Nokia Monster Purity Pro headphones finally appear on Amazon with that expected high price

Nokia’s Monster Purity Pro ‘over the ear’ headphones have been a hot item as of late. Not for sales but for questions in regards to availability. The headset was announced way back in September and since then, we’ve seen many Nokia releases come and go just not that one.

Now at least is listing the super pricey wireless devices for a whopping $350. You can of course order them today but until Amazon gets that stock filled, you won’t receive them.

Seeing as Amazon is now listing them and Nokia just announced Music+, we have a feeling that Nokia is going for a big audio push here in a few weeks—coincidently just in time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Purity Pro headphones are an upgrade of the Purity HDs released last year (see our mini-review) but feature some new innovations. For one, these are ‘over the ear’ as opposed to the Purity’s ‘on the ear’ style. That means for noise reduction and comfort, the Pros should win out (although being slightly larger as a tradeoff). The bigger deal here is the built in NFC and wireless Bluetooth streaming, which should make pairing and playing to any connected device that much easier.

The one downside we foresee is Nokia’s Dolby Headphone and EQ settings on Windows Phone 8 Lumias not working. They're geared for a wired setup. The good news is that these headsets do come with a wired-option, so even if their long-lasting battery dies you can still use them.

Other features are also impressive:

  • Wireless headset with the luxury of choosing to use the wire
  • Extreme ease of use. Unfold headset to power on.
  • Ultimate voice quality supplemented by Active Noise Cancellation
  • Innovative integration with Nokia Lumia Phones, Software and Tap to pair.
  • Design that makes a statement

Then again, $350 for headphones is a lot of money…heck, it’s more than their Lumia 620 smartphone. But for audiophiles and those who want the most in convenience these may be your option.

Hopefully we’ll get our hands on a pair at Mobile World Congress to see if they’re worth the money. In the meantime, until Amazon gets stock, you can start to save your pennies.

