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Nokia Lumia 929 render leaks, matches earlier photo for Verizon’s next phablet

Evleaks has posted a render today of Verizon’s next big device, the Lumia 929. Following on their Lumia 928 device, not too much is known about the 929 except that it will be 1080P with a 20MP PureView camera.

Verizon Lumia 929 passing thru FCC

The render shows the phone in black although a white version will also be forthcoming. In fact, the white one matches an earlier photo, also seen above. That photo was leaked out of China showing a white Verizon device. A similar device also recently passed through the FCC, hinting that this release is close.

However, that FCC documentation hinted that this phone is smaller than AT&T's Lumia 1520, perhaps more around 5 inches for the display instead of 6. But too little information is known at the moment. 

It’s not clear if the Lumia 929 will be announced alongside the Lumia 1520, destined for AT&T, nor exactly what the differences are, if any, between the two.

Source: Evleaks; Thanks, Douglas A., and others, for the tips

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  • So we're going to get two phablets then?
  • It's not a phablet unless it's over 5.5 inches,, according to RodneyE.J... And at this point my opinion is all that matters..............
  • This is hopefully just a really big screened smartphone, not a phablet.
    Either way, I'm excited as hell! Time to upgrade from my 928 :D
  • The 920, 925, 928, 1020 bodies could easily fit a 5" 16:9 screen.
  • Loses xenon, qi (assuming), and no upgraded cam(ala 1020)?
  • None of those are guaranteed, really. Are you sure that's a dual-LED flash? It appears to be, but the shot's a tad blurry. However, it's still packing a 20-MP camera, which is an upgrade from the 8.7-MP option in the 92x line as of today. We als osee no guarantee that wireless charging will be removed, but an optional cover for a thinner body is on the table, of course.
  • We're sure... It's the exact same element on our 920's.. Zoom in on it.. It's perfectly clear to see..
  • It has wireless charging.
  • Is this THE real EVLeaks❓❓❓
  • same here i love the 928 but nicer camera and update 3 would be pleasent 
  • So Rodney's penis shall never be referred to as phablet like. Got it.
  • Ha ha ha ha!
  • No one listens to you, you lied about building 7.
  • NIST... You're right... My penis is usually referred to as 60in Surface like... Yours❓iPod nano...
  • Lol
  • feel bad for anyone with a shuffle
  • You feel bad for NIST..
  • That's terrible it's only nano. :-P
  • Maybe graphene....
  • Hopefully this won't end in someone getting banned for posting a penis.. >_>
  • ➡ There you go... And that's about how small NIST is....
  • "60in Surface"....hmm so it's non-existent. Got it.
  • Well, maybe not 60" but a 30" does exist.. They aren't called Surface any more...
  • You're the size of a pixel. Got it.
  • Yeah, pixels they use to light up reunion tower here in Dallas❗
  • Right on the money man. And if its 5" then im sold. :)
    6" would be nice but since they are going to release a 5 incher then im in.. haha
  • Yahoo!!!
  • Sweet cant wait for the 1520 i want it XD
  • Me toooo..
    So this lady just, just now, walked up to me asking me for directions, and what did she have in her hand❔❔ A brand new Nokia Lumia 925.. She had a low glare screen protector, and some bad ass teal case on it.. It really did stand out.. As a matter of fact with the case I couldn't tell what it was until I asked and she turned the screen around.. She had glance screen active, so I knew immediately what it was... But, the point is that even with that case on it looked like no other phone, and it had me wondering about it.. That's a good thing... She was from Soa Paulo, at least that's where her plane was headed... DFW Airport Baby❗❗... All I see are Lumias, and the occasionally 8x...
  • Hey, you missed an opportunity to educate, Indoor Maps :), I guess most airports have it mapped. All the malls/internationa airports in my place have it. Location, Location, Location.... ;)
  • Im at the airport as we speak..I'll check that right now.....
    But, the opportunity that I really missed was getting some Latin ➰.. She was hot❗
  • Is this the same size as the 1520?
  • We don't know. We just know it has a 1080P display. So presumably it's at least larger than 4.8", more likely at least 5.
  • I hope so, I think 6" is too big, but 5" sounds good to me. Either way, it's about time to finally update my 710, and hopefully there's something more than a 6" phablet coming around the corner.
