Nokia Purity Pro headphones by Monster review: The ultimate wireless headphones for Windows Phone users

If you follow all things Windows Phone you’re no doubt aware that when it comes to premium accessories, it’s fairly slim pickings out there. Like all things for our beloved ecosystem though, one OEM is taking things seriously enough to push manufacturers for accessories designed to work perfectly with Windows Phone; Nokia. Through partnerships with JBL, Monster and Fatboy, the Finnish giant’s sponsored accessories are squarely aimed its own Lumia line of course, but as they’re designed to work best with Windows Phone you’ll still get a great experience from your HTC 8 series or Samsung Ativ phones.

All of which brings us nicely to today’s review, the Monster/Nokia Purity Pro headset. This isn’t Monster and Nokia’s first dance together, the ‘Purity’ brand has already been applied to another set of over-the-ear cups and also to a set of ear buds, and yet those forays into the brightly coloured accessory world have been met with some mixed reviews, and in my personal opinion the wired Purity HD earphones leave a lot to be desired. We initially went ‘ears on’ (last time I use that phrase I promise) with the headset at the Mobile World Congress this year, and came away impressed, but a little bewildered by the initial cost of entry. Now we’re lucky enough to say we own a pair and have spent a week using them out and about to gauge just whether or not you can justify the relatively high price point.

Design & hardware

Purity Pro profile shot with Lumia devices

Once you crack open the seal on the Purity Pro box you'll find a useful soft case, a micro USB charger, a 3.5mm male to male cable and of course the beautiful headphones themselves.

There's no getting around the fact that these are visually striking headphones, when collapsed and viewed from the side on they are gorgeous to behold (in this reviewers opinion). Yet once they're on your head you realise just how large they are, and it's a bit daunting at first, the cups are fairly large themselves giving the whole set quite a wide presence. In fact I think that once they're wrapped comfortably around your ears you start to look a little like a cyberman, which you can choose to view as positive or negative.

Available the Lumia yellow, red, white or black you can decide just how much you want to stand out for yourself. I chose black but honestly I'm wishing I'd gone for the white pair as I think they are both a little unique but just understated enough.

Speaking of understated, I want to give recognition to Nokia for putting the Bluetooth button/light on the underside of the right hand cup, it means the light isn't piercingly obvious unlike many other wireless sets I've seen around London.

Other than the Bluetooth button you'll find play/pause, skip buttons on the left cup, volume controls and a microphone on the right cup (we'll come back to that later). These buttons feel great and are raised enough to make them easy to find, but not so much as to ruin the design.

Purity Pro controls close up

You'll also find the NFC tag, micro USB charging port and wired 3.5mm jack on the left cup, completing this generous array of features.

If you're wondering why there's no power button the answer is simple: the headphones turn on when you open them out and turn off automatically when you fold them together. It's an elegant design choice and at present feels solid like this mechanism will stand up to several years of punishment.

Battery life is outstanding, lasting way over two weeks of average use (and you can use the 3.5mm jack when there's no battery) and NFC paring works absolutely flawlessly.

In fact, there's only really one complaint I have with the entire package, when you've been using them a little while under any kind of exercise the cups get warm. I'm not talking just a little warmth either, at times these could genuinely be advertised to Eskimos as ear heaters. The more I test them however the more I think this is the result of the cup design insulating all the heat you’d normally lose from your ears. It’s not a deal breaker at all but you should be aware of it if you plan exercising much or having a jog along the beach on a hot summer's day.

Lastly, you'll have no concerns over comfort, there is a little pressure on the top of your head as after all there is a lot of tech up there, but it's extremely minor and can be alleviated by adjusting the cup positions. I had no problems (other than heat mentioned above) whatsoever using this headset for hours at a time.


Purity Pro branding close up

This is where the Purity Pro's live or die, everything else is a nice to have and worth nothing if the sound doesn't hold up.

Well, I'm pleased to say quality is excellent. Be aware that, like most speakers, there is a break in period with the Purity Pro's, but I'm quite confident in saying that after one night of fairly constant use (I played about 2 albums) they were reaching their full potential.

I'm quite varied in my musical taste, and I know Monster have a reputation for producing very bass-keen products which concerned me when I enjoy a lot of acoustic and more chilled music.

Yet I'll start with the bassy tracks, throwing on some electro-house these cans are just terrific. "Don't you worry child" by Swedish House Mafia soar, although you'll need to turn the volume up to feel the full punch of each crescendo. More progressive tracks like "I remember" from Deadmau5 float along and immerse you with the mids being well balanced and every high-end riff picked out perfectly. In fact if you're anything like me you'll probably miss a train stop when you close your eyes to pretend you're somewhere else.

Listening to dub step or drum and bass does feel like a slight ear invasion but that's a good thing, you'll feel every wub and drop in a way that very few ear buds could ever hope to match. Whilst on that note, listen to a Skrillex track on this set if you want to push them a little.

