Report: Nokia Lumia 925 headed to AT&T: $99 on contract, launching mid-September

Windows Phone Central has learned that AT&T is poised to grab the Nokia Lumia 925 and that it will be launching mid-September on the US carrier. The thin and sleek aluminum Lumia will reportedly be the black version and cost $99 on contract.  We have confirmed this information with two trusted sources.

The Nokia Lumia 920, currently sold on AT&T as an exclusive, will continue to be sold along the Lumia 925. However, its price should be dropping to $49 (from $99) on contract around the same time as the 925’s release (possibly even beforehand).

If proven to be accurate, and we have high confidence in this information, then it will be a turning point for AT&T as the carrier will have four Nokia phones, including the Lumia 520, Lumia 920 and the Lumia 1020 (the Lumia 820 has been slowly phased out due to low sales). It also solidifies AT&T’s position as the leading Windows Phone carrier in the US and its confidence in the Windows Phone platform.

The Nokia Lumia 925 features a thin, aluminum body with a polycarbonate back. In addition it has a 4.5-inch AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 2 and a 8.7MP PureView rear camera. Featuring a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, the device is in many ways identical to the Lumia 920 though it lacks Qi wireless charging.

We cannot currently verify the internal storage—whether it will be 16GB or 32GB—though we are leaning on the latter. [Update: We've heard from one source that it's 16GB] For now, readers can take a look at our Lumia 925 review (unlocked).

We expect to have more information on this launch and will bring it to you when we can.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome news!!!
  • How is this awesome? You get a slightly better camera and aluminium body for half the storage and lack a Qi charging for $50 more. I guess there is the lighter thing too.
  • How do you know it's the 16 and not 32?
  • Please, please, please be the 32gb.
  • It's awesome because the 920 will likely be available for a penny now! I might pull the trigger on that deal once I know for a fact it will get GDR2. Maybe the wireless charging plates will be super cheap also!
  • The 920 is already having the GDR2 update roll out to it. It's a slow process, but it's happening.
  • This. 
  • Good news for ATT!
  • Great news!!!
  • Daaaaaamn
  • I like that phone. Right up there with the 920.
  • At&t gets everything. Nokia must be having a great affair with them. I bet they'll even get a 32 GB version. As long T-mobile got something I'm happy.
  • We had it first so it doesn't matter I don't care how much space att gets cause chances are when gdr3 comes out att still will have the longest wait
  • True. This could be another reason the 920 hasn't gotten gdr2. They want to sell more of these (when available) along with the 1020's.
  • By a week. Oh no, the tradgedy.
  • The reason why ATT gets all Nokia high ends is because of their continued support for Nokia and WP. If TMob did even half the effort, I'm sure they would get more devices.
  • Can't argue with that. Name one 925 *visible* promo that TMo has done where the 925 alone is the featured product.
  • Hell, name one where they even have the 925 in it at all...
  • Exactly. Every T-Mobile commercial I see very heavily pushes the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4, and the fact the iPhone can now be found on T-Mobile. We know that, with AT&T, the 925 will get the commercial treatment it deserves. Hmm, September you say? That will be just after the Lumia 1020's "flagship" status expires for AT&T's marketing. This means once AT&T pulls 1020 commercials, they will instantly start pushing the Lumia 925. That's awesome, it means there won't be a lapse in representation of Windows Phone. The one problem with this: The iPhone 5S. That's likely going to steal a great chunk of spotlight, but something is far better than nothing.
  • ^True. I haven't seen a single advert of the 925 from T-mobile. Maybe at&t will do something with it.
  • If it adds any value, my 920 is plugging right along on T-Mobile. I have LTE and everything. It's $20 cheaper even without my 26% discount (my company gives me 26% off AT&T services). See ya AT&T, as long as I can unlock and bring my toys to T-Mo I'm happy.
  • Did the same thing.  Taking advantage of T-Mo's 5 line family plan for $110.  Collectively, we had all been paying $300+ on AT&T, although that was for two family plans of 2 and 3 respectively.  But after doing the math, even converging them into one family plan on AT&T would not have saved us any money.