  • A 5 inch Lumia on Verizon? Sounds like exactly what i've been waiting for.
  • Is ⬇hat your brother❔
  • If its a 4.8" to 5" and a version comes to ATT, then its mine...MINE!!! MUHAHAHAHAH!!!!
  • Wasn't there supposedly a 5.3" device reported, maybe this is it? Also don't see a USB port on either end... =[
  • Do you recognize anyone in the ME tile?
  • No. But the Xbox avatar looks like Rachel Maddow.
  • Sorry but didn't the fcc show the measurements of it as being the same size as 625... 4.8 maybe 4.9 would be MAX...
  • Can someone please make sense of Nokia's numbering system for me?
  • I'm not sure that Nokia even could, tbh...
  • I thought you said 1080 was for 5" and above. So it couldn't be 4.8"
  • It's under 5"
  • I love these confirmations.
  • Looks like a bigger 720 imo.
  • The problem I had with Nokia before was keeping the numbers to their respective device. With all these different numbers its really hard to remember which is which (making it hard to tell people which phone you have). It would be nice if the numbers corresponded to something. 9xx being their mainstream flagship, the phone everyone can afford and still get the premium experience, the 10xx for devices that specialize in the beat photography. 5xx for the low end. Kinda like how BMW numbers their cars. This is confusing when you have a 9xx looking like the 15xx and will no doubt confuse customers. IPhone has the advantage of just being iPhone that's the advantage the mac series has kept compared to other laptops.
  • Though Lumia 928 and whatever this will be will never be heard anywhere in the globe together with Lumia 920 or Lumia 1020.
    Just like Lumia 928 being totally dead press wise as its not the global version. 
  • Like 1,3,4,5,7,8 series and m power and gt and x,3,5,6 and z,1,3,4,8 yeah..easy setup
  • Who would buy a BMW :P
  • Cocks
  • This is at least 1 inch smaller than the 1520.
  • I hope they launch the 1520 on both AT&T and T-Mobile -_-
  • Yes please
  • +925 please
  • +1520 [fingers crossed]
  • In America??? How long have you been here and still don't see which way the toilet flushes... =[
  • Same way as the rest of the world....down.
  • +1520
  • Yall have toilets❔.. Movin on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky, movin on up you've finally got a piece of the pie❕❕❕❕❕
  • AT&T has enough versions of the best Windows Phones...time for Verizon to have some...
  • I don't think Verizon will ever get 'the best' WP from Nokia unless they stop forcing them to make special models for them.
  • Don't know about this. The clock says 1020, not 9:29
  • lol, that's your evidence stacked up against evleak's track record? It's a render. Lots of people called our 1020 render BS too because the app tiles were the same as the 920--how'd that work out?
  • The clock says 1020.
  • No it says 10:20! Are you blind!??
  • That's what I said!
  • Literally, what I said was "Yeah, sure...sir" =P
  • Nice, looks good. Don't screw this up, Verizon. Give us more than white and black...
  • Like Red... I don't know why they don't do red.
  • Throw in yellow as well.
  • Actually isn't red the official color of Verizon ?! 
  • They're still promising to do a red 928, right..? =P
  • The 822 was available in red for a while.
  • We need every color on every carrier...
  • Wishful thinking.
  • Pretty sad considering WP/Nokia revolutionized color in smartphones.. Why is it that every good thing about WP is always taken by other platforms❓ I'll tell you why.. Its because Microkia doesn't know how to "brag"... I'll say it for the 1520th time,,, WP's biggest problem is marketing, and product placement.. Those two are equally the root cause of our 4-4.5% market share...
  • You mean like Apple has with the 5c. Microsoft may be able to not give in to US carrier exclusives.
  • Yeah, and...wait for it...wait for! They'll be standing in line for it.
  • You have to admit that the gold one looks awesome.... Just sayin..
  • let us hope the Microsoft purchase goes through. I think with that extra cash, we should expect limitless color options for every device.
  • Got a cyan case for my 928, now I feel hipster just like everyone else
  • i really wanted a lumia 1020 variant on verizon, but i'm also dying for more room for more tiles on my start screen, but 6" was gonna be too big.  so if verizon is getting a variant of the 1520, except more around a 5" screen, then that just might be perfect for me.  this will definitely be my next device if this is the case, very excited now!
  • So the third-gen Lumia 9xx series begins! :D
  • Possibly.
  • I wish we'd get a 1020 variant.
  • I'm still calling it tablone. Looks nice. Congrats Verizon customers.
  • and I'm still calling it a smartphone.
  • or a mobile
  • If mobile tablet that would be. Mobtab.. :)
  • I'm going with manphone. They should number it 1337
  • Yes yes yes yes yes I hope its a 5" or a 5.5 I don't think I can handle a 6 " phone in my pocket
  • Actually really like the 920 screen size but I have a feeling that I would also like the 5" as long as it is not too big to fit in my pocket. Granted, I don't wear tight
  • You guys should take care before this convo goes "south" *if you know what I mean...because I don't lol ;p
  • They obviously have another meaning for the word "pocket"...
  • Sure can. The trick is not to fight it and just relax as much as you can. Take a little at at time...5"...5.5"...6". You'll be able to take the whole 10.6" before you know it!
  • You need NIST.. Sounds like you guys were made for each other... Lol❕
  • I hope this goes to at&t as well
  • Oh i want this!
  • I think with Microsoft taking charge of the manufacturing the devices, we should be seeing simultaneous release of new devices across carrier. Usually company does exclusive release to a carrier for advertising purpose. With Microsoft deep pocket, I am don't think Microsoft will need to rely on carriers to advertise the new phone. Same thing with Apple.
  • Exactly, just like the OS updates...oh, wait. =P
  • Like amber that I have on my 521?
  • Plus, Joe B. said, well implied, that this is one of the benefits of the purchase... Let's hope dude is right....
  • 5 inch Lumia on Verizon just as my contract is expiring? Perfect!
  • Does Verizon let you upgrade a little before your 2 years is up? Att did but wanted to know if Verizon did, as this is my first time with them.
  • Verizon depending on the person will let you upgrade about a month or so before 2 years.
  • Ok, well it'll be a while for me then. I got my last 2 phones for Costco and the sales rep there didn't put in my update. So once I got my 900, I was able to get the 920 right away because of it.
  • Verizon will let you upgrade your phone anytime if you add a jetpack to your plan. That's what I did to get the 928 coming from my 8X
  • Are you kidding me? More variants? This Microsoft and Nokia deal needs to hurry up so exclusives can end already.
  • Were getting all these phone leaks and rumors now when can we get announcements for these awesome phone. Also one for T-Mobile.
  • Off subject, but Daniel,, what's going on with the WPC app for W8❓
    Oh, and the 1520 must be mine❗ Damnit❗❗❗❗❗
  • Should be 938... :D
  • Do its a 1520 with a carrier logo but called a 929. Seems pointless. Instead of faffing just make the 1520.
  • Its a completely different phone that the 1520, but I think the 929 model number seems a little stupid - no matter what type it is.
  • If the photo on the right is the L929, and it does, indeed, bring a 20MP camera, 6 lenses etc, then I think we can now see that the humps on the L925 and L1520 are unnecessary. Unless this device is thicker in which case, since I don't seem to see the 3 dots, I'm assuming it brings wireless charging included. So my question is: do these Verizon phones work on European networks?
  • Some Verizon phone are world phones. If I recall the 928 is. Haven't traveled out of the US with my 928 yet so can't say for sure.
  • Hmm interesting. Thanks for the answer! I'll be definitely keeping an eye on this one, then.
  • The 822 is a global phone as well.
    ...but you know these phones run the WP8 OS right?
  • Yes. You know this phones are still NOKIA, right? That the deal isn't done yet, right? So there's your answer.
    Thanks for the 822 info, though.
  • The GSM and HSPA part will work in Europe but the LTE part most probably won't.
  • Hmm I see. Well I don't use LTE anyway. Thanks for the answer ;)
  • This will be cool if they give the 5" device the same specs that are rumored in the 1520.  2GB Ram, Quad-core processor, 1080p, etc...
    Hoping this gets the same treatment as the 1520...!  But by the time I'm eligible for my upgrade next year, it won't matter anyway :)
  • Join the next program from att. seems like no more waiting for updates .just upgrade!!!!