Purity Pro case

The even better news is that when faced with a softer composition like Ben Howard, the headphones sound just as good, if not better. Mostly that's thanks to the active noise reduction which phases out background noise allowing you to enjoy all the nuances of the artist. You won't be completely deaf to the outside world and individual voices are still discernable, but the average hum is suitably blocked.

Speaking of the noise cancellation, it's cleverly disabled when you take the headphones off your ears, reducing the noise from the speakers when round your neck, and making you feel that much more surrounded when you put the set back on. Even better news is that there is little to no sound leakage from these cups once they’re properly seated over your ears, I was pleasantly surprised that when I turned the volume right up with someone else using the headset I could barely hear a note.

Finally those who enjoy their bands and live music will be pleased to know that the detail of every instrument can be heard on each track, though there's a slight warmth to the sound, which I'd say even makes my live recordings sound that tiny bit better.


Purity Pro plugged in to Lumia 80

Whether over Bluetooth or directly by wire, the audio quality is stellar and you’ll be hard pressed to find any difference between the two. You should be aware though that if you connect over Bluetooth you won’t see the audio enhancements your device provides; Beats audio on HTC and Dolby Pro logic on Nokia Lumia devices. I simply can’t consider this a negative point for the headphones though as it would be the same for any device connected via Bluetooth. If those enhancements are very important to you, be prepared to have the connecting wire on your person (or look for another pair of headphones).

Pairing over NFC couldn’t be easier, just tap the devices together, accept a prompt on your phone and you’re golden. But if you don’t have NFC you won’t find it difficult to hold down the Bluetooth button and wait for the audio prompt to connect your device. The Purity Pro headset actually talks to you (in soothing tones I might add), telling you when it’s connected, what the current battery level is, and when it’s ready to pair.

Purity Pro in front of Microsoft Surface

In fact, these headphones will connect to anything with a Bluetooth radio, including the Microsoft Surface. I found that one of the best use cases here was to pair with the surface and watch a few episodes of something from Netflix. If you’re in the UK using the TV Catchup app effectively turns the Surface & Purity Pro combo into a near perfect portable TV combination, as we all know the Surface’s speakers are normally incredibly poor.

When it comes to connectivity though, these headphones go one step further in the way they communicate to your device, which brings us nicely to phone operation.

Phone operation

Purity Pro cups surrounded by Lumia

Just like the old Bluetooth headsets you saw attached to the ears of ‘busy’ individuals last decade, the Purity Pros have their own microphone allowing you to receive and make calls using just the headset.

The play/pause button doubles as a menu key, press once to receive a call, double tap to redial, or press and hold (then release after the tone) to start a Windows Phone voice command. Yes, you can use the TellMe integration to initiate a call by voice, to compose a text message, instruct the phone to read out a text message, or to interact with your favourite apps.

I’ll be honest, initiating apps through this method is just awesome. Instructing our app to read back the latest headlines for instance just makes sense. I can get the latest Windows Phone news without ever touching my phone. I also like being able to voice dial and start searches in this way, only the text messages don’t make sense for me.

Trying to compose a text message via voice can be quite frustrating, even though Microsoft have recently made huge improvements to the TellMe service, it’s not perfect yet. Also, walking along responding to a text or telling apparently no one to “read it” is going to look like you’ve lost your marbles. Yet I can see this being a great feature if you’re a cyclist, I already find the voice SMS features work fantastically when driving, and so I can see how the same would transfer to those on two manually driven wheels.

My only complaint is the microphone itself. It has a tendency to pick up all the noise around you as well as your own voice. For voice calls, this is ok when you’re walking down the street because the background murmur can be ignored, but when you’re inside it is worse as every single echo is picked up by the Microphone, I had to switch back to just using the handset in these instances.

The Purity Pro headphones provide all of the features above to any Windows Phone 8 or 7 device (note that 7 doesn’t have app voice commands), and will even connect and work for audio with devices based on other operating systems. However, they are Nokia made, and so the best experience right now is with a new Nokia device.

The Nokia difference

Purity Pro accessory live tile

If you chose to pair these headphones with a Nokia Lumia device running Windows Phone 8, then there are a few more options that are presented through Nokia’s accessories app.

You’ll find a few neat features in this app, including the ability to turn off the double press to redial option, as well as voice commands after a long press. With a Nokia Lumia you can also enable the Purity Pro headphones to connect to two devices at once. That means that your phone will connect in a voice only mode for calls and texts, whilst another device will take the media playback capabilities, an impressive feat even if managing these connections can be a little difficult at times.

Finally, you can choose to pin out the Purity Pro accessory to a dedicated live tile. Not only does this launch you right back to the headphones settings, that live tile will be updated with the current battery level of the headphones, not that you’ll ever have to worry about the battery in these things, but it’s a very cool feature.

Nokia Purity Pro settings app

Wrap up

I love these headphones. Whilst I’m not certain that the sound quality is as good as you’ll get if you were to spend this kind of money in your local Bose retailer, it absolutely holds up and you certainly won’t be regretting your purchase after that initial break in period.

