Purity Pro Headphones

The Nokia Purity Pro headphones have been honoured at CES with a prestigious innovations award. The wireless headphones support both NFC and Bluetooth, which makes the accessory perfect for use with Windows Phone hardware. With Monster on-board, Nokia has been able to produce something special for those who enjoy music while on the go and now efforts have been recognised at this year's electronics event.

Available in a number of colours, including red, yellow, black and white, the headphones fit in perfectly with Lumia Windows Phones that sport matching accents. Tomi Penttila, head of Nokia Gear, had the following to comment on the award:

"We are extremely proud of the selection of Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset by Monster as an honoree in the Headphones category of the 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. This is an acknowledgement of the innovation, excellent sound quality and superior craftsmanship that the product and the two brands stand for."

The expensive (reportedly €299) headphones are expected to hit retailers at the end of January, providing ample time for consumers to take out personal loans in order to be able to afford such quality.

Source: Nokia