  • This is a Verizon phone.
  • The Verizon branding makes the top bezel look super ugly :/
  • It's supposed to be 6.3"  And I hope AT&T gets it in November like they are predicting.  Will make a nice Christmas present for myself.  LOL
  • The 6.3 is the Sammy mega and that runs android
  • Read here:
  • Read your own link. 6".
  • I apologize, got it confused with Samsung.  Ten lashes with a wet noodle and kneel in the corner on beans.
  • No big deal, with all that is out there I often get them mixed up myself.
    Props to you for admitting a mistake.
  • I really hate Nokia's naming convention.
  • Just give me a 32gb minimum WP8 for T-Mobile.
  • Well, about time I said goodbye to my 928. Hello 929 >:)
  • it got really interesting.. Finally!!!
  • A 5 inch Lumia would be amazing!
  • THIS! I've been waiting for a screen in the 5" area.
  • 929 branding seems unlikely to me. Unless it's more of a 925 variant.
  • 928 is the 925 variant right?
  • The 925 and 928 are variants of the 920.
  • The 928 is a bit of a cross between the 920 and 925. Has the same camera as 920 (925 has an additional lens), but adds xenon flash, has 32 GB of storage and wireless charging, but is a bit slimmer/lighter than the 920 and has the AMOLED screen in common with the 925/1020. And it is also a global phone, but with the additional CDMA radio for Verizon voice and fallback 3G/1X. Hope that helps.
  • Don't forget the aluminum frame of the 925, looks wise that's the biggest difference. From the patent drawings, this 929 (or whatever) looks a lot like my 822 but with less rounded corners - making me wonder if it could possibly be aluminum framed like the 925.
  • I like the body style
  • Since when is the office tile orange?
  • Its been orange since wp8
  • It's currently orange
  • Looks red on my phone.
  • What's with Verizon and blocky cheaper feeling variants?
  • Cheaper feeling? No.
  • When you compare the 920 to the 928 the 928 is noticeably cheaper feeling.  Blocky design, plastic buttons, tinnier speaker quality.  Then you have the lack of colors and the hideous logo on the forehead.  Verizon users got the short end of the stick.
  • My 822 is a brick, doesn't feel cheap and has already held up to some abuse. I don't know about the 928, but the 822 certainly doesn't have 'plastic buttons'.
    I actually prefer black phones, I could have gotten this one in black, white or red.
    Last I looked, every carrier puts their logo on phones, in the US anyway.
  • The buttons looked smaller on the 1520, this probably isn't as big
  • This more tile start screen would be good if there were apps to fill it. I love wp8, but where are the apps?
    If MS wants to stay in the game, they need to show at least something that is better on their platform. For me it is the OS itself, but everything else is either the same or worse than on non WP devices. If there is much more stagnation then the platform will die.
  • *rollseyes*
  • If youre not creative enough to find a way to fill a screen with useful apps or deep linked tiles, then you simply have no imagination
  • Nothing that guy said made sense.
  • Err... Ok I'll bite, what useful apps you fill your start screen with? Personally I am still waiting for a cab hailing app, apps for magazines that I read like the new yorker, VPN, mint, CitiBank.... , the list goes on and on....
  • Well, I have about 50 apps on my start screen. Including 6 folders that probably hold another 50 apps in them. In not about to list them for you, too much work.
    I will tell you, however, that there is a thing called "Store" - it's full of apps, you should check it out.
    There are multiple taxi apps and multiple magazine apps, Mint and VPN have both been announced as coming... what else do you got?
  • This argument is moot. You act as if everything is peachy for WP when it is clearly not. I maintain my point, the store lacks many things that matter to me and people like me. What universe do you live in? Maybe in your world WP does not have to "aspire" to a pathetic 10% market share? MS needs to not just make WP as good as others, it needs to be BETTER to get people to switch. A larger start screen will just highlight the struggle WP has in getting apps on board. BTW, which taxi app works well in NYC? Uber is not available right?
  • T-Mobile, T-Mobile, T-Mobile, T-Mobile.......
  • I need 64gb storage I'm almost out with 32gb and I have no music and 5gb of video
  • What are you filling your phone with?
