See exactly how long you've been on the phone with the latest Lumia Network+ update

Nokia has released an update for its Network+ system app on Lumia Windows Phones. If you're not familiar with what Network+ brings in terms of functionality, the app deals with some cell network settings and is considered pretty important. We've today received a bunch of tips surrounding a release.

Since 1.4, there have been usability improvements related to conditional call forwarding implemented, along with improved call forwarding number selection. In there's now a call counter in the Network+ system area which shows exactly how long you've been active in calls for (system resets defaults the counter back to 0).

You can check out the latest version of Network+ from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. via: WMPU; thanks everyone for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • 76:19:18 not bad.
  • What am I missing?
  • Oh sorry I get it now. 215:01:21
  • Lol, 1279:45:13 here... I cant believe that since i restored my phone in june or july
  • Mine says over 1400 hours... I just reset my phone 2 weeks ago. Even without the reset, there is no way I've spent 50 days talking on the phone since I bought the phone in March.
    Also, "Call Forwarding" and "Call Waiting" has disappeared.
  • I wonder if it includes Skype calls? My 1020 says 70 hours, which is impossible for phone calls, but could be right for Skype + phone.
  • Call waiting is still there, press the button :P
  • Maybe for you, but for me, call waiting and call forwarding is GONE. ..l._
  • That's strange. I get up call waiting by clicking the new button in network+ and call forwarding is in settings / programs / mobile (cellphone?)
    Mine is in Norwegian so maybe some differences??
  • The update seems to vary depending on either model or carrier or both.
  • Ha! 1261:28:02 here. No way. I rarely spend any time on the phone.
  • too bad..i dont use this app...just as i avoid the access point app too. messes w/my sms/data settings...
  • This. No one else has this issue? And I can't seem to delete that app(access point)
  • So does 169:47:50 mean I've spent 169 hours in calls?
  • Yep
  • Thanks. Although, that seems way too high, seems like other people are having similar issues.
  • Great..Now we can pin Network+ to start manu... I hope that feature rollout to Wifi, Bluetooth and Screen Rotation in future
    Currently I am using Insider Pro.. But I need this feature by default from Nokia not by 3rd party apps...
  • My thoughts exactly
  • +1 for Insider Pro!
  • God. I don't need that. I need to see EACH call individually how long it took :( PS: Just for bragging: 1510 hours here :D
  • Exactly. I never understand phones that don't show call duration... for those of us that bill by the hour it's pretty important, and an incredibly obvious and simple thing for them to implement. Sigh.
  • I can't believe this feature is missing too, it's really annoying :-/
  • Why this shit store doesn't show updates!
    If wpc was not there it would have a worst platform
    Thanks WPC
    Love your efforts
  • There are many solutions for your problem. Just google or BING it! You fool
  • Dude it doesn't tell that the app has got update as soon the devs release it! Mine shows in the afternoon times daily it checks once Dono about twice!
  • If you didn't hear about it from WPC, you'd see the update in the store within a day or two.
  • That's BS I haven't been receiving any updates for apps on my 1020 and 520 for weeks, as have many other people on WP, just check the forums. This is a huge fail on Microsofts part.  
  • Works fine for me, maybe you need a new phone.
  • It checks twice a day
  • Do you maybe know if there is an exact time of the day when the store is checked against the list of installed apps for update? I believe its either a fixed point of time of the day, or depends on the boot time of the Phone, i dont know, as MS doesnt share such technical details anywhere. Issue is, my phone is usually offline to preserve battery, I only go online as long as I need, and then go back offline. Because of this (and the stupid behavior of the store app not being able to force check manually) I probably always miss the scheduled update time, and so it takes 1-2 months (yes, even two months!) until I see updates appear in the store app. The sh*ttiest application update experience on windows-based system sofar.
  • Yeah right my store shows daily from 1-2 pm that time Il keep my phone online and i get updates!
    Even me before I used to get after 2 months only so only i was using sysapp pusher its a great app even now i use it!
  • A friend of mine had that problem with his Lumia 520. He wasn't able to download any apps or games from store. We fixed that problem by hard-resetting his phone and logging it in with a new Live account, instead of his old 3rd party email account. I read that it should be possilbe to use whatever email account to sign in to WP, but practically, it seems that you should use a Live account with your phone. I don't know if this is the problem in your case, but it's a possibility.
