Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 getting Amber update across India

Tips have been pouring in from Windows Phone Central readers across India that their Nokia Lumia 720s and 520s are getting notifications that the Amber update is now available. The Nokia support site (opens in new tab) also confirms that Amber has been approved is rolling out in India.

Nokia’s firmware update enables new features like flip to silence, Glance Screen and camera improvements. When coupled with Microsoft's GDR2 operating system update, users will also receive such features as Data Sense, FM Radio, default-camera selection, Lumia Color Profile, and Call/SMS filtering.

If you haven't seen an update notification on your phone already, you can go to Settings > Phone Update > Check For Updates to see if you can get it.

Nokia had previously planned to bring Amber to all of its devices by the end of September, which is drawing near. So far they have made steady progress, but with one week left, they are cutting it close.

For all of you Lumia 920 owner on AT&T, sit tight!

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab); Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Seth Brodeur
  • At&t India
  • First!...
    (...Comment complaining about ATT not having it on Lumia. Because those are so original, but will certainly be the majority of comments on this largely unrelated story.)
  • Failed first post attempts are even worse.
  • +1020
  • I succeeded in being the first comment about ATT 920s...
    And it was an entirely sarcastic post, anyways. Even the "First" was sarcastic. Get over it.
  • I/We forgive you it's true what you said though.... But come on AT&T where's my water ?? I meant update L0L.........
  • +3100 best phone ever
  • +920  AT&T
  • Bombard @attcustomercare with your anger about "no" gdr2 & amber update
  • Will start it again.
  • I find the people complaining about it more annoying than not having it.
  • We don't want any trouble, we just want the update man...
  • Agreed ^
    I'd rather they just bundled it with gdr3
  • Me too. If 3 is coming as soon as everyone thinks, why waste effort on 2
  • Or maybe they're having problems with GDR2 that will be non-issues with GDR3. Everyone clamoring for them to "just release" seems to forget they were first with Portico and had some pretty significant issues with it.
  • How much time do you think is reasonable for at&t to complete their testing?
    Keep in mind the rest of the world is practically done...
  • If GDR3 gets launched in a month, and ATT already has it in-house for testing on the 920? Skip GDR2 at this point. Fine by me.
  • And what if we're the last ones again or better yet 8.1 is right around the corner... Should we just wait?
    I rather get my updates at a reasonable time... That's all I ask.
  • I'm running gdr2 on my Lumia 920 from at&t works perfect and pro camera is great. I really don't need data sense but its there lte works fine glance sucks battery dry. Its worth the risk...
  • Just got off the phone with a customer service rep and she told me ATT is skipping GDR2 and releasing GDR4 (a top secret release that only a select few knew about) to all 920 & 820 devices. You should see the role out beginning on 9/12 and completing 9/23! All I can say - finally ATT has put us first! Thanks big blue! Ding..dinng..diinngg
  • I'll believe it when it happens. Top secret update... Uh huh. Yeah, lets give this one a negative 3 in the rumor scale.
  • Already came for my 520 in Indonesia, buat had a software problem while upgrading. It kept showing spining gear for almost a day >___
  • Bought Lumia 520 yesterday.. Amber preloaded on that .. Nokia India Rocks!!
  • Is this happen often while upgrading?
  • My sister's 520 was updated, showed gears and booted to system but when I checked, there is no Amber installed. It's been 2 weeks ago. My 620 was updated around 3 weeks ago, and it didnt take a long time (about 20 minutes, even only with 1.05 GB free space). Btw I am in Indonesia too.
  • Strange, maybe the mistake is on me. Hopefully wont happen again with GDR 3
  • Try this link This might be the Nokia India Support page, but the solution works globally, good luck!!!
  • Already tried that, but my phone wont show the exclamation mark, it just kept restarting over and over, and my batery would always be empty although it was plugged.
  • Either you're not doing it right or there is something wrong with your firmware, visit your nearest Nokia Care Centre. Sorry, I can't help you with anything else.