Of course, the entry price is steep, right now Amazon are listing Nokia Purity Pros at £180-£210 ($349 in the states) so they are an accessory you’ll want to probably outlast your phone itself.

What really sells this beautiful set of headphones though, is everything they do above and beyond your traditional wired cups. Not only is going wireless liberating in a way that anyone who’s ever threaded something down their shirt will understand, but the ability to interact with your Windows Phone in an (almost) hands free way wherever you are really enhances the experience.

Bottom line, if you care only about the best sound for your money, go somewhere else. Yet if you’re really invested in the Windows Phone ecosystem, or just picked up a new Nokia Lumia device, and can see yourself using the full feature set I’ve discussed here, I simply cannot recommend them enough.

  • I so want these lol. Next month for my bday I will ask for em ha
  • At least you can get em... Can't find them anywhere in New Zealand and they're bloody expensive anyway :(
  • Hi Ekalb22, just got one from noel leeming st lukes. They have 2 whites and 1 black lest which i could see. price marked is 187 but i got it for $147:)
  • Got mine from Amazon UK (they ship to Canada). Best purchase ever. I use them all the time. Best gym companion as I used to always wreck the cables of my beats and the phone itself. Now, I put the phone down and listen to music without worrying about anything.
  • I have the red pair and they are worth every penny. So comfy and the battery is outstanding. Not to mention they look fab!!
  • Is the sound ok?
  • what phone do you connect with it?
  • Wish you sold them in your store.
  • I bought the wired ones on eBay for $75 I hope they're worth it!!
  • Missed the part in the article where he said the wired ones weren't that good, didn't you. ;)
  • maybe what he/she meant was its older brother, the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster.
  • Just wondering how much better the sound quality is on these over the last year's version, becuase I have the old ones and I think they are good, but If those are much better I would swap.

  • I only tried out the wired Purity's briefly, but to my ears these are much better than that set
  • I love my original Purity headphones and would love these new wireless versions but I think I'll wait until they're no so incredibly expensive!
    It's a shame Nokia didn't release a little NFC/Bluetooth adaptor for the orinigals with a shorted cable and a clip or something so we could all still enjoy almost perfectly wireless music.
  • Try and look on Amazon for a cheaper price.
  • $350 on Amazon last time I checked.
  • Sounds like you've been writing this review for quite a while Jay, quite a long and extensive review.
  • Had them for two weeks and yeah this review took 3 days on and off
  • Why would you buy this, when Lumia has so many problems with creating playlists (without computer)? Fix that Nokia (or Microsoft) and I will think about it.
  • Personally I listen to albums or put everything on shuffle, so it's not an issue for me
  • Thats incorrect. You can create a playlist on the phone, its just that it is an indirect way. You have to go to your music and select some songs in the stock music app. When those songs start playing, you can save them as a playlist.
  • When I try to add the first song, I always add the whole album instead. Moreover you cannot change the list (add new songs etc.) after you save it. I call this a very basic functionality. And therefore it seems a little bit strange to me, to add super headphones to this mess.
    Windows Phone already has its years. They should have fixed this. It is much more important than a new Halo game etc.
  • To keep from adding the whole album you have to hit the select option at the bottom then select which songs you want to add to 'Now Playing'. So ridiculously tedious, I also know It is ridiculous that MS killed Zune which was the only easy way to easily create and edit playlist and left this incredibly frustrating playlist functionality. WTH can't you remove a song from a playlist on your phone and then resave it and if you can please somebody tell me how? Its so basic so I do not see how the people @ MS actually use this and believe they all use iPods or iPhones... Only thing that explains the decisions or the software functionality because if I designed and used it it would be fixed in a days coding...
  • That actually worked! Well... After a restart of the phone, so it would forget playing an album. Sir, Im in your debt!
    Sadly I think (know), that you can change the playlist only through your computer...
  • Sounds really cool! Do you have a pic of them folded up? You mentioned how neat they look folded up and then didn't provide a picture. :(
  • You know, I did actually have a picture but wasn't happy with it, I'll put it up now. Edit: still don't like the picture but you can see it if you open this article in our app and tap photos :)
  • Thanks! :D
  • Are the pictures taken in Southampton near the itchen bridge?
  • Good eye!
  • I live near it in ocean village, really nice spot in the summer
  • Is this the same Monster that sells incredibly overpriced HDMI cables for $300?
  • Yes.
    Apparently "Monster" is a hint at their ridiculously overpriced items. 
  • I stopped caring about these headphones when monster was mentioned. Smoke and mirrors from that company. I'll show you a pair of $10 headphones that sound better than anything monster I have ever tried.
  • Haha yeah... The only difference between a $10 HDMI cable and a $300 cable is $290 :P The only time a better cable might be needed is for long runs, say over 10m... but $300 for a 2m cable is insane!
  • I bought a 25' HDMI cable from Monoprice for about $30. