Nokia Lumia 925 coming soon to Latin America

Depending on who you ask around the Windows Phone Central water cooler the Lumia 925 might be their favorite phone. Compared to other Windows Phone devices, it’s very different, but in a good way. It’s sleek, aluminum body makes it a joy to pick up and use all the time. So far, it’s only been available in various markets around the globe. European markets picked it up first in early June, with the U.S. joining a month later in July. Since then it’s slowly been spreading around the globe. Soon, users in Latin America will be getting their hands on the aluminum Lumia.

You’ll be picking up the Lumia 925 first if you find yourself in Mexico, Colombia or Peru. The device is expected to join other countries sometime in September. It also happens that the Nokia Lumia 625 is listed as “coming soon” alongside the Lumia 925 on Nokia Mexico.

We’ll reach out to Nokia and see if we can get firmer dates for all these devices and which specific markets you can see them in.

Source: Nokia Mexico, Via:

Sam Sabri