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab); video via the Nokia Blog;  Thanks, EBynum, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • YES! finally. really hope the MS store stock these and in yellow
  • I haven't seen the specs of the headphones. Are they good enough to warrant this price tag?
  • I think that question is relative to your disposable income ability. Personally, I don't think $350 is ever warranted for headphones, no matter how good they are. But for people who are really into music and have the cash, it may be totally worth it. I'm sure they sound good (I really dig the Purity HDs) but it's all personal opinion as to the quality.
  • I agree with you. I was hesitant to even spend $80 on some earphones I got recently, but they were mistakenly marked $64 and I had $50 in cash to best Buy to spend and nothing else to buy, so they were only $17 of my own money at the end of the day.
    I don't know that any level of disposable income would convince me to spend $350 on something like this when I don't have the ear for it, though. They'd definitely need to have some non-Lumia colors available to begin with, as I would want them in a non-cyan blue.
  • I know what you mean, I snagged some Philips headphones that were $50 but were half off and I had a coupon, paid $10. Best $10 I ever spent. I let my girlfriend use them and she liked them so much she asked for a similar pair. I spent upward of $100 without getting an equal clean full sound. In the end I just gave her the Philips and replaced them after finding them of clearence.
    Morale of the story, price doesn't always equal quality. 
  • people who are really into music and have the cash wouldnt shell $350 for either a 'Nokia' or a 'Monster' based headset; especially when there are companies like Sennheiser around
  • Why wouldn't they? Apple's been getting people to part with their cash for years on overpriced hardware. Kids want and get $200 sneakers. There are adults that make less money than me driving around in vehicles I know that can't afford, but the sacrifice something to drive what they want. So people will buy what they want no matter the brand name. With that said, I won't buy anything with Apple on it.
  • kids aren't going to get $350 headphones I can assure you of that.
  • Who are you?
  • I seen kids with Beats headphones
  • So have I.  They also wear 300 dollar sneakers.  Kids can find the money for stuff like this. Those of us with a morgage are the ones that making do with the no-name earbuds.
  • I see kids constantly with Beats and I even worked seasonally at a couple electronic places and adults came in asking for them butchering the name because they hadn't heard of them or believe they're crap but buy them just cause their kids want them.
  • Exactly. Sennheisers sound better, even the lower-priced sets, than anything Monster ever made.
  • Monster products are actually good even though they make the beats by dr dre(horrible products for the money btw).
  • They are good, but your still paying double because of the name.
  • So true. I use Westone 4 in ear monitors that I got for about $380 new. I paired them with Comply Foam tips and never looked back. That said, I don't use my phone for music often unfortunately. There is much better sounding hardware much cheaper. I DO love my 900 but it is a phone. Not high end audio gear. If the phone's USB could output digital audio I would pair it with my Fiio E17 and be all set. For now, I am waiting until I get my Surface Pro and can pair that with it. Not to mention, if you have low bit rate mp3s good earphones aren't going to magically make it better.
  • My Ultrasone headphones cost $430 and I can assure you they are some high end cans! Daniel, while I respect your opinion, I can guess that youre not much of an audiophile? Go wear a $1000 headset, compare it to a $200.. And tell me there's not a difference. Of course, I'm not saying $1000 is what you should spend, I'm just saying you saying $350 isn't warranted depends on the person. Though I doubt these Nokia ones are worth the $350 in the audio department...
  • Definitely not an audiophile (though I now own an Onyko THX home system, ahem, which I just EQd). I'm also not saying there isn't a difference. Even my Purity HDs sound better than anything I currently have, so I clearly recognize the improvement.  The question is, is it worth it? That answer depends on (1) how much you value sound (2) how often you're using headphones. That's all I'm saying. I don't use headphones all that often, so $350 for headphones isn't worth it.
  • Fair enough then, I value sound a lot. Side note: We have a set of Bowers & Wilkins CM9 Home theater setup. Eargasm.
  • Monster anything isn't worth the money, way better companies out there doing it better and cheaper. Also, I'm definitely an audiophile, I have an emotiva mini-x a-100 just for my computer set up. That B&W system you have is very spiffy heard some of their stuff not too long ago at a show. The higher end stuff is fantastic. The lower end stuff I can build better. Especially those desktop speakers they make. For the price they ask I could blow those out of the water. But yeah yours def eargasm. I assume your room is all set up for them/pro install?
  • Depends if your going pure audiophile or casual audiophile. I mix and master music in my spare time (whole studio setup actually) and senns are my choice for business. But I prefer the purity series for listening on the go. I'm getting these, and currently have purity on ears and in ears. The sound from them is amazing compared to the beats by dre. Clean crisp audio, very true sound.
  • Any one who buys beats for music can't be called an audiophile. They look nice, but it's over bassy and frankly overpriced.
  • Yea its for our projector setup. Had it professionally calibrated, so it sounds pretty fantastic. I got Edelman PC speakers, forget the model though. I've turned into a bit audiophile. Its all about research and I'm sure for $350, you can get better. I can't 100% say till i test these though
  • Detailed specifications for the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster
  • Ouch. Maybe when I graduate.
  • The price is way too high
  • Grammar check guys...
  • It's Sunday. Grammar can go to hell. That and it was fixed right after posting (but RSS feeds to the app take minutes to update, so you won't see it)
  • Yess¿ grammar Nazis can, burn in hell? Come back Monday..."~ O_O
  • Grammar check guys? Hows does one grammar check a man? Or, did you mean, "You need to check your grammar, guys." If you're going to call out grammar or spelling mistakes make sure you get it right yourself.
  • Hahahhaha $350 what is Nokia smoking? I have a $50 amazon gift card waiting on this thinking it would be a reasonable $149 smh
  • Even the Purity HD, which are wired, are $200...not sure why you would think ones with NFC and BT would be cheaper...?
  • ^This.
  • 200 seems to be the magic price for these new crop of headphones, beats, monster, Nokia's monster...even Bose has better cheaper sets. Problem with all these is the expected use. Tables and, phones, most if not all don't have a good enough sound processor to tell the difference in sound.
  • A tad off topic, but anyone know of some Bluetooth headphones that can take the heat of a sauna? My Samsung ones die in 15-20 minutes as the battery is not very shielded. These Nokia ones might work as they seem to have much plastic, but to get such m expensive headphones all sweaty is stupid.
  • Yeah, electronic devices just don't like heat and moisture. I'm not sure if you're going to find that, but then again they make just about anything these days. Search online, of course....
  • Yeah, I know, most have become sweat proof, still wouldn't take them in a steam room, none seem to be hot proof. Even cabled ones, cable gets hot and then the copper in the wire, and it almost burns if you graze against it.
  • CJ THUNDER, Check out Jaybird Freedom Spirit headphones, they are Bluetooth, water/sweatproof. $129 at Amazon
  • Thanks for the tip you two, though I specifically need heat protection first, then sweat (back of head with hair and ears don't sweat much).
  • You could perhaps look at the Jaybird line of BT headphones. They are warranted against sweat and water damage.
  • I wouldn't take my phone in the sauna, or any other piece of electronics. Doing so is asking for it. You're lucky they still work.
  • The 900 was put into an oven! I think it was at 250, even if I'm wrong I'm sure it had a 2, so 200 at least. The sauna is only 160-180, the phone stays in pocket, close to body, that temp would be closer to 140. The phone will be fine, has been fine, is fine.
  • Any set of sport ear buds that are made for the outdoors will handle a sauna. Its the moisture killing your phones not the heat. Its not 200* in your sauna so....
  • Not Bluetooth as the battery can't take the heat. I already said it is 160 - 180 in my gym's sauna and that I would take neither my phone nor headphones into a steam room ...jeeze, no one can read anymore.
  • Haha face meet palm. Oh well kcco!!
  • But that's just Nokia - the majority of their accessories are set at premium prices.  I've been wanting the Nokia J for over a year, and the price still hasn't dropped!
  • Are these even as good as Beats?
  • Loaded question. That's assuming you think Beats are even good--some do, some don't. The question is totally relevant to what you think "sound" should be like. I'm dealing with this right now with my new 7.1 home theater setup--Dolby Pro Logic II or THX? Both are awesome but there is some super sharp debate as to which is "better". It's just personal taste in the end.
  • Pro logic started as surround over stereo, no question as that is lesser than THX, especially when dealing with Blurays or proper concert recordings, do you have other options?
  • Well, from what I understand PLII is geared for movies/tv/music in stereo to take advantage of 5.1/7.1 systems.  It's an Onkyo (HT-S9400THX) with as far as I know, everything in the world included, lol 
  • Exactly, it turns a stereo sound into surround or uses stereo signal and/or cables to turn it into surround. If you could, you'd rather have a 'true' surround, only games and movies really take advantage of that. If it's mainly tv than PL2 will do but when I think of it I think of the best the Gamecube could do, now I loved my Gamecube but audio powerhouse it was not. Factor five, basically invented that for Nintendo so they could use their old cables. Which is funny because it was supposed to be a THX standard, they were making Rouge Squadron, a Star Wars game both things owned by is a cool story but long, point being, better options exist, if you're wiring actual speakers then it sounds like you have the budget for better than PL2 and most receivers can do more than 1, 2, 3 standards.
  • Not entirely accurate. Most HDTV programming uses Dolby Digital audio, typically 5.1 so PLII won't enter into it.
  • Most cable companies don't have true HD anything. Yeah, it was really for the Gamecube, I think some tablets output that too when docked so you can hear your angriest bird fly in from somewhere not in front of you.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II is a sound processing technology and THX is a certification given to hardware that meets certain standard. Not quite sure how you're comparing the two, it's like comparing a TV with a washing machine.
  • False. In addition to certifying hardware THX also has "listening modes" akin to Dolby, which my receiver supports.
  • Daniel, the THX listening modes are just extensions of the Dolby modes I believe. They basically do some special equalization of the sound beyond whatever sound mode it would otherwise be in. Your receiver probably supports Audyssey or some other room compensation technology, use that. Dolby PLII is a method of recreating matrix encoding surround information into a stereo signal. It isn't true discrete surround though. It is just an improved version of the original ProLogic. If you are watching bluray or DVD PLII shouldn't even enter into the equation. You should be using Dolby Digital, DTS or DTS-HD. The flow goes: Mono>stereo>Dolby Surround>Dolby ProLogic>Dolby ProLogic II/DTS Neo 6>Dolby Digital>DTS>Dolby TrueHD>DTS-HD
  • Right, but I don't do BluRay or any form of cable/satellite. Xbox video, HuluPlus, Netflix Streaming and a rare straight up DVD. (I'm also not convinced THX ASA is an "extension" of Dolby). Obviously if I was doing something (game) mixed with Dolby Digital or higher, I'd use that. In fact the Onkyo picks whatever stream it senses, so it's not much of choice unless I choose to override. I'm not sure what we're debating here. The original conceit of this is some prefer Doly PLII over THX's Game/Cinema/Music settings and vice versa and more specifically, what is "better" (which I argue is just user preference for what "sound" should be like). I was a cinema projectionist for 17 years, ran mono, stereo, optical, magnetic, DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS and all their variants and improvements including the first EX system (for Phantom Menance). I'm well versed in this area but it's all opinion in the end which is "the best" (personally, I preferred the sound of SDDS--less compression--over DTS and DD, but we see how that went).
  • I agree that it is personal preference. I've got an Onkyo as well and I honestly think the Audyssey equalized sound is better than what the THX modes give me. I think maybe if I had thx certified speakers it might be different but I don't. I believe the manual explained what the THX settings enabled but I'm too lazy to go look. SDDS is better than normal Dolby Digital or even DTS. DTS-HD is another animal altogether though.
  • For receivers which are 'THX' certified; which is what I said.
    Any way all of those are useless since they just do software optimizations
  • As far as build quality yes, I would think so. Aren't they both manufactured by Monster?? And, I agree with ⬆Daniel⬆... Personal preference.
  • You can get some pretty amazing monitoring headphones for much less.  I prefer them over any of these types.  Way too high a price tag in my opinion.
  • Hmm. I can't watch the YouTube video from the wpcentral app. Lets hope its a fluke and not a another weird google change.
  • This⤴⤴⤴
  • This price is about $50 higher than I'd expect for a pair of premium, over the ear, bt headphones, but I'll still pay it. I don't see black available however. Hope thru are coming soon as well.
  • The headphone and eq work with my Bluetooth audio adapter that I use in my truck so I would be surprised if they don't work with these.
  • I have Nokia Purity HD's(they were on sale at AT&T for $99 around the holidays), and I really like them. I was waiting to see what the price point was going to be for the Pros, but, now that I know, if I am so inclined, I'll be getting the Sennheiser PX210BT's, or MM 400/450's. Much cheaper, and great sound, active NC, folding, quality.
  • The Nokia BH905i does all the above bar NFC. They also cost over £100 less and, if the standard Purity HDs are anything to go by, are of a much higher build quality. The only real downside is that the remote controls on the right headphone only work when wireless, not wired (which is a pain). Still these do look rather snazzy. Just not sure if there worth the £270 price tag.
  • I'm still for bose
  • $350 for headphones? Who the hell gives that much money for a pair of headphones? People who do should seriously reconsider their life priorities...and their life in general.
  • Successful people?
  • I have some expensive headphones and you get what you pay for. Good sound quality, comfortable to wear, all parts are replaceable too even the cable. But those are Sennheiser hd600s and I use them for music production too. Very little point getting expensive headphones to listen to over compressed mp3s. Monster have a reputation for being expensive and making unsubstantiated claims. They also sue anyone who uses the word monster.
  • they seem cool and all, but let's be serious - $349? Really? For that amount I can get much higher end headphones. Maybe without NFC, but to be honest, I don't really care about that.
    At $150 I would consider, but this is crazy. If Nokia wants to drive adoption of their devices and the WP OS, they need to make sure that there's the right ecosystem in place - including a range of compatible and affordable headsets (including in-ear). And while we're at it, desperately need decent music player for locally stored music that lets you at least search for a title... Don't get me wrong, I still love my Lumia 920, and would like for Nokia to be successful, but work with us here, instead of milking us...
  • I rarely use headphones for music. So someone cheap like me has a really really really hard time parting with even $50 for headphones. But strangely, that number can go up when it's also a matching accessory. Kind of like collecting pieces to a set. Strange... yeah. But I bet there are others like me that could be convinced to spend too much just because it's a matching accessory. I won't get these. But if I was an audiophile that normally spends $200 on headphones, I could easily dee myself spending an extra $150 for the yellow that matches my phone.
  • I'm happy with my white Sony units. Cost? $20.
  • Stupid money, get some Sennheiser. Monster are just overpriced trash.
  • YAY! Finallyyyyy. Some sexy headphones to match my Lumia.
    As for the price, thankfully I have Dad's credit card. :^)
  • Monster should have stuck with cables.
  • Overprice junk
  • Monster nonsense, not interested.
  • Lol, monster........terrible. i will stick to me Bose QC15 and IE2 foe my 8X.
  • This is a premium amazon price for those who can't wait. Give it a couple of weeks, and it will go down to $300 if not lower.
  • I'm a Nokia Developer Ambassador. I demoed these headphones at our booth for a few hours at the ATT Dev Summit in Vegas. These Purity Pro headphones are phenomenal. Bluetooth, NFC for tap to pair,and noise canceling are specs that can't be appreciated until hands on. Monster( not a fan prior ) won a CES award for these. They are a fantastic piece of technology. Bluetooth is disabled when you fold the headset. They used Nokia's sensitive display tech in the foam of the headphones so the noise cancel activates upon skin contact. No way to leave on either accidently and pulling dead headphones out if your bag. Avg battery life is 12 hours for BT headsets. These have 24 hours of life when fully charged. The performance is outstanding. No distortion, deep low bass, clean highs. When you put these on your head and the noise cancel kicks in... You will be impressed. *disclaimer - The success of these headsets doesn't impact my world at all. When I like tech, I can't shut up about it. I own the wired purity headphones and was impressed with them. These blow them away.
  • The name "Purity Pro" reminds me of the hype with "PureView" on the 920. High expectations, average product.
    The  association with the "Monster" brand is a good indication of a grossly overpriced product.
  • Anyone who calls "PureView" an average product has a bad case of Nokia envy.
  • I’ve owned a L920 for almost three months now, so I would not call it “bad case of Nokia envy” but rather bad case of Nokia disappointment.  
    You either never used a L920 or have very low expectations from Nokia. I am sure they can do better so I am waiting for that firmware update that will make the PureView camera the best cellphone camera there is, in all aspects, not only in low light.
  • I am going to order these headphones as soon as they become availiable but I wanted a black one, any word on when those would be availiable?
  • How is everyone getting their replies to appear after the message you're replying to? For about 2 weeksn now all of my replies have been appearing at the bottom of the list.
  • Yikes. I was planning on getting two for my wife and I for when we travel... I hate ear buds and loved the wireless here... but that's a bit much. Think I'll pass...
  • Sounds great. Wired and wireless option is the winner for me.
  • I'm still amazed at how Monster managed to convince so many that they make premium headphones. They sound alright but not worth that kind of money.
  • hm...not shure about that one...
  • Hihi. Just wanted to mention Shure, too. I'm really exited about the SHR840.
    There is a nice comparison chart:
    It's rellay funny to see what Nokia thinks what specifications are about: 
    The don't even tell us, if the headphones are open or closed.
  • Can't wait to not buy $350 headphones that I haven't had the opportunity to test out. 
  • I don't have one yet but I'm trying to decide whether I want to spend an extra $500 to buy one out contract or getting the HTC 8X on contract. But the daylight PureView fix was update by Rogers over a month ago--I forgot not all carriers have rolled it out yet. Even though I don't have one, I've seen a lot of sample shots and video and the OIS in particular is the most amazing phone camera feature ever and the sound recording is also top notch.
  • I am on Rogers and I applied the Portico update the day it came out. It did improve the daylight photos (screwed up other things btw), but they are still not that great. I am just hoping a new firmware will fix some issues. L920 it's a nice handset which can get better.  
  • Well,
    I only have a Lumia 900, not a 920, but the audio output is not nearly as good as my laptop. To me, the cellphone itself is definitely the weak link when paired with an higher-end earphone for music.
    I tried my Bowers and Wilkins P5 with the Lumia 900, and it was terrible... I am no fan of apple products, but I must admit the sound from an ipod shuffle sounded a lot better than the Lumia 900 with the P5. However, not even the ipod can bring out maybe 50% of what the P5 is capable of. I am probably not planning on using the P5 with portable devices for the near future... 
    Other than probably overpriced for this Monster headphone, I am just wondering why they even come up with better quality headphones when the hardware of the cellphone couldn't even match up with?
  • These are available for $265 Australian on special from Shantek (Australian seller) so I'm REALLY considering buying these.
    They list talk time and have an answer/talk key do these headphones have a mic with them? Or do they still allow you to use the phone's mic when in use?
    My current sent of headphones disable the phones mic, I NEED to unplug the headphones before the other person can hear me. 
    PLEASEEEEE someone answer that question, I've looked everywhere on the internet and haven't found a single post or piece of information which says that these can be used on phone calls.