  • Wow, we did the same, two family plans of 3, 2 to one of 5 lines. Cost us 160 with 2.5 GB data each.
  • Does the ATT 920 get supported by TMobile bands without an issue?
  • Yes. I have switched my L920 and picked up Tmo LTE just fine.
  • And in red probably lol
  • I hope the news about black version is real!
  • Agree. This will probably be my next phone... if I can buy the black one. The other two are nice, but I prefer a black phone.
  • I love my cyan 920 though! Especially with the matching Nokia headphones, I don't really wanna deviate.
  • The 925 really isn't worth deviating for.... I'm waiting for the actual successor to the 920... And for reference, I don't classify the 1020 to be that - it isn't a successor if features get removed
  • What was removed? Qi wireless charging is the only thing that I can think of as a 1020 owner that had a 920. Amazingly, even with the charging shell for the 1020, it is still thinner and lighter than the 920. Honestly though, I do not see Nokia making another phone with Qi charging built in. It adds cost, thickness, and weight for something that many people do not use and that others are willing to buy a case/shell to achieve, which adds profit to Nokia. Beyond the monetary reasons, I think that Nokia is appropriately afraid that Qi is not going to win the wireless charging standards race in the long run, so they do not want to invest in something that is going to make them look bad if Qi does lose (a bunch of devices with a locally useful, but widely useless feature that adds costs to everyone). Going the route of the shell, they can simply sell you a different shell for the other standard if Qi fails. For what it's worth, it appears that both Starbucks _and_ GM are going to use the non-Qi wireless standard. Starbucks will be putting charging plates in their shops, and GM, which invested something like $5 million into the other standard's company, will be putting them into their vehicles. At the end of the day, it really matters what Apple chooses when they manage to convince the world that they have invented wireless charging. In order to avoid adding thickness, I could see them waiting for their now-traditional phone redesign phase, which means that is coming in 2014 rather than with the iPhone 5S this year, if they even decide to jump onto the bandwagon then. Plus I expect that wireless charging may have been too new when they likely started testing the iPhone 5S (to Nokia's credit, they tend to have a very fast turnaround from design to engineering to production, but they're not on the production scale of Apple). Certainly wireless charging must be of interest to Apple now that they are paying a good deal of money swapping out foreign knock-off chargers that electrocute people. Removing that fear by making a simple pad or pillow seems like a no-brainer and money saver in the long run now that they have coughed up money toward it.
  • Red 920 here on T-mo! I can honestly say I have never once had to search for my phone.
  • Why does this happen? Seriously, why does ATT get black and 32 GB? Just WTF. I'll abandon Windows Phone before I go to ATT.
  • Why not talk to your carrier about them carrying a wider selection of Windows Phones?
  • You swear they'll care
  • So it's better to be silent?
  • I do that already.
  • Because AT&T is the only carrier in US that is willing to go all out with WP.
  • I'd bet more that it's 16GB.
  • This is simply not the truth.  If you pay attention, Verizon has been pushing WP as much if not more than ATT.  Currently, Verizon lists four WP devices, to ATT's three.  It could be successfully argued that despite being hobbled by opposing exclusivity contracts, Verizon is the bigger pusher of WP.
  • Out of the four how many are Nokia? There is your answer. Hopfully next year it'll change.
  • How is that relevant? They have three OEMs to ATT's two. How's that? Better?
  • BTW, VZW has the same number of Nokias that ATT currently carries. Renders the question more moot.
  • Verizon only has two, AT&T had three, but still who supported Nokia and the platform longer. It is perfectly relevant. Why would Nokia give Verizon more high end phones than AT&T if the latter supported them longer?
  • Verizon currently carries WP from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung. Att only carries he latter two. Maybe you should look at the websites instead of running off at the mouth that which you are ignorant of.
  • No need to get hostile just because your argument is proven false I'm not going to steep down to your level and have some pointless argument with you. You just want something to feel proud of so you come on here and attack people just because they simply add to your post to help clarify. Have a nice day
  • Proven false how? You do realize that 3>2 and 4>3, right?
  • You do realize this is about Nokia and not the other OEMs, right?
  • When did you change it to be about Nokia? Look at the first comment I replied to before you started disputing the facts that I provided. It says, "AT&T is the only carrier in IS that is willing to go all out with WP." It says nothing about Nokia.
  • the former two*
  • Yeah.... Whoops!
  • IDK that what AT&T does with WP could be considered "all out."
  • Honestly at&t has gotten way better. Even customer service wise. I use to praise Verizon for their service but at&t is just as good.
  • I agree with evolution heavy... At&t is just fine now.
  • I would disagree.  I'm a newish verizon customer because I decided to finally leave AT&T after many years.  AT&T never trained their store employees correctly, and I had too many problems with customer service over the phone.  I was a cingular customer and loved it, but when AT&T bought them out, I was not as happy.  It didn't really get worse, but it didn't get better either...
  • J.D. Power would probably disagree with you since they recently ranked at&t "highest customer service wireless provider" but ehh... We'll take your word for it! Lol
  • Gophone baby!!!!
  • I don't know who you are on currently. If you are on T-Mo, then you can bring AT&T phones over to that network. Yes there is the unlocking process, but I was able to do it for my wife and I's 920's.
  • Lumia madness! Anything other than Lumia or is that done? Like Galaxy? Also any other manufacturer going to make a WP, with gusto and heart? Maybe BB?
  • "it also solidifies AT&T's position as the leading Windows Phone carrier in the US..."
    Yeah, because they keep striking deals with Nokia to get exclusives. I know it's good for our platform and all, but it's annoying to everyone who isn't on AT&T. So of course they're going to be the leading WP carrier in the US.
  • Wasn't the 925 on T-mobile first? Verizon has an exclusive on the 928 I believe and doesn't Sprint have an exclusive Samsung and HTC phone?
  • Yeah but they got the 920 a year before we got the 925, and they get the 1020
  • And what did Tmo do when they got the 925, any promotions or ads? There's your answer why att gets all the WP phones, they get the phones and promote them. Blame Tmo, another android/iphone carrier now.
  • T-Mobile has been pushing the Lumia 925 hard in my area, Radio Ads, In-Store Promotion. Heck, first time I've ever seen a windows phone station in the center of the building. Was gonna get a 521, but the salesman got me hooked with the $0 down on the 925. I've honestly seen way much more from nokia themselves than At&t adverts.
  • Every online commercial is either a Windows RT commercial, a 1020 commercial, or tmo (day 171 out of 730) upgrade when you want not when your told commercial...
  •  He is correct, my  wife was going to upgrade her HTC mytouch with an iPhone 5 at the T-mobile store and the salesman directed her to the center stand of Nokia Lumia's 925 &521 and said 0$ down. He also said 925 is the better phone than the iPhone, for less money. I was surprised but happy because i have a lumia 710 and would have traded up instead if she hadn't. Now we are a two lumia family !
  • Keeping an eye on a number of 925 reviews and overall user satisfaction (star count) vs the new Sony phone, I see that 925 competes nicely. And all of that despite, like you said, Sony's phone being heavily promoted on the website and 925 not at all. I hope T-Mo will learn that it makes sense to invest more into WP platform, especially since fall is approaching fast. I want to see them jump on new GDR3 devices (Nokia preferred) quickly. Wether I'll go back to them or stay with at&t will be largely dependent on what/how they do.
  • You can blame your carrier for that. Go to a TMob store and ATT store, and look which store supports the hardware and the platform better.
  • How about amber for 920, got tired of waiting, and flushed it.
  • Oh no don't flush your phone! It's still good you didn't need to flush it down the toilet, your update will come! (couldn't resist sorry)
  • Down the toilet? :)
  • Ugh, where is the Verizon love?!
