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Nokia Lumia 830 – Unboxing and first impressions

Does the Lumia 830 live up to its name and is it a worthy upgrade? The answer may surprise you.

Last week I showed you in detail the Nokia Lumia 735 'selfie' phone, including my initial thoughts. While I begin wrapping up a full review for that phone later this week, the Lumia 830 arrived on my doorstep.

Dubbed 'the affordable flagship' by Microsoft, the Lumia 830 has a lot going for it, including a much sleeker design than its more powerful Lumia 930 sibling.

So how good is the Lumia 830? Check out my unboxing video, hardware tour, and first impressions of the latest Lumia phone to hit the market.

Lumia 830 Specifications

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update (build 14157) with Lumia Denim
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 16 GB internal user memory; 15 GB OneDrive cloud storage, micro SD expandable up to 128 GB
  • Display: 5.0-inch ClearBlack IPS HD (1280 x 720) display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Curved Glass (2.25D), Lumia color profile, wide viewing angle. Features double-tap to wake, Glance, Super Sensitive Touch, Sunlight readability mode.
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
  • Main camera: F/2.2 10 MP PureView with ZEISS optics and optical image stabilization (OIS), Video recording at 1080p 30 fps (Full HD), Rich recording
  • Secondary camera: 0.9 MP, F/2.4 720p video Nokia Camera, Nokia Storyteller, Nokia Creative Studio
  • Size: 139.4 x 70.7 x 8.5 (volumetric) mm, Weight: 150 g
  • Battery: Removable 2220 mAh battery, exchangeable shell, Qi wireless charging
  • Audio: 3 high-performance microphones (HAAC), Nokia Rich Recording with surround sound capture (Dolby 5.1), Uplink noise cancellation for calls, 3.5 mm AV connector

Those are some solid specs for a mid-range Windows Phone in 2014.


After unboxing the Lumia 830, I fiddled with the phone for about 90-minutes, taking some calls, shooting some photos, updating apps, and giving it a run down. I have to admit I am impressed with it. The 1.2 GHz processor, while certainly not the fastest, feels buttery smooth when navigating the OS. I have had the same experience with the Lumia 735, which I made my daily driver last week because it is so fun to use.

The display being IPS LCD is not as saturated as the Lumia 730's AMOLED, but this all comes down to user preference as each as its benefits and negatives. The display on the Lumia 830 is muted for colors, but it improves when set to Vivid under the display settings. It very much reminds me of the Lumia 920's screen.

Coming in at 150 grams, the Lumia 830 is significantly lighter than the Lumia 930/Lumia Icon (167 grams), and the venerable Lumia 920, which is a staggering 185 grams. The Lumia 830 is also thinner at just 8.5 mm versus the 9.7 mm width of the Lumia 930. Although the difference on paper seems nominal, you do feel the difference when holding the Lumia 830, and I prefer it.

The only thing the Lumia 830 is lacking comes down to 'Hey Cortana', the forthcoming passive-voice feature for Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant which lets you use the service hands-free. Other than this, you are giving up a beefier processor. Does this matter? Well, I have a powerful and massive Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon readily available for my carriers, and I had no complaints in using the Lumia 735 all week. This experience tells me for the average user, nope; this is not a problem.

My only gripe so far is the front capacitive buttons, which have weak haptic feedback and only light up under the darkest situations.


Optical image stabilization? Check. 10 MP camera with decent F/2.2 aperture? Roger. Six lens elements for sharpness? Verified. Dedicated camera button? Here as well.

The Lumia 830's camera is exactly where you would expect it to fall on the Lumia spectrum. It is certainly below the Lumia 930's ability, which has 20 MP, but it is also significantly better than the rear camera on the Lumia 735.

Photos are sharp as a tack, and the colors are on the muted side. For the pro camera people, this result is probably a good thing (it is easier to go vivid in post).

The one downside, at least for now, is the 10 MP camera only shoots in JPEG. Therefore, even though this is PureView, it cannot shoot in DNG/RAW. However, the forthcoming update for Lumia Camera may still resurrect that feature, along with adding a few new abilities as well. That app update is due later in Q4, and it is certainly one to watch.

Speed is surprisingly quick for a Lumia camera. This comment is not to say there is no delay as you do have just under 2 seconds between taking a photo and saving, and it feels very comparable to the Lumia 1520's speed. Once again, this may improve with the Lumia Camera update, so we will have to wait and see.

The front-facing camera is an economical 0.9 MP fixed focus job, which is not on the high end at all. Two caveats though: it is sharp and alternatively, you can use the Lumia Selfie app in Auto mode and use the 10 MP rear camera, which works brilliantly. So long as you are not cropping the self-pic, the front-facing camera is what it is, but not as bad as some people had feared.

When used for Skype, the front-facing camera continued to look sharp, and the other person noted that the video image look great being clear and bright. Once again, this camera was better than expected.

Wrapping it up

I am using the Lumia 830 (RM-984 variant) on AT&T for the next week. Like the Lumia 735 I have (RM-1038), both devices perform well under HSPA and HSPA+ data speeds, with reliable reception.

So far, though, I am highly fascinated with the Lumia 830, and it is likely to be my go-to phone when the AT&T version hits the market early next month ( November 7). Let us just hope that AT&T does not completely hobble the Qi wireless charging.

Finally, does the Lumia 830 serve as a nice upgrade to the Lumia 920? My initial thought is yes, it does, but I shall follow up on that in a separate article after comparing the two.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I like it .. Would definitely be an upgrade from 630 hopefully cricket picks it up.
  • All AT&T phones work on cricKet. I have an AT&T branded 520 on cricKet as I type this.
  • I hate to say it, but this phone will probably flop. Either make high end flagship phones or bottom dollar bargain phones. Enough with the mid level stuff.
  • I feel the exact opposite about it.
  • Dan, would you consider this a worthy upgrade from the 925? The model numbering weirds me out and to go from a 9xx to an 8xx feels like a retrograde step, but the specs say otherwise.
  • Welcome to Nokia where phone model numbering has been wacked out since 1996!
  • Yup. Been there since '93!
  • I would, but it is a subtle upgrade. That is not a bad thing if you really enjoyed the 925, as it is similar to that device but evolved.
  • That'll do for me. I love my 925 but it's getting old now. Cheers.
  • I'm in the same boat. Will probably replace my 925 with 830 in December. I see it as a side-grade, not so much an upgrade. However, the camera is really a lot better (see another WinPhone site) in the 830. And I really like the design. I would prefer the 930 spec-wise but since it lacks Glance, its not for me.
  • What other sections of the 830 would you suggest needs better equipment or upgrades to be considered a full and genuine update/upgrade of the 925 in a proper 9xx labeled Lumia?
  • Hey Daniel, how do you find the 720p resolution at 5 inches? I think it would still be super clear with the advantage of a lesser battery hit. Is this your experience?
  • The problem with this phone is that you can get superior phones such as the Lumia 1020 now for about the same price. I bought my Lumia 1020 brand new in box for $300 on eBay, and they were recently $340 on Amazon.
  • Depending on what is important to you the 1020 might not be superior phone.  It really depends what you are looking for in a phone.
  • Exactly, besides that camera there is not much else.
  • The 1020 is like for like a 925 with a big camera. Compare the specs. I did and as that didn't interest me I picked the 925.
  • I get what you mean by superior but not so much in features. See the second gen lumias are now starting to show its age due to a much older SoC. I am facing the same issue many people are, do we go from our 920 or 925 to a lower series phone BUT a new generation at that? The 830 is weaker yes, but with it comes new features that only the new SoC brings. its only a problem for us lol we tech enthusiasts have zero patience's.
  • I think it's less about our impatience than the carrier upgrade cycle in this country.  If I didn't have three lines coming due for an upgrade I wouldn't sweat a few more months on the old phones, which still work very well all things considered... certainly no build quality issues with the two 920s and 1 820 we have.  But the way they have rigged the system here, if you don't take your upgrade when it comes around you're basically throwing money out the window while simultaneously delaying all future upgrades, because you are still paying the higher monthly costs without getting the benefit of winding down a new 2 year contract and getting a nice device discount.   Even if they would let us re-up the contact now with an "IOU" for a new device in a few months it would be something... but the way it is there is immense pressure for them to have a new, true upgrade device out by the time the old contracts run out.  Unfortunately, MS doesn't seem to feel like that pressure is important.   I personally think many of those 920 owners are going to take a look around and not see anything that much better (other than the great 1020 camera, but who wants to buy a year old phone?), and they will just say f*ck it I'm going Android.  The continuously slow pace of scheduling and lack of urgency about everything Windows Phone (hardware, carrier updates, even in house app feature parity) keeps it in the weeds.   It's just very frustrating.  If Microsoft doesn't want this platform to succeed, I almost wish they would just kill it and put us out of our misery.  It's like slow torture.  Problem is, I truly have no idea what I would get.  I can't stand iOS, and I hate the very concept of how open and insecure Android is.  But maybe if WP wasn't around some other third player that wants to be serious in this game could make something nice... but I don't know who that would be... MS is pretty much the only one with the resources to make it a success, but they seem bound and determined to not spend them and to undermine the product at every turn.
  • Well said! Based on the lack of results Stephen Elop should have been fired long ago.
  • Im lucky enough to have Jump from T-Mobile so i would be ready to get a Windows 10 phone when they're released lol but i agree with what you said i mean valid points. I also considered these carriers simply just dont wanna buy high end windows phone. Many just settle for the phone that can sell more cuz of their cheaper prices? Just a thought, like the 521 on tmobile it did very well so they got the 635 quick as hell lol
  • I agree. It seems that Verizon don't want a competitor to it's Android and therefore bring in a wp with missing features that would make the device a competitor. And I could be off my rocker here but that is the way I feel. HTC, I like what they are did with the M8 just the phone is slippery otherwise this would be my next purchase. I hope LG make a wp in that design. I think wp would look very good on that phone but again these OEMs may not want a competitor OS to compete against their flagship Android.
  • Yea, I know I sound like one of those sticklers, but paying over 300$ for the specs, though the looks, look right, the internals doesn't match up. Give me the 730/735 for 180$ - 200$ and the 830 for 275$ - 300$ then sure. But you're exactly right, If I'm to pay 380$ I'd sooner jump to a 1020 OR get a used 930 OR maybe try out that Moto X for the same price with higher specs. Blasphemous!
  • How is the 1020 superior to this? It's only dual-core, has no microSD or removable battery.
  • Yes! Newer processor, even if not as beefy it means new features. A improved camera, SD slot, battery, bigger screen. Basically think of this as the 925 for this Gen. A good thing cause I rock the 925 all day.
  • I love my 925 on T-Mobile, I don't think it's worth going from this phone to that one tho. I'm waiting cause T-Mobile doesn't show windows phone no kinda love, so I'm going to go to ATT next year, just patiently waiting for a high end Lumia, if I can't wait that long, I'm getting the Lumia 1520... I want the 1020 tho so I'm hoping an update to that is in order, if not 1520 here I come. nice review Dan...
  • The wife has just gone to the 830 as our baby girl decided to slobber through her 925! Shes loving it and really feels the difference of having quad core and slight camera improvement, plus it comes with UK cortana preinstalled!
  • I agree and I love to disagree just to irritate people.
  • Daniell, would you be able to make a review putting a few of these phones head to head? The 1520, 930, 920, 830, 730/735, 630/635. In terms of speed, performance, battery life, etc.
  • Yes. We want more device comparisons. And, comparisons with BBiDroid devices as well.
  • Daniel - will you run the benchmark app on the 830 and let us know how it compares with the 920/925?
  • I don't think it can run Crysis
  • Daniel, will you compare seven phones if I provide the list, run the apps I want you to, wash my car, and, oh yeah, walk my dog. Geez, ppl must think you need something to do. Ha, ha.
  • Hahahaha
  • Sorry. He's too busy cleaning out my fridge to find all my old phones that I store in there for a new feature: "What phones are in your fridge?" He's a busy man.
  • Dan, are you sure that it performs better than Lumia 730 which has same processor, ram and gpu? After all is 15,000 Rs More (in India) is really worth for it?
  • Daniel never said 830 is faster than 730 but more expensive Lumias do have faster storage memory. That's never shown in smartphone specs ;) 830 is meant for people who want better main camera and better audio recording capabilities, not better gaming experience. Also you get bigger screen with Glance, 4G, wireless charging and more premium design.
  • In my country(india) i can get 2 lumia 730 at the price of lumia 830,comparing the specs i don't think lumia 830 is worth that extra money,lumia 730 is a better phone for it's price
  • I am curious if there is some public data for marketshare of each model?
  • Were you gone for years or something like that to someplace without internet? This and 730/735 are two new mid range phones after ages....!!
  • More and more people are buying phones off contract because of cheaper no contract no phone subsidy plans. Though personally I would buy a used or preceding gen flagship instead.
  • I feel that it will only do as good as MS, and at&T, push it on the public... I would love to see some phenomenal marketing for this device, and WP as a OS for that matter, but, I'm not holding my breath because it's never happened before...
    So, as much as I hate to be negative, and agree with you, I have to be realistic..... I have no faith that this device will reach half of its potential, and it has as much potentially as any WP device ever made.... But, seeing as marketing is WP's biggest issue of all time, and the root cause of Wp's current market share, this terrific device won't reach many pockets in the US.....
    .......... I would love for both of us to be wrong, if that helps calm down any blind, and naive WP fans... Don't want to offend anyone.
  • Both MS and ATT have a bad reputation for 'pushing' Windows phones on the public.  As a naive WP fan I believe that this phone will be a game changer, and I am utterly offened by your comment   
  • Exactly! WP's market share is way to high.. 90% market share is so annoying, and there's just too many apps... The only way WP10 to succeed will be to have less features than WP7.0.. 7.0 is where the OS got bloated, and Nokia, almost made a WP device, but we got lucky that the Dell Venue Pro was enough to keep WP from extinction all these years.... Making Satya head janitor was the best move GoogleSoft ever made....
  • Wow, stupidest comment ever. So, only Ferraris and shitboxes then? Sorry, but I'm not paying for high end, and I don't want a shitbox.
  • Great logic there mate!  "I would never buy a mid-range phone, so clearly nobody else would, either!  It'll flop!" is pretty much the impression I got from what you wrote.
  • I disagree with you Billy. A good price for something very good, teases many of us. I loathe 20 MP in a tiny camera I mainly use for crappy snapshots. I really want to be able to remove the battery (reset the phone), use SD cards to expand memory etc. The only thing I personally have to "get used to" with the 830, is the large size.
  • 'Enough with the mid level stuff'. Huh?? What are you talking about? Earth to Ya Billy..helloooo. Nokia have essentially been flooding the low end, and released quite a few high end devices, it's the mid-range that they've been neglecting. Those of us with 6/7/820's have been waiting for proper successors for ages.
  • Same here, after this review i'll certainly upgrade from my 630 to this.
  • Yes
  • TMOBILE: Please carry this phone or at least the 735. Tired of low end phones! Great review, I enjoyed it very much!
  • Amen to that bro
  • My gf is on tmobile and wants a windows. Imagine how much of a difference the windows market share would be if it had a flagship on all carriers. Its pretty screwed up that the Lumia 930 or something like it isn't on all US carriers.
  • you guys are lucky, here in Spain you can only buy it on the microsoft website without a contract (585Euro is a bit steep!) I dont know what the hell the strategy is, only the 530 and 635 are around, I hope they fix this, its been long enough! No availability on carriers means niche phone with underwhelming sales (in Spain at least).
  • Weird, in Portugal we are getting plenty of models in all price ranges to choose from, albeit not from carriers. Even this week the 735 and 830 arrived at the stores in most colors (2 years ago only blacks were sold mostly). I would expect Portugal and Spain markets to be similar. We do have high price ranges as well though..
  • If she has an android phone now tell her to get launcher 8 pro. It'll make that android run just like a windows phone plus it's even a little more customizable. As a bonus you get all the top notch apps. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yeah this would be a big improvement from my decaying Lumia 925!!!!
  • That's why I just dropped them. Too many low end and they keep on comin. At&t is the best supporter in the U.S. Verizon can't even give folks the 8.1 update they've been begging for.
  • She's a beaut.
  • You mean beast?
  • Pretty sure he meant "beaut." As it beauty but abbreviated.
  • Yep, beaut is a thing.
  • A Beaut and a Beast!    HIGH FIVE!!! Anyone?...hello...don't leave me hanging guys....guys...
  • Nobody cares >:)  
  • Here have a high fiv... Nope.. :P    jk.. high five
  • I still prefer Lumia 920
  • Me too. Is it even an upgrade from the 920 given the mid range specs?
  • Why would we upgrade from 1.5 ghz to 1.2, and resolution lower than 920, plus 16gb lol
  • .... You are missing the forest for the trees. Why would you want to stick with an old, slow GPU and a dual core CPU from years ago in the Lumia 920? Lumia 830 has four cores and a better GPU. I thought it was well-understood in 2014 that CPU performance is not indicative by its clock speed. I'll bust out some benchmarks this week.
  • Well, the performance on Lumia 920 is pretty much the same as 830. Here's the comparison
  • 2 years and pretty much the same.   Thats progress for yah.
  • You do know the 830 isn't a successor to the 920 right?  So no the 830 isn't meant to be a progression from the 920, completely different type of device
  • Thanks Daniel. I'd really like to see the benchmarks when available. My contact is due in early November, and I'm still deciding what my next phone is going to be.
  • No sir, more cores doesn't necessarily mean better performance, I would dare to say that clock for clock the s4 is still faster than this new 400 soc, and the adreno 225 is twice as fast as the one on the snapd 400, it is a mid end soc vs a high end one, but since we are talking phones here, it is very likely that the current firmware and OS build is no longer being optimized for s4 devices and that could make current mid-low end hardware to look faster than last year's high end
  • No, it seems people are just stuck on the numbers game, like they used to be for PC CPUs. Never mind that the 830 has no heating issues at all (my HTC 8x gets really toasty hot and drain the battery faster than me my beer). And forget the sleuth of other upgraded and new features, and that its thinner and lighter. Just give them a "faster" cpu to feed the epeen number race...
  • Neither is the amount of cores, but yet you just compared a quad core to a dual core.  With only the information at hand (1.5GHz Dual vs 1.2GHz Quad) I would bet my chips on the dual core having the superior experience. FYI the S4 SoC has an overall superior CPU to the 400.  Maybe.. Just maybe if the CPU in the 400 was optimized to hell could it stand against the S4's krait cores. P.S: Miracast on the 82x/92x should have been possible. Not try to be condescending or offensive.  This information needs to be clear, and that the 82x/92x are not "old and slow" when compared to today's midrange devices.  
  • Given specs are near identity, two words: Expandable storage
  • let's not forget swappable battery.  People come so focused on raw specs they fail to notice the things that matter to the average consumer: size/shape, how it feels to hold, can it take an SD card, can the battery be changed, etc. But all I hear in the comments is Waaaahh Waaaaah the CPU isn't good enough.  Pfft, as if that will make a difference in practice.  Come on guys, this is WP, you can run it on old school hardware and it still runs just fine and smoothly.  Average Joe consumer doesn't know squat about clock speeds or teraflops or GPUs.
  • 1.2 ghz quad core vs 1.5 dual core, and 830 supports micro sd and the res is about the same
  • Plus thinner, lighter, SensorCore, larger display, removable battery and likely a better camera.
  • And one thing that hasn't been mentioned... much better battery life on the 830 than the 920. I can safely say this after about 2 weeks with this beauty. 
  • I looked at that battery and it put my 635's to shame.
  • Straight to the point! lol. Is a pretty phone but I'm enjoying my Icon a lot!!!
  • Is it true that the "Hey Cortana" feature only works on 800 plus processors and will the Icon ever get that feature, being the spec breast it is?!
  • The 920 was dual core whilst 830 is quad core, so the speed comparison isn't really valid. What's more the 830 supports SD cards whereas the 920 did not. The only thing it's really lacking is qi charging.
  • Actually, it has a qi built in already.
  • And after att removes the qi back plate I'm sure you'll be able to buy some online to keep using your current qi charging units
  • I just checked out the Lumia 830 product page. It shows the AT&T Lumia 830 with black or green as the color choices, and what I found interesting, it lists the new Nokia DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate and the DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate as "Recommended accessories". Could this mean AT&T left the Qi wireless charging intact? Oh, let it be so. Here's a link to the page:
  • So you'd rather stick with the fatter, heavier, less attractive 2012 model with a smaller screen, dual core cpu, no expandable storage and FFC dust problems? To each his own I guess...
  • Nostalgia makes wonderful sunglasses
  • FFC dust issue was only on launch model. They fixed it long ago.
  • nope, my daughter got one last year, nothin' but fog! ffc is linty. That's why I switched to 1020 launch day. now on the 1520. Think I will wait for the next real flagship, rather than the affordable one. They are all withon $100.00 of each other w/contract. I am guessing, but I can't imagine a huge diff cost-wise. My luck I will buy this one off-contract and December launches the next sweet Lumia to replace the 1020 & 1520 in one!