  • Just updated mine.. Flat 50 mins
  • Did anyone tried double tap on L720 using OTA?? I flashed couple of weeks back when it was available on Nokia server and this feature was not available.
  • Double tap is only for the 920
  • Mr its fr every phone
  • Check your (facts).
  • Can I move to India and trade in my @ATT Lumia 920 for a 720 or 520 so that I can get GDR2/Amber? Please?
  • Give me your 920 and my 720 is yours..(sadly I'm not from India)..
  • Sorry, I just moved so I don't think your 720 will work but thanks anyway. Helllllloooooo Mumbai!
  • For my Lumia 620 it is still not available. India
  • It should be and is already available, as of today, all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices have this update available. Make sure that your date and time is correct and accurate, sync it with your service provider's time server and try again. It should work, unless you bought your phone from outside India. Good luck!!!
  • In India, Lumia 620 has got the update on 5/9/13. But, till now, majority of Lumia 620 Users India has not received it. Actually, all 620 handsets with firmware xxxxxx.0001 haven't received the update.... I don't know what is the problem...
  • Same here No Amber on Lumia 620 even though it shows available.
  • Same here!!no luck
  • Dude 80% of 620 users in India dint get the update....reason=uptill now all those who did not get the update are phones bought from flipkart.,which doesn't make sense
  • My 620 is from Nokia Priority and havent received either.
  • Same here, still waiting 
  • Nothing for of yet....why is it taking so long.. :S
  • Wow AT&T...
  • Still no sign of Amber for Singapore's 720s *sigh*
  • something to cheer about for my fellow Indian friends.
    Well everyone happy here getting updates.
  • Yeah, so quitcherbitchin... =P
  • My Lumia 520 is updated but not showing amber and there is no FM, help me, im in India... Anyone facing the same issue
  • same issue for me
  • +1
    update but nothing change. :(
  • I think there are more members like me.... 
    Someone  please help us
  • Mine was also facing this problem taking hhour for update but didn't shows any of it
  • No change :/
  • Same .. Updated but no changes :
  • Some of ur system apps like display+touch are not updated ..,.,
  • Nothing updated.. 
    Funny thing is only OS version number has updated to  8.0.10328.78
    I think its GDR2.. but i dont have GDR2 features like FM,High resolution ME tiles, Data sense :(
    A complete weird situation 
  • You have to install all systems apps...try sysapp pusher from marketplace.
  • I thught so too and hence did the exact same thing.. got system pusher, updated everything but still no radio nor data sense.. Weird thing though is that the sysapp showed that smartcam was available for my phone..
  • On sysapp pusher it sometimes does not show even if update is available so you try to install manually from that list. Just click the apps and you will be routed to the store and if updates are available you can do that. If its Amber updated on your phone you should get the features.
  • Same here for my 520 only version is changed and no signs of amber update elsewhere strange...
  • Wait for it to show as an update in store or do it manually...
    Check out "Lumia System Updater" for Windows Phone
  • same no change... :(
  • Even I didn't saw any noticeable change after update except revision in OS series.
  • Did it show any error message?
  • I am also facing same problem after update and it is not showing amber update please help
  • When I updated my L920, I first received only the GDR2 update, I had to check again to get the Lumia Amber Update.
  • Please check under extras + info..
  • Hi Guys, Finally i have updated to GDR2...
    For the one who face the problem like me, Please follow the instruction
       Download NOKIA Software updater.. the one which NOKIA service center will do and try check ur software version!AO8nygBP1R86bws
    Thanks to Kishore Kumar for the software . Install it and connect ur phone and check for updates.. A new firmware update will be available for 1.25GB. Note: It will erase all ur data in phone memory Do update your phone. After that check for the updates through OTA. U will GDR2 which has Data sense and FM radio. Enjoy... :) I think Amber i got Amber too.. Cuz i have flip to silence features.. But in extras and info it shows Nokia enhanced version ..
  • yes i am also facing same issue i have also updated my phone but no signs of amber update
  • Does Seth have some insider info on the att 920 situation? Maybe I'm reading too much into his last comment.
  • You are reading too much.  Not being mean, I feel your pain.  I thought it meant something for a second and then realized we are already forgotten by AT&T.  
    If you want AMBER and GDR2 from AT&T you are free to go and buy one of the other phones they sell that already have it.  
  • The Nokia page has said that I can get the update here in Ireland for over a month, but every time I check for an update, it isn't there :'(
  • For all the AT&T 920 complainers, still noting.  Just got this back from @attcustomercare on Twitter.
    Sorry, no date yet given. Working to make sure release works without flaws. Follow @ATT for updates. ^DavidO
  • That's the same answer they've been giving since the announcement over a month ago
  • I am experiencing an error downloads around 45% shows an error please can anyone help me..pls pls...
    Lumia 520
  • This will help...
    There's an error installing the update. Try restarting your phone, and then downloading the update again. Here's how:
    From your Start screen, go to Settings > Phone update > Check for updates.
  • Thank you very much SARANG.
    Your help is much appreciated.
    Will surely try this...
    Thanks again
  • Its a total bunch of crap that ATT still hasn't gotten us this amber update for the 920 !!!!! I mean come on ATT was the first major US carrier to really carry Lumia phones and I'm still sitting here while Verizon and T-Mobile devices have already received this!!! Its a bunch of horses poop
  • I updated my phone from Nokia Care five days ago and the update is running absolutely fine since that day. Only issue is that the rom now shows singapore credentials instead of indian. I want to get it back to Indian. Any way I can do it? Is there any difference between the two updates?
  • Where did it show as Singaporean credentials?
  • In the extras+info part
  • Hi.  I have an AT&T 920, and I came here to complain about something, but I forgot what. Damn it!
  • It is contageous, since AT&T forgot about you, soon you forget about other things.  Just don't forget to pay your bill.  They won't forget to cut you off.  
  • Turkey got 520 Amber updates too.
  • Im att 920 user and im totally happy with it
  • Extremely frustrated with At&t. No reason why we shouldn't have this update already. No reason!!! Save your excuses. Give it to is already!!!
  • What is the size of amber update on Lumia 720 in india
  • around 500 mb
  • No change is that amber :3
  • Good to see that all Lumia's (520, 620, 720, 820, 920) status for India is now "Available"!!
  • Most 620's did not receive the update in India till date
  • bought a 520 a week ago..already had amber
  • Updated my 720 (in India), extras+info is not showing Amber, though I have data sense, radio and flip to silence, but no glance and Call filter :|
  • That's a Nokia update. Will show up in store as an update or you can do it manually...
    Check out "Lumia System Updater" for Windows Phone
  • Thanks..I downloaded extras+info from Store and got everything :)
  • Did u got data sense and fm
  • Yes I got them.
  • Can u plz tell me the steps
  • I got data sense and FM via normal update over wifi, i.e Settings>Phone Update and installed the update.
    Glance screen etc. showed up after I installed this
  • EUROPE! Hurry up :(
  • Die att die, slowly
  • Updated Successfully! But No Nokia Smart Cam available for 720 from nokia store! Any explanations??
  • Download it from appstore
  • Unfortunately app store is not listing Nokia Smart Cam for Lumia 720. Also, while i tried says that Smart Cam does not support Lumia 720 :(
  • My 520 does suppor now after the update
  • Hi Akshay,
    Even I a facing the same issue, have been googling about this isse since morning. I was so excited about the Amber update only bcoz of 3 thinks-Tap to unlock, Smart camera & FM radio. Its so dissapointing. And wats more confusing is that 520 got smart cam with Amber... :S :S. Please reply here if some found a solution for the problem
  • Hey Guys, i installed Lumia Pusher app from here you can install smart camera app as well nokia pro camera. i have NL520 , i installed smart camera app , pro is not supported in my device.
    May it will help.
  • Hi, thanks fr the reply. Nice to hear that u hve got the apps. I too have installed the Pro Cam, smart cam and trimmer by some other way. Now wats the only thing missing out is DOUBLE TAP unlock screen. I am not finding a way to install.
  • Mine also showing same error,... What i heard was smart cam was comming for 720 also,. Any 520 got smart cam???