  • In the crapper. That's what they get for being CDMA other than their LTE network. GSM is so much easier to use across networks and not get bogged down by exclusive models for Verizon only.
  • You do know that CDMA is fairly large all over the world too right? One of China's largest networks is CDMA. So are a couple of Japan networks.  I'd argue it's more of an issue with Nokia not having the supply chain to develop CDMA phones since for the majority of their history they were GSM only. 
  • I believe GSM powers around 90% of the global cellular networks, whereas CDMA makes up the 10%, so from a manufacturing stand point it would make more sense to focus more on GSM, since that is where the market is.
  • I imagine when gdr3 comes Verizon will get some pretty cool new WP's
  • Does it mean that 1020 is going to T-mobile too? In my dreams! Hehe
  • Nah, we'll be getting the 1025, complete with another Zeiss lens.
  • That would be nice!
  • I hope that they also get a new quad core 1080p flagship before the year ends. This, apart from the design and camera improvements, is largely the same phone as last September's 920.
  • Fantastic! I want to get this phone for the Spousal Unit, as she has complained the 920 is too heavy. Ha.
  • I'm getting it for my girl too
  • with 4G LTE?
  • All main AT&T phones come with LTE, so yeah.
  • Glad that 925 will be on another big carrier. Starting to feel sick to my stomach that VZW rarely is in the mix.
  • This is a BAD news.  It means the 93x won't come out until the end of this year or early next year.
  • Makes sense to me... launch a next-gen device with 8.1 next-gen OS. How is that bad?
  • They need a high end phone of this year's spec to attract high end users, to compete with S4, HTC One and 5S. A 6 inch phablet won't serve it, a cheaper 925 won't serve it, and even 1020 won't serve it.
  • Why? Lumia 925 has been available across Europe for months, where the actual sales come for Nokia. There will be 1080p and quad core device this year, for sure. 
  • Its thinner than the 920...makes me want it now
  • Well the 1020 needs to come on over to T-Mobile at the same time. Preferably in a 64GB version.
  • To everyone mad at AT&T and their exclusives just remember the 920 still doesn't have GDR2 + Amber and also we didn't get Halo till a month after Verizon!!
  • Bingo!
  • Since I'm on AT&T, I like having all these options, but I do wish Verizon would push these as well.
    I also can't justify how AT&T takes so f-ing long to push updates. They claim "quality" and higher standards of checking, and yet it was AT&T that had the biggest issues with the 1308 update and LTE, so what good are those delays serving?
  • Perhaps they're actually doing more diligent testing this time 'round, eh?
  • I love your optimism. I have little faith in AT&T since the days when they refused to release the "vanishing keyboard" patch on the original Samsung Focus. I don't doubt that they want to sell 925/1020 with the GDR2/Amber updates preinstalled and will drag out the update for the other devices, if it helps.
  • Well they were a month ahead of the rest of the world with Portico/1308...
    People have such short memories on this site.
  • No, I didn't forget that, and it's my point... we know they are capable, but they are rarely willing.
    Their track record speaks volumes that they are unwilling to move quickly.
  • My memory is long. I remember the "vanishing keyboard" bug that Microsoft issues a patch for. AT&T never, ever, ever released it. 
  • Wish I could get that clock on my 920. Cough cough, at&t
  • Love it great news. So many options to choose from at at&t. Its going to be great for the platform to have options here. Love that at&t is going to pony up cash to make this exclusive. .
  • Sooooo Lumia 920 - exclusive to ATT; 928 exclusive to Verizon; 925 T-Mobile "exclusively" sharing w/ ATT....makes perfect sense.
  • Exactly.
  • And now we know why GDR2 is so slow to roll out.  Why buy the 925 for $99 when you can just upgrade your 920 and save $100 plus an activation fee!  If this is out mid-September, you can almost guarentee that the GDR2 update will be out at the end of September at the earliest!
  • That's just dumb. Two or three minor features aren't going to get someone to buy a new phone.
  • Anyone with a lick of sense would agree with you.  Unfortunatly, AT&T doesn't and they have a proven track record of trying to squeeze every penny out of something new before they support "older" hardware.  But, at least I know what the timeframe for my L920 update will be.  As for the "minor" features, that depends on who you are.  I take a lot of photos and video with my 920 and can't wait for the updated Amber firmware, etc.  Plus, I would love the double-tap to wake instead of hitting the power button all the time, and the glance screen ... and the updated bluetooth .... :-)
  • Could this new Lumia on At&T be the cause, delay or death of the GDR2/ Amber update for us Lumia owners? seems to me At&T wants us to purchase a newer device instead of updating our Lumia 920's or it just might be the thoughts bouncing around in my skull.
  • AT&T has abandoned devices before to sell new ones. My AT&T HTC Surround is still stuck on the disappearing keyboard version of Mango. Someone I know who lives in Canada also bought a Rogers Windows Phone right around the same time I did and he got every single update, even 7.8 earlier this year.
  • YES!!! Someone else bringing this up! AT&T not releasing that patch equates negligence. Microsoft put the fix out QUICKLY, but AT&T (seemingly) wanted to sell the second wave of WP7 devices and ignored it...and it had ZERO to do with their "network". Crooks.
  • Who's to say the 925 won't come with GDR3 in Sept on AT&T and the  920 gets it around that time as well.  We'll have to see.
  • That's just idiotic.
  • I bet you they will have black and 32 gb model, but as far is AT&T they can sit and wait until i get anything from them.International versions for me. I don't need LTE and if i do i go and put Tmo sim
  • They'll probably not come out with GRD2 and Amber for the Lumia 920 and just tell us to buy a device with it pre-installed, hence the 925 and of course the 1020...
  • I'll probably give up my 1020 for this.
  • That seems insane. Why?
  • So can T-mobile get the 1020!? :/ that is a cool-looking phone.
  • Cool I hope at&t get the 32 GB version or sell both... I was going to leave at&t for the 925 not sure what I'll do now
  • Now I'm kinda wishing I held off on getting that 520. For the same price (ingoring the longer-term costs) I can get a waaaay better phone...
  • I can't take this. I so badly want to leave ATT but they seem to be the only ones really committed to Windows Phone. I love to support companies who support the products i want, but I'm at a loss here because I can't stand the price gouging from att. I'm at such a loss right now...
  • Anyone who really pays attention knows that Verizon is supporting WP, as well. In fact, currently Verizon carries four Windows Phones, while ATT carries three. It could be successfully argued that at this point, even though gimped by exclusivity contracts, Verizon is a bigger pusher of WP.
  • Hopefully they'll bring a 32 or 64GB model, that would be an instant seller for me!
  • In exchange for that, the 1020 must come to Verizon!
  • So AT&T will have the 920, 925 &1020? So when do we scream conspiracy⁉
  • Right now! Smh makes me feel like crap being a Tmo customer
  • You'd feel worse if you paid another $50+/mo for the same service you have now.
  • This means the 920 will never get GDR2+Amber, doesn't it?
  • Nope.  I odn't know why everyone is so panicked... it will get here.  I am expecting within the next week or two.  Not sure why it's such a huge deal that it's a few weeks later than other devices.  I want it too, but it's not something to riot over.
  • Thank you for being a voice of reason.
    A week late for a few minor features really isn't a big deal, and is understandable given ATT's experience with GDR1.
  • Agreed... GDR1 killed my signal after install until they got the patch out.
  • WTF!! Whatever happened to EXCLUSIVELY for T-Mobile customers?! AT&T will now have ALL Lumia devices besides the L928. If that's the case T-Mobile should get the L1020! Even Swap
  • I'm sure if Tmo wanted it they would get it.
  • I thought we hated exclusivity. This is great news to me, a T-Mobile user. This means that people on AT&T's network who can't afford the 1020 or who do not want the 920 had another premium option. I also believe that the 925 will also be going to Verizon. It is selling very well on T-Mobile.
  • I see your point. Well put.
  • What makes you think it is selling well? The user reviews are very good, but I haven't heard about unit sales.
  • Why? Obviously is was a temporary exclusivity for tmo & I'm sure at&t paid more for their exclusivity deal for a longer period of time. You'll get the 1025 like everyone else 20mp camera.
  • Whoa-- if I weren't already getting a 1020 in the next few days, this would be pretty exciting news!  I am glad that other folks on ATT can get the 925 in all its aluminium goodness.  Back when it was first announced and the 1020 was still no more than a rumour called "Eos", I remember being rather sad that I couldn't get a 925 on my carrier...hopefully, folks who are still in that position will be happy!  
  • At&t always get the best phones(any OS) either first or better speced than anyone except Verizon and its Motos.
    Past and present track record
    3 WP7's at launch(most)
    Nokia high ends(first)
    HTC one with 64GB(only)
    Nokia L1020(first and only)
    HTC One mini(only)
    I may have missed a few
  • OG Note first, HTC First, first and only
  • THIS is why I am on AT&T.  They get nearly all Lumias, and when they get them they get the international version.  I have yet to see a carrier variant (810, 822, 928, etc) that I thought was a positive change.  Veriszon and T-Mobile should just let Nokia handle the design of the phones.
    That said, I have zero interest in this particular phone... dying for a 1020 though.  Much prefer polycarbonate, and if I'm going to have a camera bump it should come with a large increase in camera specs and performance.
  • lacks wireless charging and FM radio.... I'll keep my 920, thanks anyways!
    (little bit of sarcasism with that.  More phones and more choices the better it will be for wp8).  Hopefully they get GDR2 & Amber for the 920 out SOON though!!
  • The 925 has the FM radio enabled. Or does the rumor include AT&T having it disabled just for them?
  • sorry, getting the 928 confused with it!
  • Hope it's 32GB.
  • Ok I'll say it. Where GDR2?
  • I'm patiently waiting Ambers arrival 
  • Black aluminum? I'd rather have the actual silver aluminum finish.
  • Nah, you're misunderstanding. Black is just for the polycarb back. There are three colors: grey, white and black.
  • Bummer-would like brushed aluminum look for a change..
    But are you saying grey is polycarbonate too?
  • Only the back is the poly, the front and sides are aluminum.
  • Really? I could've sworn  that the black edition has an anodized/painted aluminum frame. The black one certainly looks darker than the other two in product videos and photos.
  • I think you're wrong on this one:
  • No thank you..
    Bandit and lumia 850 will be my next phones
  • This is why I love ATT
  • The info can only be true since Delta Airlines has bought a mix of 19,000+ Lumia 820 and Lumia9xx  from ATT for their flight attendants. Why can't the 9xx be Lumia 920? Because Telefonica (300million subscribers) has also chose Lumia 925 over Lumia 920.... meaning that business customers tend to go for 925.
  • It's great news but now it makes me question getting the T-Mobile version. Love how the At&t phone is black and maybe 32gb!
  • If you put it in a case or go wireless charging cover route, the back of the phone will be hidden from view anyway.
  • Just look for it shoved in the corner with the other 2 non-working Windows Phones.
  • I'm getting real sick of your shit, T-Mobile.
  • Well that seems to confirm more that the new phone that will be released end of this year will be that big screen phone which I am not sure about. I don't like giant screens like that, I was hoping for the 925 size/weight but with a 20 mp camera. I may be just sticking with the 920 until next year.
  • If it's 16GB, then it's no deal for me.
  • if AT&T is getting this phone now which is replacing the L920 and they have the L1020 are they getting any phones in November? how many flagships phone will AT&T carry?
  • Amazing!
  • I hope it sells well, more 925s in the world could lead to more accessories
  • Yes! 925 I am in you :)
  • HELL YES!!!
  • I'm very familiar with the 900 and 920, but if I have a 920, this phone wouldn't make much sense to me correct?
    I don't see much of a difference there.
