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Nokia Lumia 925 takes an Italian twist through Vodafone

Yesterday, Nokia announce the availability of the Nokia Lumia 925 in the United Kingdom and today, the latest Lumia Windows Phone has made an appearance in Italy.

Vodafone Italy has the Lumia 925 in both 16GB and 32GB flavors in white or black finishes. The 16GB Lumia 925 is running €599 outright with the 32GB version running €649 outright. Both phones can be purchased for €15 by subscribing to one of the tariff plans offered by Vodafone.

You can find all the fine print on the 16GB Lumia 925 here and the 32GB Lumia 925 here at Vodafone Italy.

Source: windowsphoneitaly (opens in new tab)

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  • 15 euros to get locked into a contract? That is an insane think the 8x came to the US at 199 lol...
  • or free if you sign up for their more expensive plans, like 49 a month for unlimited min., text and 2gb of data....wth is the US doing...
  • I know, I don't understand what the contracts must be like in the US. I think some of the contracts in the UK are reasonable. I just got the lumia 925 on upgrade for £35 a month with a free phone and wireless charger but three network rang me u yesterday and said I can have the same deal but for £30 a month because I'm a loyal customer.
  • Add that the device is unlocked, in Italy is illegal to lock phones, plus two years warranty. US the land of the carriers racket...
  • Are you sure? Few years ago H3G had only locked phone...
    And are you shure that US is the land of rackets? if so, I would love the racketa! :D In USA the conctacts are more affordable than in Italy. Here, in Italy, operators (expecially Vodafone) likes to steal the consumer :'( And avoid to speak about the normal shop price...
  • Yeah good good
  • i have a good feeling that we will have both variants of 16 and 32 once it lands here in the US.. but the question is how much will they cost.. w/ or w/o contract.
  • We all have dreams, and that one is one of mine. I really hope what you say is true, but all I have seen is 16GB for TMoUS customers.
    Oh, TMo, please get with the program. Charge an extra $50 for 32GB if you want.
  • Yes I agree! We would gladly pay for the extra storage.
  • i won't be surprised either if they jack the price up once it lands here... tsk tsk.. 
  • Not if it really is only 16gb. Just wouldn't make sense. You can't charge more for less...or can you? Doubt it though.
  • Good to see proper flagship phone from Nokia. 920 is far too heavy and plasticy. 925 should have been with 4.7 screen. Body is big enough to accommodate it. Lets hope that it will get good reception. I see lots of adds in UK already. Waiting from next generation of ATIV. Hope we will have good news soon.
  • Waiting for ATIV while saying 920 was plastic , ain't fit.
  • :D exactly
  • Right! That's so dumb.
  • Touché!
  • Hopefully by Friday we'll have a release date for the US?
  • Another of my dreams... Come on, TMo, we're waiting!
  • Why is this being released in third world countries first and US is getting the shaft?
  • Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom are "third world countries", now? You are living proof that money doesn't buy intelligence.
  • Yes? I did not stutter when I typed. Look up unemployment rates, GDP, GNP, etc etc. kthxbye.
  • Keep in mind that you're talking about 3 of the 8 most powerful countries in the world, but hey you're an economist, aren't you? Ridiculous.
  • Lol
    We may have a lot of problems in Italy, but this "third world country" has a free public health system for EVERYONE and we do not sell weapons to kids.
    You should turn on your brain before writing ;)