Nokia Lumia 925 joining 4G lineup on Vodafone New Zealand

It’s hard to find a single person who isn’t super stoked when they finally get 4G on their network. Vodafone New Zealand started rolling out their 4G network this past February. It started in Auckland and Christchurch, but has slowly been expanding. It’s now launching in Palmerston North. As part of that launch, customers on Vodafone NZ can soon pick up a new Nokia Lumia 925 to enjoy that high-speed connectivity.

Right now if you have a Lumia 820 on Vodafone NZ you can enjoy the 4G network as it lights up in select markets on both the North and South Islands. But coming soon, is the Lumia 925.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the most unique and elegant offerings from Stephen Elop and co. Its aluminum unibody construction makes the device stand out amongst most smartphones, including its polycarbonate siblings like the Lumia 920 and 1020. We don’t have a firm date for when you can pick it up on Vodafone NZ, but we’ll let you folks know when we learn more. Looks like Vodafone is shaping up to be the carrier to get Windows Phone love in New Zealand. Just last week we learned that Telecom New Zealand designated the Lumia 920 as end-of-life (EOL) and won’t be getting the Lumia 925 after it “failed network testing”.

Anybody down there grabbing one? Check our review if you’re on the fence.

Source: Vodafone NZ Thanks for the tip Glass!

P.S. Curious about that case for the Lumia 925 above? Yes you are

Sam Sabri
  • I just got my own 925 and it's so nice in person. I'm amazed at how thin it is.
  • Loving mine too! Really elegant device. 
  • Its pathetic how all of these Android clones insists that Nokia make Android devices because they would be all around better than with WP... It makes me laugh, and pisses me off at the same time...
  • ^This. Exactly how I feel.
  • They don't understand that if Nokia did make Android devices then there wouldn't be anything special about them because theirs nothing special about Android... Nokia WP devices are made to compliment the OS.. What would Nokia compliment with Android❔
  • Especially in the business sense as Samsung has dominated Android and Nokia knew they would be no match. Hence they saw Windows Phone as an opportunity and went with it. It's fair to say that Nokia is the de facto leader of Windows Phone.
  • No. At the time the WP decision was made, Samsung's position was weaker than today and Nokia's was significantly stronger than today. With Nokia's brand, they could easily have made very quick inroads in the Android market in Europe, Asia. That is exactly what the hundreds of millions of Nokia Symbian owners were waiting for. Now those ex-Nokians use Samsungs.
  • 1+
  • Nokia have done an outstanding job of taking up the WP OS
  • Ironically for 3G at least I've found telecom vastly superior to Vodafone everywhere but Auckland.... They'll have 4G in October, I'm told...
  • I found Vodafone signal are inconsistent changing back forth 3g+ to just g.. Really stuff up the push notifications.. Gone to telecom problem solved
  • It's surprising how reliable and dependable Telecom's network is compared to Vodafone.
    But NZ being NZ, I'm not surprised that during that Wellington CBD evacuation yesterday, I kept getting dropped calls and app notifications over 3G took ages to send and recieve.
  • Well when the earthquake happened I'm guessing everyone was either logging on to news site and trying to contact whoever is in welling, the service when dead for both telecom and voda in palmy for a short time
  • Look its neither networks fault that calls were dropped per se. I was living in chch for all the main eqs there and the same thing happened, its just everyone overloading the systems, they're not built to withstand such sudden capacity and therefore crash. :) But you would kinda hope telecom wouldn't.. They are the 111 provider :/ hahaha
  • Telecom is very slow in west auckland.
  • lol i got a lumia 920 and mine gets network amazingly
  • What are the chances it'll be the 32GB model, and that it'll cost the same as the 925 I just bought through a parallel importer... I guess I can't complain, still a huuuuge improvement over my old Mozart :D
  • Good question.
  • Fantastic, anyone want to hazard a guess on pricing? $899 outright with $300 off on one of the beefier contracts?
  • Pity Vodafone is a terrible carrier. 2degrees needs 4G ASAP...
  • Hopefully when Telecom and 2degrees get 4G they will include it with all prepaid and postpaid plans for free! 
  • Umm no they are not.
  • Nice. Should make up for the all blacks losing to the wallabies tonight...i hope
  • That's racist dude
  • Its not a racist comment.
    The "All Blacks" are the name of our (New Zealand) Rugby team, the "Wallabies" is the name of the Australian Rugby team.
  • I can't determine if this is a harmless esoteric comment or racist, since I'm not from NZ
  • Its not a racist comment.
    The "All Blacks" are the name of our (New Zealand) Rugby team, the "Wallabies" is the name of the Australian Rugby team.
  • Thanks for the explanation! +1
  • This is a totally unrelated matter but I just bought and downloaded Halo: Spartan Assault for my 920 on At&t's network at 4:00 am Central Time. OHHHHH YEAHHHH!
  • Saw this around this time too. Want to buy it, but I cannot connect to my hotel WiFi. Its like a bad joke... x(
  • There is not a single ad for Lumia phones here in NZ!
  • Pretty sure 4g available in NZ I. Auckland right now on Vodafone on any x20 device
  • Stoked will never migrate out of America. What a weird word for us Europeans. Excited?
  • Excited loses the passion and enthusiasm the word stoked provides.
  • "It’s hard to find a single person who isn’t super stoked when they finally get 4G on their network."
    I couldn't give a damn about 4G, my 3G (which is the same as was marketed as 4G on some US mobile networks last year) is fast enough already (and unlike 4G is cheap).
  • This is the only aspect of cellular service I'm not envious of the EU for... My carrier charges the same for LTE data as for HSPA.
  • 4G, 150 mbps, can't complain :D, I use my 920 for internet sharing, connect my laptop to it wi-fi, download half a gig in a couple of seconds, feels good.
  • Now if we could only get a 32GB 925 in the US.