
  • Yes. Its not build in due to the thickness of the 920...
  • It was due to the thickness of customer's wallets, willing and ready to buy expensive add-ons.
  • Seems to be the real reason.
  • I'm guessing the cost.
  • I don't think it's based too much on cost but having something to add when the next version comes out. Something people will want when they consider upgrading.
  • By that basis Nokia are worse than Apple... Fit something to a flagship as standard so they can remove it in the 2nd generation then claim its a genius new feature in the 3rd...
  • That's what I think. The price is already high...
  • I read it was because of the camera hump. The wireless case would level it out and make it better for wireless charging
  • Wireless charging isn't for everyone so it's optional and keeps the size down. Same with the camera housing being extra. If wireless charging was included it would make the camera housing thicker too
  • I got the wireless plate, very thin and adds very little to the overall profile. Still seems thinner then 920 after putting it on. Personally I'm glad its an add-on. Qi is one standard then there is powermate. Now anyone can create a plate for their standard. Powermate people rejoice.
  • I bought this for my Lumia 1020 on its release date--at a physical Microsoft Store--and I love it. It's very thin, and it does not add any noticable weight. As for the reason that it was not included: I expect that it is two fold. For starters, it seems like a much easier plan to have people spend extra money to buy the accessory. But, I think more long term, Nokia is no longer sure that Qi will be the wireless standard that everyone goes with. Apparently, Starbucks just signed up to place the other standard's chargers into their stores within the US; that seems to be a pretty big hit to Qi becoming the de facto standard. By making it an accessory, Nokia can simply sell the other one if the need ever arrises, and only 920 owners will be at a loss outside of their own chargers. Time will tell which standard prevails, and I expect Apple will play a key part in the adoption of the winner considering that it will immediately create a major demand as well as the largest accessory market. The 1020 wireless shell's only negative, for me, is that the sides do not wrap around the phone completely, thus leaving a perceptible groove along both sides when I hold it during phone calls. This is a very minor nuisance, and it probably would even have the issue even if the shell wrapped around the entire phone. Plus, it makes it very easy to take off when I want to swap it out with the camera shell. The camera shell lacks wireless charging, otherwise I would probably leave it on the phone full time. Unexpectedly, I simply love it. It makes the phone ridiculously comfortable to hold and to take pictures. The added battery seems to last less than I expected (about 50% more physical battery added to the shell), but I was in an area with limited cell phone coverage (Charleston, SC, USA) and a lot of steel, which means that the phone had to work extra hard in order to get a signal (and fail for the majority of the day). I have also twice found myself inserting it into my pocket with the screen activated, which I am not sure how I have managed to do (I heard the "listening" for voice commands sound, which is how I noticed).
  • Amazon's listing went from out of stock to unavailable. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign.
  • Slightly higher.... 50% more is slightly higher?
  • How is $39 fifty percent higher?
  • 13$ is 50% of 26$
  • never was that good at math... still... $13 dollars more to get back to wireless charging is worth it in my mind. It's only been just over a week but I already going through wireless charging withdrawls.
  • Basic math. 26 plus 50% of 26 is 39.
  • JSYK, After I ordered one from the MS store I went to cancel my Amazon order and it had the price listed at $39.
  • *27%
  • If you can't lift a 920, you're a pussy ;)
  • I actually like the weight. Gives the phone a solid feel...aka the tank.
  • I do like the weight. But I do like the feel of the 1020 though. And the sensor isn't really that fat!
  • Yeah, dudes that complain about a few grams of weight or millimeters of thickness on a cell phone are pathetic. My 12-year-old thin-as-a-rail daughter was using a feature phone that weighed as much as the 920 and was much thicker and never once did she complain about it. I even asked her if she thought it was too thick or heavy and she looked at me like I was crazy.
  • Weight was never a factor for me with my 920.......until I picked up the 1020 and all of a sudden the 920 felt like a bag of bricks lol but only in comparison
  • It's funny to me that the 920 got hammered in the press for thickness/weight, but your average smartphone user (esp iPhone) installs a thick heavy case that makes the phone every bit as thick and heavy as the 920. but they get a pass for some reason. LOL.
  • Great news. Preordered mine from amazon a few weeks ago. Maybe this means amazon will also have their stock and ship my case out soon. Plugging in a phone to charge really sucks when u get used to the wireless charging.
  • They show as unavailable and no idea IF they'll have stock, now. I cancelled my order and may just go with MS store's, now.
  • I would like a case that offers wireless charging and protection. I guess I can keep waiting.
  • Me too. Hey, building it in might have been a good idea. Then we could use any case we want. Bah.
  • Odd that the brick&mortar MS Stores had these launch day.  I got the black one with the $50 gift card for buying a WP8 in store.  I have a white phone and a black phone depending on my mood.
