Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 getting Amber update across India

Tips have been pouring in from Windows Phone Central readers across India that their Nokia Lumia 720s and 520s are getting notifications that the Amber update is now available. The Nokia support site also confirms that Amber has been approved is rolling out in India.

Nokia’s firmware update enables new features like flip to silence, Glance Screen and camera improvements. When coupled with Microsoft's GDR2 operating system update, users will also receive such features as Data Sense, FM Radio, default-camera selection, Lumia Color Profile, and Call/SMS filtering.

If you haven't seen an update notification on your phone already, you can go to Settings > Phone Update > Check For Updates to see if you can get it.

Nokia had previously planned to bring Amber to all of its devices by the end of September, which is drawing near. So far they have made steady progress, but with one week left, they are cutting it close.

For all of you Lumia 920 owner on AT&T, sit tight!

Source: Nokia; Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Seth Brodeur