The $99 Nokia Lumia 520 now available as an AT&T GoPhone

The Lumia 520 has been making waves all over the globe. It’s doing incredibly well in most markets you can grab it. In fact according to some statistics it is the most popular Windows Phone.

Here in the United States we have T-Mobile carrying a variant called the Lumia 521. Not to be outdone, you can now get the Lumia 520 as a prepaid phone on AT&T’s GoPhone.

When we reviewed the Lumia 520 we told you guys to take it seriously since it’s a superb phone, especially when you consider the price. Over at AT&T you can get it for $99 straight up. No, you’re not reading that wrong, the phone goes for just 99 dollars. Which is pretty stellar when you consider the phones the Lumia 520 is going up against.

So is the $99 price for the Lumia 520 going to help grow the number of Windows Phone devices out there? We hope so, and so does Microsoft.

Source: GoPhone, Via: WMPU

Sam Sabri