  • It isn't about whether the 830 is faster, has a better camera, is lighter, etcetera.  It is whether there is enough difference to justify switching.  For me, I don't see it being enough of an upgrade to switch.  What can the 830 do that my 920 can't do?  What can the 830 do that my 920 can't do almost as well?   The camera is better but not much better.  It is smaller and lighter (to be honest, I don't care much about that - I'm quite happy with the size/weight of the 920). The processor is faster in some cases and slower in others.  Battery life is a bit better.  The screen is lower resolution but bigger. The 830 has Denim (the 920 will likely get denim in a few months).  It supports sd cards.  Okay, you got me there.  Really, micro-sd cards is the only full-on win for the 830.   For me, the 830 doesn't represent enough of a leap to switch.  I am one of the people looking longingly at Android (Note 4, Nexus 6, G3).  I'm also waiting for McLaren's replacement.  I've got until January and I hope MS announces a true flagship by then. As it stands, the 830 is better but just not that much better for me to upgrade.
  • 10mgp camera, quad core vs dual core, MicroSD card slot, it's lighter and larger screen. So yeah, why wouldn't anyone upgrade?
  • if this hits $399 off contract it would kill, no more contract/subsidy prices ever again
  • I don't see that as a huge upgrade. Remember 920 was the flagship when it came out and it's been about 2 years. The slight performance increase doen't justify the price. They better wait for the highend microsoft made that will be availalbe next spring or something
  • Maybe we bought the 920 for its heft?  The Dual Core processor in the S4 is faster than the Quad Core in the 400. 920 is going to have a sharper panel, and the 10MP camera is fodder. Only real advantage is the MicroSD. Why pay twice the price for an inferior phone?  Software support, and nothing else..  
  • You shouldn't have to, unless Microsoft forces us to that is :(
  • Not an upgrade. Unless you care about the subjects in the far corners of your photos, the 920 is practically better in every way.  Think you would have chosen an iPhone if you wanted a thin/light device.  
  • Not a chance for me.... Upgrading to this as soon as I have the chance.
  • Wouldn't mind a true successor for the 925 =[
  • Yeah. Curved edges would have made the 830 much nicer.
  • Dunno? Sort of on the fence now. Was thinking of taking the jump from 920 to 1520.3, but not sure about the 1520's size. The 830 on paper has better specs than the 920. Even the processor (while slower than the 920) is quad core vs dual. So...I'm considering it. 
  • It really is close, but I give the Lumia 830 an edge here so far. It's not a night/day upgrade, more a continuation, refinement of the 920.
  • I was thinking of 830 as a replacement for Lumia 928, but it's way too big. Lumia 930 is same size just thicker ... It's like waiting for a perfect woman :(
  • Is that possible...the perfect woman?  There in is the answer we are all looking for.  Our phones will never be perfect. 
  • A phone can never be perfect... At most it can be all that we need... It's not perfect, but being able to do all that we need is good enough... Same goes for the perfect woman... ;)
  • There is a video comparison between the 920 and the 830 and the 830 is the clear winner in most of the speed test
  • That's like saying: "My Ford Focus is faster than your older Toyota Camry." The Corvettes, Vipers and Farraris are laughing.
  • Nice analogy.
  • You do know that some of the new 4 cylinder engines with newer technology have higher horsepower that some of the older V6 engines right.
  • These are not speed tests.  These are optimization tests.  The CPU in the S4 is superior, so is the storage.
  • Don't forget to let us 1020 users know if it's a worthy upgrade while we wait for the 1030. ;)
  • You might have to wait a bit. In my opinion, MS needs to start making successors (especially to their flagships) ever year. 365 days, max. Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, LG, Sony: What do they all have in common? A new flagship phone EVERY year, or earlier. And we wonder why the US doesn't care about Lumia.
  • I can hazard a guess at the answer for that one. The 1020 is a different beast, and I don't think anyone would make the jump from a 1020 to this. Although I find that both this and the 7 series look beautiful. I am interested to see him compare it to the 920.
  • I guess the jump from 1020 is inevitable if MS continue to orphan this phone, but I agree no one will jump to 830 (despite it being an excellent one). Last week I wanted to buy a camera grip cover for my 1020 and was told it has been discontinued, so my only option now is the 2nd hand market. I guess I'll be forced to jump over to 930 soon.
  • Well the situation is pretty desperate for 1020 owners stuck on AT&T. I'm just looking for /something/ new until the 1030 is (hopefully) released alongside Windows 10. I'll keep my 1020 around for any high end photography needs, but I want something new for a daily driver. The AT&T Lumia 1520 is just too neutered, and I'm having some difficulty coming across a 1520.3 rm-938 at a reasonable price, given how briefly I plan on keeping the device (again, fingers crossed that the 1030 is released Spring 2015).
  • Awesome. I love my 820 and the main reasons are, the fit in my hand, the SD card option and the best, the removable / replaceable battery. I think it's time to upgrade to the 830. Removable battery phones are the best, only because having battery problems leaves you quite fucked over any other kind of problem.
  • Not to mention phone batteries are the first to go
  • And only $15 compared to the $100 for non removable phones
  • Isn't it build 14157 instead of 141157? Also, you mention weak haptic feedback from the capacitive buttons but I've always found it too strong on previous Lumias (620 and 925) so I turned it off to save a few minutes of battery life. I don't think haptic feedback's very useful since you're probably looking at the screen while using those buttons. Otherwise, it's a promising phone but we're waiting for attractive ads from Microsoft's marketing team.
  • Re: Haptic feedback, I would rather have it strong and the option to disable then it weak and being able to disable. More to the point, the vibration intensity from one Lumia to another is inconsistent.
  • Haptic also eats battery though. While not sure of the difference on a phone, haptic on/off on a 360 controller was a huge battery difference.
  • Which is why I'm glad it can be turned off ;) At this point though, you can barely feel it at all, which makes it not so useful.
  • Ok, thanks for letting me know.
  • Daniel, You've had more experience (obviously) than I have with them, but I've had a few Lumia 920s (just got #4 refurbished from AT&T) and I've noticed a fairly significant difference in the haptic feedback even between identical models of phones. Have you noticed the same thing ?
  • Not only from one Lumia to another but also from one 830 to another. Had to sent my first 830 back because of a buggy screen digitizer. And the new device has a remarkably stronger haptic feedback from the hardware buttons. And btw, have you tried to remove a micro SD card? This is the worst slot mechanism ever!
  • Here come the tech snobs!
  • Looks beautiful!!!
  • I tested it against my 1520 there's not much difference in speed but yes there is a difference
  • Why Tmobile has very few windows phone devices ?
  • Because they're the UNcarrier
  • I laughed at this.
  • Need higher resolution than the 920 for me to switch.
  • How much is "affordable"?
  • Unlocked ones on eBay NIB for < $400
  • This looks pretty sweet!
  • its good but they should drop the price at by ₹24000
  • All we can do is wait for it drop..
  • I asked AT&T directly on twitter yesterday if their version would have Qi. Their reply was a sadly predictable non-answer:
  • Damn, I embarrassed for them. I know why they do it, but it still begs the question, why do they do it? The American market seems to be bent, and vastly in favour of the carriers.
  • Carriers have ruled for decades now and have been removing features from devices just as long. It took years for them to allow FFCs on WinMo devices to use with Skype.
  • Can you lot not import European phones? I know very little about the standards in terms of type of mobile frequencies. I know even less about the carriers, but it seems that AT&T and Verizon have some weird stranglehold on you guys. In the UK I can usually buy any phone, and stick in a sim card. However, with Phones 4 U gone, Carphone Warehouse have an awful monopoly, and they may be on borrowed time.
  • You can, but typically you'll be limited to non LTE speeds.  We use different frequencies in the US. It also (sometimes) can be a pain setting up MMS and all of the other features on an internationally unlocked phone. And then there's support.  Sometimes a local repair shop won't honor an international phone even if it's in warranty.   
  • Because corporations rule our government and the average person is too stupid to see past Democrat/Republican. Frequencies could easily be standardized as was done for TV but the corps will stop it before it can even be brought up for debate.
  • well, i hope the bump up the processor, then i be fine with it, but hoping that in november they come out with the sucessor of the 900 series...
  • The 930 is already out. And with the last update it has awesome performance. The only flaw, no glance but for rest the best 920 succesor.
  • yeah, but that for verizon, not it all already!!
  • You can get an international unlocked version if you want.
  • nah.....att will get their own flagship  phone...i wait
  • No news on that yet so it might take a while.
  • I want to buy 830 or 735. Most important for me is a picture quality & price. Please make comparison about picture quality between 730/735 & 830 because as for now they give comparable image quality (on tripod)
  • Looking at the 830 or 930 I see no new feature that makes me leave my 920. No fingerprint-reader, no flux capacitor ...I am still waiting for that wow-phone with more than just a better camera.
  • 930 better camera, batter screen full hd, 4 microphones, snapdragon 800 processor, 2gb of ram, 32 GB of internal storage, WP 8.1 update installed. What else do you want?
  • Well, these are numbers and specs but do they improve my Lumia experience? I don't think so. No more storage than my 920, no sd-card-slot etc. Maybe I would buy a new phone if hey came out with a cool new design but to be honest the 920 still has the coolest look.
  • With 800 procesor phones you can use Cortana hands free. You get denim earlier and benefit of the new Lumia camera. Windows 10 to be a announced in 2015. And so on, so for improving the experience I think that that are doing the best they can.
  • The saving time between pictures is just terrible. Trying to take quick shots is something a lot of is need. 2 seconds between shots is just to slow. Even for an awesome lens
  • Did you not see "living images" on? Of course it'll take longer when its saving partial video.
  • Is it me or does it look like an iphone? Is this a way into fooling people it could be a colour iphone to hit targets? Extreme I know... Just thinking out of the box....dont shoot me for it ;-)
  • It's just you.
  • Lol. You're waaay out of the box. In my opinion, it looks nothing like the iPhone. The 830's design is edgier and less conservative.
  • Umm... not even close lol. Sorry. 
  • Wow wow! Doesn't even look remotely similar. The 830 is far more beautiful.
  • Brace yourself for an incoming comment about how the current price isn't even close to being affordable. If it cost 300EUR I would get it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately at current 400EUR a pop it's a bit steep. Shame really, thought about getting this phone, would even overlook the fact that it's a bit big for me.
  • I agree overpriced considering Google are gonnabe releasing the Nexus 6 in the next 48 hours which is likely to be cheaper in the UK than the 830 is. I just don't know what to do. I was looking at upgrading from the 630 for Christmas but now I'm not sure. Sounds like the Camera isn't as good as I hoped and that was my main reason for upgrading. Gutted a bit by this though I still love Windows Phone. Confused.
  • Hahaha I bought my 930 for 450€ in August. So for 50€ more you get a flagship with out glance support but a true flagship.
  • There was a sale in Germany on 930 for 300EUR... And I've missed it... Dang! But there's gonna be another one, but this time for 350EUR. My only issue (except the size) with 930 is no microSD. The sacrifices I would have to make to fit my favorite albums on, whatever you get left of those 32GBs.
  • Get the 1520 then
  • 5" is already big for me, 6" is even worse.
  • Thanks for the article Daniel! I believe the device does worth the money. Just a question about Denim (not sure if it was mentioned before). Does the equalizer work with BT connected headphones on Denim? At least on my 1520 w/ Cyan it doesn't.
  • no, it does not
  • Off topic. Daniel did you notice that when you are in an app and a notification comes trough you can't scroll up and down in the app you are in untill you dismiss the notification or wait for it to disappear?
  • "Quick review" I wonder what a "long" review would take! :)
  • This is the logical upgrade path for my 720. Battery? Since after Cyan the battery life with my 720 is nothing short of delicious; more than a day of average usage means I love this phone even more than before...
  • Video not working?
  • What do you think 730 or 830??? Please help me...
  • Looks like you're loving the phone as much as I am. Such a complete device for my money... most beautiful phone on the market? Check. Build quality? Check. Glance? Check. Size? Close to ideal. Removable battery? Yup. Exchangeable back covers for the style-savvy/conscious. Yes sir. Expandable memory? You bet. The most complete Lumia device to date outside of the 1520, which proved to be just a little too big... not to mention a bit annoying with the swipe/tap/scroll bug. LTE vs H and H+ speeds on T-Mobile have been virtually indiscernable for me, so I'll be sticking with the RM-984 variant. I use HERE Maps and stream live video regularly, and it has been every bit as fluid as doing so on my Lumia 1520.3 using LTE. In fact, I get to save battery by switching my max connetion speed to 3G. Battery life, by the way, is surprisingly terrific. I really have no complaints... I have the phone in orange and have ordered the other three back cover colors. I do, however, wish a bright yellow back cover was made like the one for the Lumia 635. That would look beautiful with that metal frame.  This is now my daily driver, and I'll be selling my Lumia 1520. 
  • Wait no LTE?
  • ;) You guys like thorough stuff!
  • 830 easily
  • Of course it has LTE, but this is a global version and the LTE bands do not match AT&Ts.
  • Is that the same for 925? I was in the good old U S of A for a month in mid August to mid September and bought an AT&T sim for that period, cost me $60 but couldn't get LTE on it, just H+ and the customer service chap had no clue, also tried to make out US 4G/LTE on that network must be slower than mine in the UK, I don't think so but then again I'm no expert on AT&T speeds.
  • Malatesta was using a non-AT&T version so his 830 wouldn't get on LTE.
  • Long.
  • 930
  • I think a long review would be a book :P
  • Depends on your needs. If  you're not on a budget go for the 830 if you are then the 730 :)
  • The L830 has Glance and an SD Card slot? I feel MSFT shortchanged L930 owners.
    It's about time a flagship was just that, a flagship.
  • Is there any hope Verizon Wireless will have this phone?it is the only phone to upgrade from my 822..if not, may actually switch!
  • I don't miss glance or SD card. I installed all the apps I need and still have 16 GB of space left over for more stuff. +930
  • If its has quick has the 1520 taking pictures, its slow as hell.
  • Has we all know, Lumia camera will fix loading times
  • Yeah they have been saying that a couple of updates back, I still use the Nokia camera daily but it needs an urgent Update.
  • What about the loudspeaker, is it nice and loud?
  • Very! I was pleasantly surprised by that, coming from a 1520 which had the best loud speaker I've ever come across on a smartphone. 
  • My 920 also has an IPS screen and I really love it. Highly readable, even in bright light, and I love the more natural look of the colours. To me, this spec level bodes well for the big fellas that will be released in line with Windows 10. One thing I think they should have done is popped in the improved FFC, buy I appreciate why they didn't.
  • Do you think it would be possible to make the 1030 as slim as this device? Its coming up for 1 year with the 1020 and I'm itching to upgrade.
  • I would keep the 1020 width if that allows for a substantial battery and qi. I even like the hump.
  • The camera hump would still need to be thick if they are going to use a large sensor again. With that said, the rest of the phone could be slim but then the media would complain about a hugh protruding hump, failing to realize the laws of physics say that a huge 1/1.5 or greater sensor and optics has to fit SOMEWHERE in the phone. I would rather have the hump and have superior optics and sensors than small sensors and software that tries to compensate for the lack thereof. I love my 808's 1/1.2 sensor and the hump that provides a powerful dual capicitor Xenon flash plus a LED flash as well. Sensor over thinness for camera flagships is the way to go. If you are going for thin and just a great camera then there are other non camera centric devices. To have a truly amazing or groundbreaking camera, you need room for the amazing and groundbreaking hardware. My 1020 takes vastly superior pictures than my 1520 due to the larger sensor and better optics and mechanical shutter. All of that hardware takes up space and I hope that Microsoft remembers that and doesn't cheap out and use a smaller sensor, weak and thin Xenon, no ND Filter or mechanical shutter in the race to be thin.
  • Since this device has Denim, does it support the hands free Cortana feature?
  • Nope. Only in the snapdragon 800 CPUs and higher. Which is why I wont be getting this.
  • But do you think that will change? For example games or apps that only support 1gb of ram that later get updated to support lower ram devices.
  • Only the Icon/930 and 1520 will support it. With phones like the OnePlus One and the Nexus line within the same price point as the 830 with better specs, it really should've had an 800 processor. It would've been my next but now I'll either wait for a successor to the 1020, wait for Windows 10 or see what's going on with Android and pick up a Moto G 2nd gen or something.
  • My only concern is the shape of the edge. It looks like an improvement on the 930 edge though, which I felt was uncomfortable. Much prefer the roundness of my 920.
  • Fuck can't watch it Valid? /
  • It's valid.
  • That answer didn't suprise me at all! However, with you going in depth, I'm actually now only 90% sure I'll go with the One on 11/7 (I probably will like and use "Hey Cortana"). After switching to an ATIV S Neo and LOVING it way more than the 920, I figured I'd be gone from Nokia, but this review has me giving the 830 a passing fancy. I'd like to see some comparisons between this and the One in terms of screen, responsiveness, thinness and the cameras.
  • Hey Cortana is only exclusive to Lumia devices e.g Lumia 930 and 1520.
    The reason is because its been enabled by the Denim firmware. So beware when your buying HTC.
    If MS enables it through OS,then it will be available to HTC too.
  • Oh in that case, I guess I won't be using it since I'm 90% going One. Thanks for reminding me it's a Lumia exclusive.
  • If this can be picked up for about 219 - 299 USD from TMO or ATT, then I'd try it out... Above that I feel it seems like a nice device, but overpriced. Though I understand if others don't feel the same.
  • Doesn't anyone here worry whether this will be upgradable to Windows 10??? For me this is the greatest issue...
  • In theory yes. I actually think Microsoft will want to upgrade as many devices as possible to 10 too so that the new OS is seen as a big success. The worry is with the 830's old processor and it's ability to handle Windows 10's new features in say 15 months time.
  • The time it takes to save photo is still really long. They need to make it more like HTC or iPhone camera where you can take pictures one after the other fast. Also can you show some web browsing in these reviews? Web page rendering speed will be important for a lot of people.
  • OMG, I can't wait to change my Lumia 920 for this phone!!!
    Daniel, please say that the screen is even a little bit better than the 920's one! I don't like my screen, is often sooo dark! :S
  • Just curious to know if this one or any other high end flagship has video resume option?
  • 1520 successor or gtfo
    I rest my case. c:
  • Hey Cortana.... No response
  • In his article, Daniel mentions that Hey Cortana is not available on this phone.
  • Meh, too big. I'll wait for a Surface Lumia phone. Hopefully it comes in 4.3" screen.
  • With the way tech is moving, you're going to have to start going low end if you want something smaller than 4.5". Even "mid-range" devices are starting to come in at 4.7" at a minimum.
  • The WP app crashes when I open up the images section for this article
  • This is basically a flattened Lumia 925!
  • I like it!  Can't wait to see one in my hand.
  • Hey Dan
    I'm in canada with Fido and thinking to upgrade to this, I just love the looks of device and all the other perks i'm getting. I always wanted the topnotch specs but with this phone i dunno why im attracted to it and i started to think that this phone is about experience not just hardware but overall joy to use a phone. I'm waiting for your full review to see how it performs in real life, becuase my 920 is sluggish sometimes and it just gives me 6-8 hrs of battery backup, so please provide an extensive review about real world usage and battery life. Thanks  and enjoy your 830..:)
  • Your videos are the best, all questions answered. While the design of the 830 is great, it isn't as classy as the 920 or 820, IMO. Especially the plastic around the headphone jack and USB port and the brightest of the icons on the capacitive buttons. Small details matter. And I'm still no fan of the Start screen Live Tile layout on HD displays...
  • Thanks, glad you like them!
  • So this OS Version is behind the Preview? When do 830 owners get the newset version? With GDR2? Or earlier with a small update? If with GDR2, that will take forever... :( I dont want to use the Preview anymore...
  • You're right in one thing - the answer to the last question does surprise me.
  • Nice, I plan on getting this phone.
  • So hope Verizon will get this. Maybe all the waiting will pay off eventually.
  • I'll wait for the benchmarks and final review from WPC and other outlets, but my initial impression is that it might be a nice upgrade for about a year or less, not sure if it will still be as nice as my 920 has been for almost two years now. This phone was pretty high end in 2012, and is still smooth with acceptable performance (at least for me). It is hard to predict with any hardware, but I'm not sure if the 830 would be a keeper for 2 years like the 920 has been for me.
  • This is a hella sexy device. Maybe its the orange. Who knows. All im hoping for is that future phones carry on this design language. Looks stellar
  • This will be my next phone. I had the 920 and loved it but it was heavy and ripped my suit jacket pocket. I changed to the 925 and think its a great phone as well especially the slim profile. What I want is a 5 inch display and wireless charging. I'm disappointed that it won't have hey Cortana but I think there's always a trade off in 1 way or another.
    Believe it or not I also want the cp 627 case as it gives protection plus wireless charging and only adds a fraction of thickness being the screen cover. I see the Samsung crowd having this in their galaxys and have wanted it for a while now.
    I never use a case I hate them. I will make an exception for this one though. Saying that it looks like it could have been made better with reference to the speaker holes.
    I will buy the Lumia 830 but it'll be temporary until the unaffotdable flagship is released...
  • The Lumia 830 is okay, but as I reach the 2 year mark on my AT&T contract so does my Lumia 920 also seem okay. The Lumia 1520 would be a step up for me, but that would mean going for a model that has been out for a full year. If an HTC One does actually come to AT&T that would have the specs that would interest me, but I'd probably worry too much that their commitment and support for the platform wouldn't live up to the standard that Nokia set. So, it looks like this holiday will have disappointing options and it may be best to see how things look come springtime.
  • No, it doesn't get a 930 for almost the same price.
  • I can't play the video. :(
  • Thanks. Looks like my next L920 upgrade in November
  • This phone is gorgeous! Man, how I wish I had won it during the last contest. I am all broke right now and this phone is too damn hard to resist. Lumia all the way
  • What's the wallpaper?
  • if am going to start my journey with windows then it definatly be 1020 successor(Design(weight(140g)+thinner(same as 830)),3gb ram,top notch snapdragon processor,amoled display,glance feature,Microsoft branding,price(₹40-45). 830 would be a flop like others.According to me Windows is struggling hard and begging other oems where they have enough power to snatch users from Android because many Android users are concern about smartphone price,onsheet specs.Right now Windows doesnt have ability to snatch users from iphone because they are iphone users :p First satya(ceo) must stop treating microsoft  has software manufacture and he must decide what first WP or mobile.. if WP then they must follow the strategy of chinese companies like oppo,lenovo,gionee,especially XIAOMI.At least for one device a year(cheap,high onsheet specs). if mobile then good job microsoft you are in right direction :p if Microsoft going to increase their users for wp then they must enter with cheap mobiles(as i said above) in china,india etc Asia countries. they must understand they cant make a dent(wp) where their is already a hole(ios,android).....refers to usa. Conclution STOP INVENTING AND TRY TO DISCOVER.(apple) 
  • que?
  • Have you ever used a WP device you didn't  like.
  • Lumia 820 was too big/heavy, unimpressive. Most Samsung devices are 'meh', only the ATIV SE is interesting. Lumia 822 is pretty hideous and boring. LUmia 810 was a block of snooze. I can name a few others...
  • The 820 is too big? Really?
  • Yeah got to shake my head at that one. Reason I got the 820 was for its dimensions and weight over the 920.   Must have small hands.
  • It is a little chunky and heavy though. Though, for specs, it still has a bigger feature set (sd,wireless charging, shells in more than two colours etc) than supposed higher end handsets theyv'e released since.
  • So would you get this phone new or go to ebay (example) and get a slightly older, better speced phone?
  • Is there any sign of the Lumina 1030?
  • i didnt see any signs of the 1030 inside that 830   like it would come out of the 830?   lol
  • Still not convinced by the chipset. I have a NL920. Looks like the 830's chipset performance is on par with the old S4 Pro. What happened to the Snapdragon 600 series with Adreno 320? All phones have either Snapdragon 400 or Snapdragon 800.
  • That camera looks pretty slow... How is it with the MS camera app?
  • Living images...
  • I totally with those who have said that there is no compelling reason to upgrade from a 920 right now. My 920 is in perfect condition and I don't want to lock into a 2 year contract on a new Windows phone that is only incrementally better than what I have right now. I like the direction that MS is going, but they need to have truly compelling upgrades available or users like myself will abandon the platform.