  • Yeah i have it in my lumia 520 now.. but no radio!! can't understand what's happening
  • Amber is perfect with 520 ..
  • Did u got all features
  • Those who face problem with update thro OTA.. Try this...
    Download NOKIA retail updater.. the one which NOKIA service center will do and try check ur software version!AO8nygBP1R86bws
    Thanks to Kishore Kumar for the tip
  • Updated, but no changes.. :/
  • Downloaded the update on my L520, waited half an hour as it installed, only to see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed!! thanks for wasting my time and data nokia...
  • ya same it worked on my friend's 520.
  •  i have updated too but there is no change. No FM, no colour profiles, no flip to silence only change in  os version: 8.0.10328.78   why?
  • Amber Working perfectly in my 520!!
    hope nokia provides an equalizer for 520 soon!!
  • How??
  • No change in my 520 . ... Update made no change
  • YEAHHHH!!!! Signed up to post the 101st comment...1st in some sense...oh and soon as i saw this...i checked for updated and downloaded it using my wifi....currently its in STep 2 (Migrating my data) so I guess i can call it a success heh...thanks WPC team...
  • Had gdr2/amber for months, when portico was released att got it first and we were 3weeks behind, wtf is going on there? Unacceptable bs
  • Thanks for the info.
    I am from India and I got the update.
    It's a Amber update and everything working as promised.
    FM, flip to silence and data sense is working like charm. Touch responsiveness is improved on my Lumia 520
  • How
  • No smart cam app for Lumia 720.. Wtf nokia... Go to hell, just data sense and radio, that's it...
  • Argh !! same here...i got fm radio,flip to silence,lumia color profile, call/sms block filter, glance,data sense but no camera updates at all !! smart camera app is missing from store and on webpage it shows not available for ur phone ! AKA Lumia 720
  • Install this app
    You will get glance etc after this, but not sure about SmartCam...I did'nt get it.
  • I updated my lumia 720. The problem is that the Nokia message tune has changed and its not audible.. Is that comes with update or ???
  • Even after updating the software, no features found. Tried all alternatives, twice reset to factory settings which shows that there is no update.
    Pathetic way of updating software. Nokia/MS sucks big time!
  • Reset karne par bhi nahi hua update ? Same problem here ptani update kya hua h kuch aa hi nahi raha
  •  i thought amber update will come with notification , mulitiscreen , and folder separations for apps .... and i read some comments from various 520 and 720 users like no new features added.. whats all these am plannig to update my 520 and 720 shall i do that or not .........
  • we shouldn’t blame Nokia for this because so far I dropped my 720 and 520 more than 25 times it is good as new, even the screen aint got a scratch that’s what  a mobile hardware company can do they done their job good ..
    But MS what the fuck your software team is doing we are living a world under the fume of apple have any of your people used what’s app and face book in iPhone it will be keen for each and every reply it show off with vivid animated indication
    But in windows we are just getting a layer on the above and it will be gone after 5 second then we have to look all our app for the things we missed ,
    If we install offical facebook app means native facebook messenger (Messaging) will not work
    If we didn’t configure the Hotmail properly means all our contacts will be gone (the concept of Hotmail is good but who cares about that)
    Bluetooth a oh dammn a pain in the ass problem (I mentioned about that in the below comment)
    Metro tile layers speed is good (Now it was copied by Iphone 5s with their usual glitz effect)
    Apps (Windows Market place always sucks)
    No Fm (Now Amber Update for Fm Radio Seriously what kind sorcery is this)
    Music (No comments)
    Notifications (I don’t knw how u miss this thing while developing a mobile operating system even some java Symbian device are maintaining notifications  , MS Developers i got two words for you fuck off .. )
    Seriously Microsoft Developers what in the world you guys are doing in office
    Just make the windows phone os development as open source we ll develop and show off
  • If you have so many problems with windows phone,then why did you even buy it?Why did you not go with Apple or Android or even Symbian for that matter?Don't tell me being "as smart as you are",you didn't even know that windows phone does not have the features that you crave so much!I am so tired of you people who bicker all the time!One advice,please research the market carefully before investing your money.Decide what you want in a phone and check that what you are buying even supports those features or not.That will be better for you and me both.