  • Only the full stores have them. None of the specialty stores carry them. The only non-specialty store near me is a 6 hour drive away. :( And, they don't accept their gift cards online. >_
  • Rip off.
  • Is WPCentral planning on carrying these?
  • They never carry official Nokia accessories. I've asked why before in the forums and was never answered. We need a dependable, reliable source of Nokia accessories in the US that isn't vastly overpriced. I wish WPCentral store would fill that void.
  • We're working on it. Its not something we can just snap our fingers on and Nokia isn't beating down our door either.
  • Yeah, I'm sure there's some extra cost carrying official Nokia accessories. I was just curious if you guys were thinking about it. Thanks for the heads up, Daniel!
  • I have one and like it. Two things: I do wish it protected the corners more like the 925 case, and I added tape to the inside corners to tighten the fit. All in all, it is worth the convenience of wireless charging.
  • Feeling the sting of owning a L925
  • I got the wireless charging cover on launch day at a Microsoft brick and mortar store. They only had black in stock and I like the look of the black cover on the white phone. The only time it has come off the phone is when I've used the camera grip. I've never used cases on my Nokia phones, but I find myself being really protective of this one, probably because of that big ol' camera bump. The wireless case protects the camera bump and just gives me a greater sense of secure grip on the phone.
  • Canceled my Amazon order a few days ago so I could give my money to the first company with availability. I have placed my order thanks for the heads up. I just hope I was fast enough. It doesn't help that George is spreading the word all over the
  • Ordered mine on Wednesday and had it Friday. It's awesome how 1020 with cover is lighter than the 920. :)
  • Better get 'em quick. Remember how the Nokia 810 accessories were available for about 3 weeks before they EOL'ed the device and started working on the next, new, shiny thing.
  • Its not like they pulled all accessories from the shelves and burned them. You can still find 810 accessories pretty easily.
  • USA Today did an article about businesses embracing wireless charging (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc), talked about iPhone and Android but never mentioned any phones that actually come with it built in.
  • Issue is USA Today is always behind the times.
  • The NY Times?
    I don't read that garbage.
  • Now, if they only made hard shell cases for the 1020 designed to fit with the charging cover attached. What is the use of having a hard shell case, if the charging cover won't fit.
  • I would imagine that if the 1020 became a big seller you'd see more accessory options. As it is now it doesn't look like that is the case (no pun intended). Not even the best camera available is enough to get people to go with WP8 in the USA. For whatever reason, the Apple love fest continues here.
  • Apps.
    I responded to 3 people on Twitter yesterday saying they would get it if it has their apps. Two were about instagram of course, the other about an Xfinity app.
  • I picked mine up day one at the MS store. They had lots of them at the store. Didn't realize there was a shortage. I can't live without wireless charging anymore.
  • My phone doesn't charge that reliably with the plug anymore, weird because I rarely use it. Wireless work great though.
  • I bought two at the store the day after launch. I guess we were lucky.
  • I still have mine ordered thru amazon but I would gladly pay today to have a yellow one shipped. Same with the Camera Grip.
  • The MS store in San Antonio, TX has these in stock... The one at the Galleria Mall in Houston, TX does not... I live in Houston :(
  • The Microsoft Store over here in Mission Viejo, CA had the charging covers (Black and Yellow) for the 1020 on Day 1 last week - I almost picked one up but decided to wait a bit. But yes, they were stocked and on the shelves on day 1 here.
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • I wish they made a wireless charger that also has extra battery.
  • That would be awesome if it were available.
  • Out of stock already at MS store
  • Wow, I must've ordered the last one. Hoping it shows up early next week. Cancelled my Amazon order too.
  • Anyone know if the camera grip will fit over the wireless charging cover?
  • No way! Have you used the camera grip? I'm guessing you haven't.
  • I ordered one a couple days ago, and it shipped right away.  They are in stock on the MS store guys.
  • Drove to the Costa Mesa (CA)Microsoft Store and picked
    up the cover. I was pleasantly surprised, it did not add much bulk at all. Actually makes holding the 1020 easier. I told the rep that I drove from far away (I really did) and he have me a $25 discount (some Bing discount or credit). I bought the Nokia charging stand too!
  • Anyone know if the Lumia 1020 with the wireless charging cover fit and work in the cr-200 phone holder??
  • No yellow? No sale!
  • Next to impossible to find one for the 925 from a US outlet and its been out for a month.
  • I'm kinda pissed that these covers aren't ready or available at launch.
    Just bought the mrs a 1020 (she loves to take pictures of everything and anything with her phone), bought the 1020 from ATT directly because i had to convince them to let that line out of the contract to sign a new one (which they did but it was phone order only).
    When done i went online to buy the white charging cover, to my surprise there was no cover that i could buy.
    What could possibly be the reason that these weren't ready?
  • Nice :-)
  • Has anyone actually received the charging cover from Microsoft yet?  If not, considering Amazon's price --- not worth changing horses in mid-stream..........