    Sounds like you need a phone with an SD card.
  • I was planning on getting a 1020 as soon as they were available from Rogers but I'm really getting attached to these renders showing the extra column of tiles. But I don't have the luxury of waiting much longer because I water damaged my 920 and had to go back to my HD7 while waiting for the 1020 to come to Rogers.
  • Ready for a new design. Not unique anymore. 920 still looks the best of them all. The original!
  • Boy, if this is in the 5" range it may just be what I've been waiting for to make me finally put my Titan out to pasture.
  • To many tiles looks cluttered, they need to design it more like surface with background confusing looking on home screen.....
  • Honestly, they might want to consider keeping the tiles, but making it a horizontal scroll to navigate them instead of vertical like it is currently. And then have it where you scroll up to see your applist, and scroll down for whatever additional feature.
  • Look at the Toshiba Encore tablet on YouTube to see an example of what I'm talking about.
  • Just configure it the way you want to.. Use less small tiles, don't use the space to the far left, or right... Do you guys really have WP devices❔... That comment sounds like one on PhoneArena....
  • I have Lumia 925, HTC 8x, surface RT, windows 8 desktop PC....the tiles that cover all 6inch of the screen looks cluttered I believe the market will agree....the surface looks Lumia 4 small tiles or one big tile or two mid size tiles looks like nice design in the phone but......adding an extra row looks to much...keeping a row empty will look off center....bad start screen design on that....looking for you app will be like looking at a puzzle....
  • So center it and leave an open row on each side. Boom.
  • So it looks too cluttered and your suggestion is to allow background images? Seems that would make it that much more cluttered.
  • Like they would be able to see the background anyways.. Don't these guys understand anything about WP yet❓ WP is past corny background images because it puts images, and much more, in the FOREGROUND❗❗❗...
  • Image meaning color back of your choice...not photograph.....this looks like a puzzle.....look at it again....on phone with two rows looks cleaner and better
  • I agree that more background colors will be nice. I'm partial to black myself though, all I want is a black theme color for tiles.
  • That would be nice..
  • Image meaning plain color not a photograph.....and yes it looks like a big puzzle....this won't sit well with new comers or people who enjoy simple design
  • Sounds to me that a phone this large just isn't for you, not for me either. However some do like it, I believe the market shows that.
  • We will theory is as follows....a company trying to please everyone with size and design is not a good strategy...for example apple make small changes to iPhone and people are waiting in line for the making big changes to please everyone and people get confuse and do not want to be part of need to just perfect one to two phones tops...once that happens people will line up....they are two busy making different device not good strategy
  • I disagree.
    Look at the 520, its specifically designed to appeal as an inexpensive phone and it's selling great. Particularly in emerging markets.
    The 1020 was designed as an outrageous camera phone, it too is a specialized phone and it's selling good.
    Apple could shit in a box and people would line up for it. Unfortunately, your iPhone example isn't the best because even they have decided to make different designs. While it didn't change much, there are people disappointed that they didn't increase the size... because some people like big phones, appears to me it's mainly the youth.
    Another thing is while iPhone has a strong fan base in the US, they don't internationally - much of that is due to a lack of selection and price. iPhone market shares have been slowly dropping for the past year, even in the US.
    It's silly to suggest they make a one size fits all phone. People who get easily confused by selection will just buy an iPhone anyway.
    Plus, this will only be the 3rd Nokia WP for Verizon. Not exactly a mind spinning amount.
  • Ok josh....u know I said two phones tops and one was for 520...and 1020...which both need to be prefect for current time...for example memory...many windows software experience etc.... Now regarding apple that was funny how u mentioned that apple could shit in a box hahaha I agree..... I would never doubt how apple goes to market everyone can learn from them....for example microsoft buying iPhones or ipads from consumers is a very bad press for windows for example not far as big will make eventually a big screen and believe it women like iphone's size!!! But the bigger more important point that I was making is that apple for years have been focusing on one device and building small changes to that device once to twice per year....and it works not running around like a chicken without a head working on 7 devices or whatever they have now.....focus on reducing the hockey puck design of the 1020...make 64 gig available,...get voice command navigation to enter address....there are many issues.....get 520 a flash....more apps are confusing....iTunes are simple....