  • Sj22202 is that your real name r u a wp developer …. ?.... look i like windows what am saying is windows need to improve a lot, i been practicing windows operating system right from the age of 3, I started my computer tweaks with windows 95 operating system …
    I done my Diploma Project, Engineering project, Research Project in .net and Windows Azure Platforms …. now am an software engineer under Microsoft .net Domain … all I know is windows, windows, windows,… if windows done something new means something will push me to know about that and something will fetch me to buy that don’t tell me to buy as per market fantasizes am not that person I like windows that’s it whatever it is and am not asking to be smart as me all am saying is wtf wp developers doing in office and how in the world you can tell me like Microsoft is not having those features…… then wtf this billon dollar company is doing r they Manufacturing baby bottle nipples internally …. Am feeling guilty right from my small age i dreamed to develop an operating system like MS… Ms is my inspiration if MS sucks in something means I feel like wtf those developers are doing with their fancy packages I think they dont have time to hide even an error count id in wp sometimes it will show like error 8780pyf5 .. oh yes i understand they r busy in office with Wood carving, iron smiting
  • Cool ..i wish ppl like u cud develop apps for wp .......
  • Yeah Justjj67 am working on that
  • Am a die hard windows fan ... the real problem we are facing with windows is Bluetooth , we don't know about num of items received status (ok its because we dont have notification tab in windows ) but we have to accept each and every files while receiving bulk files :( .... also while sending music files i have to select and send by one after another ..... .. i love windows am a software engineer with Microsoft practice i hate android and ios thugs .... but as a fact windows phone developers really sucks ... to sustain in smart phone market windows phone developer have to follow some ethical steps a user will get excited when the product is useful and automated ...... i dont understand Microsoft is a billion dollar company but a product from Microsoft always resulting in bug ..
  • There are number of windows phone 8.1 concepts in youtube watch those things ...  u dont need to add new feature in windows just do the exsting things in a keen way
  • Has nyone got a fully functional, full-featured, gdr2+amber...??
  • wow.....gr8 updated my lumia 520 in as sense,smart shoot,camer a little improvement in brightness and ofcourse radio added in my music menu.....the only creepy thing is it does not show anything in the info+extras menu or in the about phone menu that the name amber but changes in the vesion of firmware..its revised to xxxx.2001.....didnt check the battery life now charging....
    overall nice update.....lumia 520 rockzz
  • hii guys... got amber in my nl720. Every major features were included in the update except double tap to wake up, smart cam and pro cam. I dont care about double tap that much. Pro cam and smart cam are country based features. So just change your time zone, language, region etc to US.  In ur Wifi Settings Add Proxy address "" and Port "8888". and save ur settings. Restart your phone.  Install "Lumia System Updater" from store .swipe to Photo+Video and select Smart camera/Pro camera. (If u get error Message try switching off the wifi and on it again). All you have to do is just to have pro cam and smart cam apps be shown in your download section. It may show "attention required" and many error. Now switch off the proxy and tap on the app to download. Bingo, You have the apps in your NL720...
  • Hello Shann_mishra,
    Is there anything like that i can do with my NL 520 ?
    Thanking in advance.
    Vishal Tarkar
  • Though i have not tried but technically its possible. You can give a try by following above mentioned procedure.
  • Yeahvi tried it, and its working fine. Sometime glitches accurs bt its too less. Great thanks. Please share other tricks if u know. Thanks again.
  • Got the update on 720.
    Smooth installation with no problems.Just that it wasn't an update to look forward to a lot,since double tap to wake was the only feature I was excited about,which is not supported due to hardware restrictions.
  • Features missing in amber for 720s are temporary....we will get them later(bittersweet shimmer's era). 620 has lower config compared to L720 and still has ALL features...thats my bet...maybe nokia is busy SHAKING HANDS with MS
  • pLSS SOmeone help...Can't get the Tap to wake option in my Lumia 520!!Even after update to Amber!