  • And what about battery life Daniel?
  • I agree about the haptic feedback. Other than that this phone is a joy to use.
  • No LTE?
  • It is 4g lte
  • It is pretty
  • Will the at&t still have the pins for the wireless back cover? I can just buy a qi back replacement off eBay.
  • Thinking of upgrading from 920 to this just until a real flagship Chinese out
  • the RM 985 should get LTE on ATT 
  • I want to buy a new 830 but only thing holding me is the 'Hey Cortana' unavailability. I hope they make this available with next update. 
  • Eh... No Snapdragon 800, no significant upgrade from the 920's camera or display. LESS BUILT IN MEMORY! No 4k video shooting. It is very pretty, and the perfect size, but not a significant update to my 920. Lets hope they come out with a good 5' handset with W10.
  • Same I get the feeling I'm gonna regret it if I upgrade from my 820 to this phone. I'll be patient and wait out the 5 months I have left on contract. I could upgrade in 3 months without penalty but I'm looking for something with a bit more value. My brothers got a Nexus 5 and it makes the 830 look like a lil ant in terms of bang for your buck. Plus I'm tired of no support for WP from the premier motorsport organisations. Nascrap is for rednecks...
  • I would take 8gb internal with the micro SD. That has way more value than a fixed size.
  • I've seen pictures with the capacitive buttons backlit. So for sure the buttons aren't backlit?
  • Not what he said.
  • I'd replace my 920 with this in a NY minute if it had LTE.
  • No LTE!? How did I miss that!?
  • The one in this video made by Daniel is using an international version which doesn't have ATT 4g/lte frequency bands, but when they do get it, it will be 4g/lte compatible and display it too.
  • The 830 looks to be a nice device but if only it was smaller, less blocky, had an amoled screen, a better CPU, and came in more colors. Holding onto to my 820 and 920 for a while longer.
  • What idiot actually downvoted that? lol
  • Beautiful phone.
  • I found 830 is a better option for those 920 users that wants removable battery and SD card, i have a chance to test drive it and very impressed, a mid range phone for Lumia line, but the performance is comparable to High end android phone and iphone 6.
  • Don't forget ppi people!
  • Still waiting for next version of HTC 8X, great phone...
  • It really could be, they certainly aren't over extending themselves with many concepts and designs. And current hardware can easily place then in a flagstaff range.
  • Agreed, for Lumia phones they don't need to extend further. But HTC should really follow up with the HTC 8X, I've had strangers asking me what phone it is, they had a nice design going there, hope they don't abandon it.
  • Lumia 830 Vs Lumia 730 A review coming from Hardcore Nokia fan.. Till now. Model 830 730 Processor S400 1.2 Quad S400 1.2 Quad
    Ram 1 GB 1 GB
    Camera 10 MP zies 6.7 MP Zies
    Sec-cam 1 Mp 5 MP
    Screen 5 Inch 4.7 Inch
    Battery 2200 MAH 2220 MAH
    Price Rs 28200 Rs 15000(Almost half) I am still wondering why did they price lumia 830, almost double the price of 730.
    For this price range they could have made the hardware a lot better. As this kind of hardware is obsolete from the market completely now. even the smaller brands have higher specs. I think after Nokia's overtake, microsoft is decieving indian customer's now. India is still the nokia's largest share of customer around the world. Almost as many as rest of the world.
    Still they launch their new products all over the world first and then finally in india after a long wait.
    Their Products are sold at a highest price in india as compared to any other countries, some times more than double rate.
    All there products have, is a camera, nothing else much.
    Their app store sucks, till now. Google has kicked their ass and blocked them from using any google apps.
    Since microsoft, our beloved brand nokia has fallen down the standards really low. But tell you what Microsoft, we Indians are not fools. We have enough options now and you amongst them, sucks most.
    Good buy Nokia
  • You really shouldn't act as you speak for all Indians. Also not true about all google apps being blocked. And furthermore, don't get mad, get glad.
  • I'm getting this when I leave that suck ass Verizon
  • LOL
  • That's weird Daniel. You said the capacitive keys don't light up, but I'm pretty sure I've seen videos with them lit up.
  • He said they light when its really dark. This would be terribly annoying. They need to be the opposite. And only be dimly lite when extremely dark and really bright when they have to fight the ambient light.
  • The 830 does look promising, but I don't hear enough praise for the 930 in any article I've been reading lately. The 930 has the 20MP camera and faster processor + more RAM, and if you like the design of the 830, it's exactly like the 930 except the 930 is slightly thicker and heaveir due to better hardware. I know this article is about the 830 but I think it's gotta be mentioned if you can spend the little bit more, you gotta go the 930. Otherwise go the 830. The display on the 930 is ridiculously good as well. I know guys with iPhone 6's and when they see my 930 they say wow that looks like a sweet phone. The 930 should be hyped from all areas but I feel like it isn't. If it was I think it could've gotten closer to being an iPhone killer.
  • Looks great but I bought 735 for my sister due to no sell in Taiwan.
  • My next phone. I'm looking forward to your review and thoughts of the at&t version as well.
  • Daniel, given this is quad core and 10mp rear camera this appears to be an upgrade over the 928, except for .9 vs 1.2 front facing camera which isnt important to me. would you say this is a moderate upgrade over the 928? Bryan
  • I can speak for Daniel on this one, yes it is. If you don't mind losing the xenon flash then I would say go make the switch. This is a great phone!
  • Don't forget, this is a larger screen with a lower resolution. A lot of ppi in other words, to lazy to do the math. This may be noticeable after moving from a 92x. Remember, the 92x are higher resolution than the retina™ displays of the iPhones.
  • The 930 is still not coming to the U.S. yet as far as the associate from the Microsoft Store!  If it is; he said it would be locked to another carrier!  I hope T-Mobile pick it up and offers it in more colors!  I know White is the only color T-Mobile seems to either like or that Nokia now Microsoft is able to discount!   I kind hate white for Lumia phones now 925 and 521 and now the 635 - all White only!
  • I'll keep my 920 another year maybe. I hope good things come out of the first true Microsoft phones. And I was all in to Nokia, but lately there has been too many trade offs in deciding which phone is best. You should be able to spend a little more money and just get all the options you want in a true flagship.
  • Looks like a worthy update to my 920
  • I'm thinking the same thing. I love my 920. But would have liked my next phone to be able to have the "hey Cortana" capabilities. And not just for that specifically but I assume other features and functions will come out of that extra special hardware as well. Also I like Daniels point of mentioning att hobbling the Qi. I love that feature built in the 920. And the cost to add that to a phone is so small, in price and physically. It barely adds weight or thickness. Carriers should not be able to weigh in on the phone specs. I'm tiered of seeing flagships getting neutered. And the clip on backs for the 1020 that allow for Qi are an embarrassing solution. Cases for that phone are made for the bare 1020, the add on Qi back adds more thickness to the 1020 then it would have it were just built in, they could have came up with a Qi solution in the camera grip but that was also a missed opportunity. Back to the 920, I still don't feel like there is a true successor. Also, only thing I wish my 920 had that was available when it was released, is micro SD expansion. Also, while not a feature, a better gasket that fully seals the front facing camera, hello!? It is like a planned design failure. I guess I was hoping for similar form factor with updated guts, a little thinner, a little lighter, possibly slightly larger screen with overall thinner bezels. Heck, maybe even a real flash. Are you listening Microsoft? You have all the tools you need to make your good phones great!
  • Cheese is built into the back cover? No wonder it's orange... :P
  • Is the "metal" band on the outside actually metal or a metal plated plastic? Read somewhere that it was plastic but couldn't believe it. I like the idea of this phone, but the design looks confused between curves and corners. I guess I'll have to buy one to make a proper judgement.
  • Or you can just wait till they have them on display. I would have thought it was aluminum
  • I'm only interested in the 830 as a factory unlocked device in the U.S.without the AT&T branding. 
  • If Daniel is testing an at&T version, and it's orange, I read that at&t will only stock black. I WANT ORANGE!
  • Backs are interchangeable
