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Nokia Lumia 530 going for £39.95 from UK's Carphone Warehouse

The Nokia Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1 can be had contract-free from UK mobile phones retailer Carphone Warehouse for a cool £39.95. That's a full-fledged smartphone, for under forty quid. Not a bad deal, if we might say so ourselves. Options from Carphone Warehouse to go with that Lumia 530 include Vodafone and EE (well, Orange and T-Mobile, but they're both EE).

So what does £39.95 get you in a smartphone. When it's the Lumia 530 we're talking about, that gets you a 1.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 512MB if RAM, 4GB storage, and a 5MP camera, all topped with a 4-inch 854x480 LCD display. It's not a powerhouse phone by any measure, but when we're talking about a phone this cheap, these are still stunningly good specs.

So the Lumia 530 in the UK can be yours for even cheaper than ever, and in your choice of black, green, or orange. Who's game?

Source: Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab); Thanks to spinzeroWL for the tip!

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  • Good deal! If this doesn't break open the market for WP, nothing will!
  • I think WP is already at 10% share in UK and this will only make the platform even more appealing to many. I was on vacation in London/UK earlier this month and was very impressed with the amount of significant marketing Microsoft had for WP on billboards and other places. Most people I met knew my phone as Lumia and were very open to trying it as their next device when I showed them some amazing features like using Here maps and Here Drive+ without any SIM/data plan on my phone.   I hope MS brings similar agressive marketing strategy for WP here in US.
  • It's only for pay-and-go upgrade.  The article is not correct.  For new pay and go it's £69.95.  And probably more for an unlocked phone.
  • All Carphone Warehouse phones are unlocked as standard and come with no Network branded boxes. Also it's simple to pay and go upgrade, you simply need to buy a 75p sim card from a newsagent or give a friends pay&go number.
  • Not all Carphone warehouse phones are unlocked.  I have checked with them on multiple occassions.  Most recently the Lumia 630 and did not buy it as it was a locked phone (to O2) and I could not use it in Singapore.  They now offer as a SIM free option. To make sure it's unlocked phone you have to get their SIM free phones, which cost more than when you get Pay and Go.  For an upgrade, you need to have your pay and go number active for 6 or 9 months (I don't remember which)
  • You can unlock the phone for £15 if you create a dev account with MS and register it as a dev phone. As for the price I think you are right. The article IS wrong. The price mentioned is for a PAYG Upgrade !!! I will call CPW to find exactly what PAYG Upgrade actually means since there is no set contract length for PAYG users.
  • Buy it asap UK people!!
  • This phone doesn't really excite me, but I hope it sells well
  • I'm on 520 so might see what this is like at 39 quid
  • I'd consider the 630 or 635 if you are looking for a 520 successor.  Nokia/MS are doing some shifting around on the Lumia line.  The 530 is really a "430" in that it makes a couple of nip-and-tuck adjustments to hit a lower pricepoint then even the 520 did.  It's a pretty good deal since benchmarks show the 530 has a faster quad-core cpu versus the dual-core in the 520... but specs and features are a bit lighter in other areas to compensate. The 630/635 on the other hand is an almost direct successor to the 520.  Just about the same specs/features, with slight upticks here and there.  And the street prices look like they are landing right where the 520 was. So 530 = the new lowest price-point.  630 = the new 520.
  • So, on that rationale, the 730 could be priced as a replacement for the 620? The 720 was a great little package, but simply priced too high here in the UK for what it was.
  • Woowww , 40£ is like 50$. That's insanely low. With this price it crushes every smartphone
  • Closer to $65 (inc tax), but still great price
  • £40 is including tax so it is like it being priced at an overall price of $50.
  • Gonna get my mam one tomorrow :D
  • ..... Hope it's loud :|
  • Lol
  • This is upgrade only pricing, the handset retails for £69.99 brand new.
  • Doesn't matter, you only need a simcard on that tariff to use the upgrade option, buy one for £1 before you get the phone, thats what we do
  • Of course it matters, not everyone will know how to scam the system so they'll see a higher price.
  • Yea yea yea, scamming the system when the guy in CPW advised us to do exactly that, get the facts before opening your uneducated mouth
  • no need for ofensive language but i agree, its quite common in europe that employees suggests you about cheaper options  i hope 530 will get us a massive chunk of market share 
  • To be fair to Tom I wouldn't have known that and the general consumer won't either. The article is misleading.
  • Be careful as they usually check whether the pay as you go account is regularly topped up. I quite fancy one of these as a backup phone but as a contract user ill have to get someone on payg to do it on my behalf.
  • Its upgrade and locked to specific network. Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange is on £39.95 where as £49.95 on Virginia and O2. Not available on 3 UK Network. Unlocked sim-free is prized at £89.95.
  • Not true. All Carphone Warehouse phones are unlocked.
  • Not all as far as I know if you getting new phone through CPW on contract you'll get unlocked device but if PAYG then it's locked to chosen network provider and that's way they offer SIM-FREE too.
  • All phones sold by CPW are sold SIM free. Trust me on this. iPhones lock to the first SIM put into the phone, Nokias don't.
  • Isn't this only for upgrades?
  • Can it be shipped worldwide? And is it unlocked? Thanks. If not please show me where to buy one even if it's less cheaper than this.
    Edit: I've read that it'll be shipped to UK only :(
  • That's really cheap
  • From what I can make out, this is an upgrade only offer... You can't just walk in and buy it at this price. Still a good deal though.
  • Buy a $1 SIM before walking into the store and you are eligible for upgrade pricing like someone else mentioned earlier in comments.
  • Prepay upgrade only for this price. And you have to have had the active prepay SIM for six months
  • That's great, and I think all of cpwh phones are sim unlocked
  • That is stupidly cheap
  • That's cheaper than Assassin's Creed Unity for PC lol
  • Lol too true
  • That is the right price for that phone. Asha price. Hope it stays that way. I'd pick this up for my mother but no flash means no torch so she will have to wait. There may be a 730 on the horizon ;)
  • I purchased my L520 for about £50 last year on a similar deal. They just checked your sim card and gave you the new phone. I managed to crack the screen 2 weeks later later but they replaced it and sent the broken one back saying the home button was unresponsive so the warehouse would assume the screen broke in transit. Good customer service on their part.
  • This any better than the HTC 8s?
  • This is great news, fantastic value. May the trend continue!
  • You will have to buy a £10 or £20 top up with it. The real price will probably be £50
  • Nope, it's an upgrade. No top up required.
  • If I dont WIN, I Unfollow everyone :)
    Its only fair. :)