  • Speaking of confusing, I can't make much sense out of that comment.
  • Try this it saved my life. (P.S., no, it's not a link to a religious site, hihihihihi) No, honestly, I've been looking for a way to sort and group my tiles and this app is perfect, a random dude pointed me to it. It allows you to create an app which has a text or an icon on it (fully customizable) and it matches the background colour. Here's how it looks. Until Microsoft comes up with a native solution, this app (and similar ones, I've seen there are a few in the Store) will help reduce clutter on larger screens. :)
  • A revelation just came upon me... Notifications in WP8 don't always work like they are supposed to.....
  • Cool story bro
  • It's supposed to be sarcasm....
  • This looks to me like a device with a smaller display than the leaked 1520. If the naming is right, the device will probably have a 4.7-5" display (everyone is making bigger screened phones), but it definitely doesn't look like a 6" display with the capacitive buttons that close together.
  • Yeah, that's what the article is trying to get across...
  • Haha sorry, got ahead of myself. Formulated an answer without reading the entire post. :P
  • You must slow down, young grasshopper... Now,,, AGAIN❗
  • All I know is I am currently glad to be a Nokia shareholder, and the future for device and services looks amazing! They are systematically attacking and re-attacking all major price points and markets.
  • Just what ive been waiting for... Now to get it without that stupid Verizon tag.
  • It's a Verizon exclusive.
  • Verizon needs more Windows phones, glad to see it coming.
  • These variants make it look like they rehash designs like Samsung. I have respect for Nokia I hope this stops soon.
  • This phone has room for 66 small tiles (11 x 6) versus 28 small for my 920 (7 x 4). Definitely a big phone.
  • That's truly incredible!
  • Yes it is, I am not sure how much is due to the 1080p resolution, still very big.
  • @insidean 55. Zero. Resolution is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that the device is configured to display an extra column. With the same configuration, we'd get exactly the same amount of tiles on the htc 8x, although the text on the live tiles would be so small that it would be hard to read.
    The only two things that matter are the start screen configuration (set in firmware) and the display size.
  • Unless... the tiles are actually smaller, which 1080p would make possible.
  • I really hope it's not a 6in screen. I want a lumia on VZ that doesn't look as boxy as the 822 or 928, but also not a huge phone with a 6in screen. Give me a lumia 720 body with a 4.5 in screen and 920 specs pleaseeee
  • Brand "NOKIA" never die...
  • This is a large 928, seems Verizon is making all the higher end WP's look the same. Look at the 928 FCC drawings and compare them to this. Looks almost identical, just bigger.
  • GAgreed. It looks exactly like the shell of my 928 without the silver Carl Zeiss pure view plate on the back. I love the look of the phone though so one that's a little bigger and has stronger specs still makes me want one. Not that it needs the specs. Lol.
  • It's not a 920 variant, so why call it 929? I don't get Nokia sometimes.
  • Seems Nokia is forgetting their responsibilities, supporting their low end phones. Still waiting for audio, glance and amber for my 521.
  • Your 521 doesn't have the hardware for Glance.
  • Please make this 5.5inchs Verizon.
    Whats going on here, why all of a sudden so much choice again. And why these strange quick changes within the 92x line of lumia phones? The market choice for lumias is getting too diverse, the very small incremental changes in quick succession is in my opinion sending a message that a quality brand is being reduced to a consumptive one day fly. Quality is getting it right the first time. 920 with 8 mpix camera, 925 with aluminium body and then all of a sudden a 929 with 20 mpix camera and 1080p screen, I mean come on! A little more respect to nokia and their quality branding. If a 928 will be released with a 20 mpix camera, then there should also already be a 528 and 628 with 8 mpix camera, otherwise I do not understand the logic of what is going on here. (Sigh).
  • So choice is bad, hmm?