  • They really need to stop putting the micro USB on the top of phones. This is a poor place to put it if you need to have it plugged in while talking on the phone. The connector van get damaged internally. Also, is the qi built into the interchangeable back plates? Maybe it will be a quick fix if effing AT$T decides to remove it.
  • Really wish this would make it to T-Mobile, but I'd probably have to wait another 6 months for a variant of some kind. I don't mind the incremental update from my 925, the expandable storage is the most important factor for me.
  • is there a microsim adapter because i still have phones that make use of microsim cards and regular sim cards
  • Buy one off ebay
  • Isn't it pretty much a given that AT&T will go out of its way to take out Qi charging?
  • I thought the same thing, but there seems to be a glimmer of hope on the Lumia 830 product page. It shows the AT&T Lumia 830 with black or green as the color choices, and what I found interesting, it lists the new Nokia DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate and the DC-50 Portable Wireless Charging Plate as "Recommended accessories". Could this mean AT&T left the Qi wireless charging intact? Or did Microsoft make a mistake on the product page?. Here's a link to the page:
    Also, if you go to the product page for the DT-903, it lists the Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 as "Recommended devices".
  • I think a large number of people are waiting for the Note 4 to hit the stores so they can decide between it and the new IPhone 6+. Chances are most 920 owners will be jumping ship to the newest high-end Android or Apple device.
  • While it's good in a vacuum, it's the pricing that lets it down. 26,000 in India (US$ 420) is grossly expensive for the specs.
  • Yes, they should be around the $300 range for a mid range phone, in my opinion. Also consolidate around three levels, the 5 series for lower end, the 7 series for mid and 9 series for high end and 10 series for phablets.
  • Where does that leave the 10*0 series!?
  • My next phone for sure! It's available here, just waiting for the price to come down a bit.
  • Nothing wrong with mid level stuff, as long as you have a high end flagship like the HTC ONE or the Lumia 930. More where to choose is always better.
  • The 830. Has Pureview phase. V might stack up with the 930 camera
  • I love the design I might want buy it but I just need better camera, maybe I just stack with 1020  
  • Lumia need to stop making bare minimum products with no stand out features
  • I have had my unlocked 830 for 2 weeks now to replace a damaged 1020. Excellent phone. Two killer features for me, memory card slot so I carry all my music (35Gig) and removable battery so I can carry a spare. I would highly recommend
  • I have some friends in Canada waiting on this device. I've passed along this 1st impressions.
  • My 925 better
  • Looks great. The only drawback I see is the slower CPU. But the low price (it is a low price!) makes up for it.
  • Why you all Talk about WP camera?Its Just a Phone.Taking pictures with cellphones are for kids.Using a real digital camera makes you feel just right. lol Hello People  
  • It depends on your definition of "real" digital camera. Technically, all mobile cameras now are digital cameras ;-)
  • Hi, I am already using nokia Lumia 920 but I dont think that 830 is worth 26+ k rupees as you can buy moto g2 and zenfone 5 for half the price. I agreed that 830 has a great camera but not worth the price.
  • Kinda yes , its overpriced but its good
  • It's actually ₹28k+ :-(
  • fck this, i got ebola. :(
  • Digital Cameras are way better than mobilephones.We all knows that,So comon people move on and enjoy those beautiful professional looking WPs.
  • My 1020 outperforms every point and shoot I've ever owned...
  • Nope , the 1020 surpassed the DSRL !
  • It's not affordable!!!
  • Ya. Nearly a $50 more in case of India :-(
  • Does the 830 support miracast?
  • Yup
  • This Phone 830 is amazing.
  • Phone looks absolutely gorgeous. Wouldn't mind the low key processor with such a beauty.
  • Just an snapdragon. 80x will make it perfect !
  • Don't forget that this also won't support the moment capture feature in denim at 8mp (only 2mp) -   Anyone know how the gaming performance is?
  • For me, this is the most beautiful Lumia design to date. Thinness, big screen, small bezels, light weight. The 830 replaced my 920 (which still kicks ass, but use it as my work phone now). Yep, in lurve with the 830 :)
  • now I can't decide what I want more 1520/830, thanks very much ;)
  • Same here, I don't know what to buy - BB Z10, L830 / 930 / 1520 :(
  • Heheh, ordered the 830 in black today ^_^
  • Congratulations. I still can't decide, I am very confused about L930 and their missing features (microSD, Glance). But there is worse CPU in L830 and I think the L1520 is too big for me (and also it has not so cool design like L930 has).
  • 830 a good phone? Certainly. But will I move from My 920 to 830? Hell, no. For me to upgrade, the phone specs should be 5" display, Full HD resolution, 8xx processor, more than 8MP pureview camera, more than 1MP FCC, 32GB of internal memory, Must have glance screen, high quality audio, 4G, Wireless charging.
    Do I like external memory card? Yes but not mandatory. So does dual sim. In other words, a future Lumia? May be a 940? Lets hope :-)
  • Would be my upgrade phone after 925. But why the apeture not F2.0 anymore like 920/925?
  • I would love to see this devices in Argentina. We got almost the complete x20s spectrum and the x00, x10 too but so far we only got the 630 here, no 530 or 930 and there is a good WP market here as I see WPs everywhere. Hope to get this 830 and the 730 soon though I'm not changing my beloved 1520 until the next WP phablet hits the market. Great unboxing! Thanks.
  • The image showed one thing from the side,
    This phone is not BENDING
  • i kinda wanna have one but the only thing that would make me updrade my 1520 now is Lumia 1030 -41mp next pureview version -4500 mah bat -5.5 inches screen - snapdragon 805 -cyan option -windows 10 -water resistant -solar charging -3d sensors
  • Very good review. At this point, I know 3 things about my potential Lumia 925 replacement: 1)- L1520 is not for me because it's too big. 2)- L930 is not for me because it has no Glance support 3)- L830 is not for me because, even with the improved camera,  it's still too low-end for a L925 replacement. So.. I'm doomed.
  • Daniel, any pricing indication yet or maybe pre-ordering?
  • Excellent write-up Daniel. This phone looks brilliant, especially with that vibrant orange backplate. The black version gets a darker frame, similar to the 930 you flashed in the video. I'm considering getting a black 830 and an orange plate.
  • Hi Daniel,
    thank you for the first look! There are some reviews of the 830 where your're able to see that the capacitive buttons have a very "normal" backlight. For example this one on youtube And this one light up pretty bright: Maybe your 830 has a hardware problem?  
  • It's odd to say, but it has gotten better, lol. They do come on, but they are less likely to do so in normal light, so they have a higher threshold for darkness. Right now, it's 1:30 PM, I'm in my office, natural light, a little bit of light from lamp and the button lights are off.
  • I want Hay Cortana all android phones eventually got ok Google so am hoping we all will get Hay Cortana some day, by the way this is my next phone.
  • Meh.
  • Denim?  I'm still waiting for Cyan.  Lumia 928
  • I want a flagship upgrade to my 920. This is a fake flagship with crappy specs. Seriously Microsoft need to at least announce a flagship coming soon otherwise im off to get the z3.
  • So the keys lights up or not? That I didn't understood... The video tells one thing, the article another. LE
    Yeah, I read 4-5 comments up the page. It's clear now. It has lights.
  • This 830 is so tempting, the capacitive keys thing is a little annoying, but otherwise this is Nokia's best non-niche handset in a while. Still can't help pineing for a true successor to the 925 though *sigh*.
  • I don't understand why people want phones with specs that will eat a big chunk out of your paycheck or have to get on contract. I'm in the US and done with expense phones and contracts. I'm on a 635 from a 520. When this phone is out for $350-375 (non-eBay). I'll pick it up and be happy. I read att is getting the 930 and new HTC next month. Sign a contract and be there slave for a shinny device.
  • Please have me benchmarking of nokia lumia 830 using Basemark OS 11
  • Sad to say when I show people my 1520 all I get is ' is that a galaxy! Most people at my job don't know anything about Windows phone and that is very sad. I can only count three people with windows phone including myself and that's out of about 800 people.
  • So now Microsoft doesn't include a headset?
  • Hello, Daniel, what about 4K video recording on Lumia 830? Nokia Czech Republic claims Lumia 830 should have that ability...
  • Daniel just trying out an 830 and the captive buttons light up on mine?
  • Why the F@**(#*(*# Lumia Icon/930 doesn't have Glance Screen and the 830 has?? 
  • Hi Dan, what is the camera resolution for the 830 model ?
  • lalit borad reader comments
  • i have one year with this phone is really amazing, good than L930 in some sides .
  • I am considering buying it since Lumia 650 run out of stock on my country. How is your experience running Windows 10 on it?