  • Another thing i somehow installed Glance on my lumia 520 and the also when i open the TOuch option in Settings i see the TAP TO WAKE option appear for just a fraction of second and disappear!!Can anyone tell me how to fix this!I can't uninstall the Glance app also!
  • Hey BlackGoku,
    How you did this ? i also want the tap to wake feature in NL 520. but as nokia support says this feature is not for NL520.
  • For those who didn't get the extra features like data sense the tap to wake feature and other things for amber install SysApp Pusher and update the necessary apps BUT i hope u guys won't make the mistake of Installing glance on 520 and lose the double tap feature.Damn it man!By the way where are all the geeks of WpCentral????
    No one is replying any solution to my problem!How can i get the double tap feature????
  • Hey blackgoku thanks for ur reply, i updated my nl520 bt i didnt find double tap screen or any glance screen functionality . Plz hlp
  • well, i have 720 and when i try to update my phone its downloading and after that it says preparing for installing and after it finishes it sayd that my phone need to have 308 mb more space but my phone has more than that... anyone help me if you have solution...
  • Nokia, y u no update Lumia 620??
  • There is a problem with this update ...downloading limit of apps is set to 20 MB ....above 20 MB it is requiring wifi
  • when i will be able to get amber update for my lumia 520(india) as i have checked for updates but it shows your phone is up to date
  • Hello, I don't have wifi connection so today i visit Nokia Care and ask to Update with Amber Update. But they told me that Amber Update is not available for Nokia Lumia 820 and 520. and also added that You will receive message and mail regarding updates once update is available for your Phone.....
    So is there any one who receives mail/message then let me know.
    If anyone in india has updated Lumia 820 with Amber Update than let me know how to update the Phone.
    Please Help...
  • Hey guys. 
    After updating the windows phone, if we reset it .. will the OS and Firmware versions roll back to the original ones that existed when we purchased the phone? Any idea?
  • i am having problem after udating my lumia 520..
    its not showing that i hve udated my phone to amber in extra+info..
    what to do now???
  • I have updated my lumia 720. I love this Amber update :) it took 40 mins to download it over Wifi and get it installed.
    Got all the apps & enhancements as mentioned but could not find the smart camera. Anyone in India figured out how to get it from the Windows store ?
  • Here's how u can do it :) I got all features on Lumia Amber update now. 
    Initially didnt get smart/pro cam but I tried the process given below n it worked like a charm ;) Follow the steps below.., Change your Region to United States. Settings -> Language & Region -> tap on region – > change to U.S After selecting region to U.S restart the phone from the option available within the region setting. After restarting, Connect to Wifi, tap on Proxy to On. Enter the URL as and Port as 8888 Now got to store and search for Nokia smart cam and pro cam, you will find the install option only if the Region and Proxy is changed. Tap on install. that’s it. if the download is slow(because of changing proxy,this ,may happen) you can off the wifi and enable Mobile Network to fast download.
  • hello everybody those who have lumia 520 and are facing problem after the update like no fm,data sense etc plz complain it to nokia...i did it today...damn nokia chat customer care guys told me to reset and try,lost 2gb+ of installed apps and frustrated...
  • I think my Lumia 520 got updated with Amber. bt i cant find the radio option. i wanna know how to confirm the updation in my phone...!!!!!
  • Nokia WP8 Amber update is now available for download over air. See what's new in Amber update only at here
  • i want to update my phone nokia lumia 520 to wp8 amber. when i check for updtae, i didnt get any software to update. It says it is upto date. please tell me how to update to amber software. I reset my phone to factory state in order to update to amber.
    tahnk you in advance.
  • I have a Lumia 720 and since installing the update if I lock the screen the wifi connection sleeps aswell hence do not receive e mails or other messages that need GPRS connection and the connection comes on once I unlock the phone.
    Is this a known issue?
  • My lumia 520 duplicates rather copies every songs ..... Can anybody find solution? And also what is the size for amber updates.... for lumia520.. ..
  • when 920 will get an official black update in India.