  • Choice isn't bad, but the way the choice of options is implemented, I'm having a hard time accepting the way it's implemented. If verizon manages a 92x phone with 1080 p screen, then why is the rest of the 92x pipeline not changed to accomodate it. I understand that verizon would want some changes implemented e.g. their LTE hardware and services, built into the phone. But the 1080p screen, to me, is such a basic element on the phone that I do not understand this part of the exclusivity. Why aren't all screens with 1080p exclusive to Verizon and how does nokia manage to cater this exclusivity in their production model. Sounds like a hell of job, and lets not forget the necassary changes in processing power to accomodate this screen, that has to be factored in. Frankly this whol 92x is looking a bit cluttered, with bits and bobs changed, less well thought out (ah lets put in a 1080p screen in now, but wait there are already 1080p screens out there by the competitoin, why not implement it on the 920 from the start, say 920a and 920b for a standard and 1080 p screen with corresponding pricetag). I think it's sloppy, and its getting ever confusing to keep up with the model names and features. I consider myself a novice geek, but if I have a hard time already, what will the general public think. The roadmap is sloppy, its needs some ironing out. Oh, well, I guess i can't blame myself for trying to get a point across.Probably no one cares already because I typed too much text. (sigh).
  • True, you don't understand.
    This is Verizon exclusive, as are all Nokia phones on Verizon, currently there are only 2 Nokia's available on Verizon. This will be the 3rd, not exactly a flood of choices.
  • +1
  • I'm glad there'll be more options for Verizon customers. Still hoping that Verizon gets Lumia 1020 though. Ohhh... One can dream.
  • pretty thick huh?
  • When and if this becomes available in the philippines and is awesome as it seems to be (5+ in screen, quad-core snapdragon 600 or 800) i would definitely be one of the first in line to buy this.
    Assuming this comes out before Christmas so i can ask my parents to get this for me for Christmas. XDD
  • If it's 5 inches I'll buy it!
  • I whant a 920 with better camera like 20 mpx , 5'' display amoled 1080p with the same dimensions and more battery, snapdragon 800.
    PLEASEEEEE  Lumia 920 full HD
  • See I knew the 1020 SS we got last time was just an illusion. This one looks much cleaner, and not as cluttered as the other one did. I guess it's just the tile arrangements. With that said, I'm not fond of the look of the back of this one.
  • This shall be next phone!! I hope it gets released in other countries as well.
  • No more windows phone for me, I am sick of this shit platform, 1 year suffering useless notifications, lack of apps and other general nuisances.. Just ordered an S4.. Maybe I will get another in a few years when this infant learns to walk
  • "shit platform"? I would say that's Android your're talking about, with all it malware and scoogle. Windows phone is solid and smooth. What apps are you missing? Windows phone has more apps than anyone can possibly install on one device. My notifications work perfectly. They show up right on my lockscreen, homescreen, and when I'm in an app, they appear as a toast pop up that I only have to touch. With a long press of the arrow, I go right back where I left off.Good riddance, windows phone enthusiasts will still be right here posting on sites like this one.
  • Easy bitch... But hey, this platform sucks arse! You are blind and stupid if you think this shit arse platform performs well. Take a gander at the forums here on wpcentral and tell me I am wrong, its all problems, crap notification, useless push servers, whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, web browsers, apps.. Meh, I am done with this shite, MS owes me over a year of my flipping life back!
  • who cares?
  • You
  • Bye Bye
  • Don't feed the trolls. He's probably never even seen a WP8.
  • Probably one of those Samsung paid trolls. Samsung got caught with paying people to troll, caught with cheating in benchmarks, and I've heard they are corrupted in Korea.
  • Is that a 3x LED flash? edit: nevermind, upon zooming it looks like dual.
  • You all must have super long thumbs. I can barely reach the far left corners of my 928. Anything bigger and I'd need two hands to use it.
  • We'll see. I have small hands, but the 928 is comfortable enough for me. I wouldn't mind a 5in screen.
  • I guess it comes down to the real size of the device, if it's a hair larger case wise (very little) than the 928 (and has FM radio/MicroSD slot), I might jump at it.
    Still thinking the screen is a little large and even the 928 is a large phone in my eyes..(the 8X was thinner and felt better in a pocket)
  • When it gets to this size, one option to clear up the clutter is to make all small tiles the same accent colour. only medium and large tiles that show relevant info or photos should be different. This would streamline the look.
  • Im at the airport as we speak..I'll check that right now.....
    But, the opportunity that I really missed was getting some Latin ➰.. She was hot❗
  • Is either large screen phone going to have an active digitizer?