  • It definitely appeals to those that don't want as much bulk or weight that the 920 has. Like myself, I prefer a lighter, thinner phone and I don't really care for wireless charging. ;)
  • I see what you mean. I love my 920 and was hoping the 1020 was going to be more than just the 920 with camera improvements. I'll wait till next year to see what Nokia thinks up next.
  • Yes! I wanted a lighter and thinner Windows Phone for AT&T, but I wasn't a huge fan of the 1020... Hmmm.. :D
  • So why would this cost more than the 920 if it doesn't have wireless charging and only 16gb of storage.
  • Because it's newer. It's a related, though different device. They didn't drop the internal storage, remove the wireless charging plate and call it the Lumia 915. They made it thinner, lighter, sleeker; improved the camera and the screen; updated the OS and firmware and called it the 925. Sorry, it's just not a lower-end 920- which is the only way it would launch at a lower price.
  • Wonder if this is why my local AT&T has stopped displaying the 920.
  • Must be nice!  This is the phone I almost held out for back in June but got the 920 for free instead.  Love it though so no regrets.  
    Great news for AT&T and WP :) 
  • Hope we get the Amber GDR 2 update before the 925 releases, lol. Anyways glad I got my 920 before its replaced. That extra lens and thinner profile aren't as important to me as built-in wireless changing. Still good to see Att keeping their lineup fresh, wish my stores would display other colors instead of just black.
  • I dont know that I could ever give up my wireless charging now that I have it! Its just makes so much sense, and makes things just a little easier. I know plugging in a phone to a jack seems minor, but when you don't have to do it anymore, you can't imagine having to do it again.
  • I completely agree. I'm really hoping the GDR3 devices have it.
  • EWW... I mean, this is good news for AT&T customers, but why does AT&T have to get everything?? I loved that the 925 was a T-Mobile exclusive. Just... EWW...
  • Keep in mind before anyone thinks AT&T is a good partner for Microsoft or Nokia, they STILL have not released the Amber software update and refuse to give any information as to why not or when we will be seeing it. Some partner I say.
  • Whatever expands the WP8 user base is fine by me.
  • Useless withought data sense!!!!
  • Seems rather pointless to release this phone on at&t, especially if they plan to continue to sell the 920 right along side it. I could maybe see it if they phase out the 920, but otherwise....
  • Wow this is a big deal! Good job Nokia!
  • Just don't see how this is an upgrade from the 920.
  • Upgrade is not the point, it is different and offers another option.
    There are lots of folks, like me, out there still rocking a WP7.5/7.8 device just waiting for "their" perfect phone. for me the 925 comes closest. Coincidently I had written this off for AT&T and was just about to get the 520 for $99 to tide me over. This is great news for me, now I just have to hang on for another month ):
  • L710 WP7.5 +1
  • I almost certain AT&T will choice the 32GB version!  T-Mobile made the wrong decision and choose the 16GB.  I even bet they have it in more colors too! 
  • Wouldn't go back to AT&T pricing model.  May sound like a good deal up front but then they have that embeded $20 a month for a subsidised phone.  And each smartphone must have a dataplan starting at $20 a month for 300 mb (yes mb) $30 if you want 3 GB.  So lets say now you are paying gravy to AT&T of $50 a month just for the prvilege of having a smartphone on their network.  Oh yes you need text and voice...They will give you the $39 plan for voice minutes (actually its $19 if you subtract the subsiity).  Don't forget you text plan at another $20 a month.
    So using the gravy calcluations that AT&T loves:
    $20 phone subsity
    $20 text messaging
    $20 data (300mb)
    $60x24= you just gave AT&T $720 for a $450 dollar phone.
    Add the $19 x 24 for voice: $460
    Taxes and Fees $15/month x 24: $360
    Total cost of owership: $1,540
    And that is just for the bare usage of the phone...sorry I will stay with T-Mobile. 
  • Interesting math. to each his own, gotta love choices!
  • What about network coverage? Do you agree that AT&T coverage is more comprehensive than T-Mobile?