Nokia Lumia 710 free at Microsoft Stores with two-year contract

Just in case $39 was too much at a T-Mobile store for the Nokia Lumia 710, you can head to your local (har har) Microsoft Store and pick up that bad boy for the low-low price of FREE. Of course, they're just not throwing free phones at customers as you do have to commit to a 2-year contract. But hey, that's not a bad deal.

And since the chances of you actually living near a MS store are a bit slim (you can check here though (opens in new tab)), you can also order by phone or online, making this a pretty good deal to share with others.

Source: Microsoft Store Online (opens in new tab); Thanks, Justin W., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Well aren't they just giving this phone away. I'm a Windows fan and even I don't want this phone. Can't speak for everybody, just saying. I'm waiting for T-Mobile to treat Windows phone users to something great...
  • I dunno, I have a lot of phones including the Radar. I use the Lumia 710 on a regular basis. Not trying to say it's for everyone, but it's a cool little device...I really like the screen. Still, my TITAN is still my fave ;-)
  • Well any new phone without a front facing camera is a no-go for me but I will say that the Radar 4g is a very nice phone and if things progress too slowly for T-Mobile I will be getting it again. I only took it back for fear that they would announce the Titan or some version of the Lumia 800/900 and I would be stuck with the 2 year contract. Ouch. And with the way technology moves, this happens all the time.
  • Im getting the lumia 710... Solid device
  • Amen I'm going crazy waiting on a hero type phone on tmobile. I have a HD7 and a Dell Venue Pro. Anyway you slice it the Lumina and Radar is a downgrade. Hopefully tmobile gets a hero WP7 soon.
  • The titan and the lumia 900 MUST GO TO TMO
  • I might look into it but my Trophy does the trick quite nicely.
  • Have a LG quantum, probably won't upgrade until win8 phones
  • Why are people bashing an amazing deal on a still rather great device?! Have you actually handled the 710? Have you considered getting it for a spouse or loved-one? The 710 will handle almost identically as your current devices. THE 710 has a faster processor than all first-Gen devices, and some second-gen one. If you decide not to take advantage of this offer, don't belittle those that do? How about promoting the platform a bit?!!
  • Totally agree lumia 710 is a darling, its cool and cheaper compare to other windows phone, and its packed with 1.4 GHz CPU what does make it a low end (its mid-end mobile), I am proud to be owner of these device....:D
  • To be fair, yes, these are nice introductory phones but the real complaint is not so much these low-end devices it's really the lack of that "wow" Windows phone on the T-Mobile network. I can almost guarantee that no one on ATT complain about the Focus Flash because they have the real high-end devices to choose from. It's more of T-Mobile customers taking out our frustrations on these little guys because we don't have the option yet of really nice Windows phone device. So just bare with us until we get the Titan, Lumia 910, or whatever high end device comes first.
  • I'm actually considering the 710 for my wife, if only to get her to leave my HD7 alone lol! Also, so I can see if my bigger hands can manage on the smaller screen WPs. Rogers is selling it $255 off contract and I can unlock it in store for another $30 and add it to my Bell plan.
  • Though for me the 710 is not an upgrade to my HTC HD7 this device does blow it away in speed,volume sound, clarity of the screen. what it fails at is storage and screen size. I bought the 710 for my wife or rather we got the device free last week by adding a new account. I took it with me for two days just to play with it Nokia Drive and such for a low entry device it sure  performed better than the first gen high end wp devices.
  • I think most of the negativity toward this phone is TMobile. When WP launched TMo had one of the top phones available. Then other carriers got other top phones. But ever since the second wave, AT&T is the only US carrier getting the new top models. I am sure the Lumina 710 is a great phone, but my next phone needs to meet or beat every feature of my HD7. I use almost all of the 16 GB on my HD7, and T-Mo's only offering is an 8 GB device? Meanwhile, still hopeful for something to fill the niche above the 710 will be coming....
  • while screen size is not such a big deal for me storage is thats one of the major complaints i have on my radar its simply not enough for me anyways...having a zune music pass and being such a love of music that i download every new band artist or w.e that comes out with good music 8 gb does not cut it for me and i feel that until tmo gets with the program im turning to atnt when my contract is completed i hate atnts plans but they just offer what you need and im not going back to android so thats just out of the question..
  • For me it's the opposite. I'm only using 4.8 of the 16gb (including OS) on my HD7, but I wanted an iPhone until I tried typing on one. (man-hands)
  • Im getting this phone today... Its free free free free free.. Stop complaining its a solid device did I mentioned its free??