  • 353:13:33 Come at me bro
  • Mine says 797:00:19 - there's no way I've spent 797 hours on phone calls.
  • Yeah mine says 638:07:22 too and that doesn't seem right.
  • Installed... mine shows nothing.
    Any clue why?
  • Am I the only one who doesn't have the "Voice call counter" with this update?
  • me too
  • Great to see this added.  My 2006 Samsung flip phone (sph-a900) would display the total number of calls (made + received) and total cumulative talk time as days:hours:mins:seconds.  Little things like this may be easy to overlook in a modern OS, or it may be one of those little things that we'd expect to be in WP from the beginning.
  • 907:34:40, I'm a talkative motherfucker!
  • Mine says nearly 9,000 hours. No way. I might -- *might* -- make or receive two calls a month. Bogus.
  • how to remove call forward number as I dont want any number as for try I entered Number but now how can I remove that number. I am f*****g doomed
  • But i haven't call forwarding option ??????? On my lumia 620 i saw in screenshot but cant find anywhere in setting .... Have anybody that issue or isn't not available on lumia 620 ....????
  • I don't have it too... clicking on 'set' the only option I have is the Call waiting.
    Also, I don't have the Voice call counter in the main page.
  • I have call counter its showing 96:43:53. But i don't have the call forward option i have also only the call wating option in settings ...
  • I have the counter, but neither call option.
  • I also update on my 920 .. But same prb :/
  • Call forwarding is still in the settings. Go to settings > swipe left to applications > Phone
  • Thanx #rick smits .. But as in screenshot its doesn't shoe in,net+ settings . But anyway thanx for help ...
  • 281:37:55 what!! Haha
  • It seems AT&T's network doesn't allow the changing of any settings except to turn on and off Call Waiting. I just updated on my L1520 and under call settings, it's only showing that option and no conditional call forwarding options. This sucks!
  • 1910:45:59. My phone is a refurbrished prototype. I know I didn't spend ALL that time on calls...
  • 07:16:14 since buying my 521 about 6-8 months ago.
  • 04:07:29 for me. Sounds about right on the 1520. I'm glad it doesn't report time spent on data/wifi. I'd be married to this bitch by proxy
  • Same here, lol
  • Not to use All in all, and now is also the redirection icon visible and no longer to bring off. Only crap!
  • Huh?
  • Try going to "call setting" whichs at top of the setting
  • My call forwarding settings are now gone after updating Network+.
  • My Motorola MicroTac had this feature in 1990: actually it had a total counter, plus counters for total, incoming and outgoing calls that I could reset at will...    
  • So... are you going to get that phone reconnected? What's your point?
  • My point, and a quite obvious one I would add, is that "Smartphones" are just seeing a crippled version of something that was available almost 25 years ago on dumb, ETACS phones.
  • Have anybody tried to reset the call counter to zero, by doing a system reset?
    It doesn't work on my Lumia 920.
  • Not sure if this was there before but when typing a SMS you now see character count and how many messages you are sending aka over 160 is 2 texts, was this before gdr3 or new to it, or did the network + bring it??
  • Its been there since WP7 phones rolled off the lines
  • I don't have that on my 1520 on Vodafone UK. I wonder if it's because most contracts over here have Unlimited Texts?
  • It only shows up after you type more than 130 letters, give it a try
  • So it does. Thanks.
  • Lol something that was implemented in android or other smartphone is. As always, wp is late to the party. Hope android comes soon to ms!!
  • Troll go home to your crapy Linux nock off!
  • Nice! This was possible with dialing ##634# but this makes it easier :p
  • Call forwarding icon is permanently visible now, just next to signal bars.
    Can we disable it??
  • I used ##002# to remove all diverts
  • 140 hours here
  • For me, it's 5 hours :/
  • I have the latest update on my Lumia 1020 but i can't see the voice call counter, don't know why.
  • Me neither, Lumia 920 with GDR3 beta.
  • 14.20.........that's it?
  • 521/T-Mobile working reads 16:09:05 Really do not use voice that much,
  • 4630:45:55 Lumia 920. I don't think that's even possible... 190 days on my phone?
  • I get no options other than call waiting and counter. No call divert options
  • mine is 2024:00:24 hullaaa~~~
  • I'm over 49hrs got my phone Oct 24th I think.
  • How do you check to see the total call time ?
  • Really 500 hours? OMG
  • Call timer is the total time you have talked on phone regardless of your phone being reset... And its just phone call, does not include voip call made by any other app
  • I make a few calls a week that usually last less than a few minutes. I've had my AT&T 920 for a year now, but there's no way I've talked 4444.47.28.  
  • The Lifetime counter is not believable, and cannot reset to 0 as mentioned above.
  • 1736:12:46 for me!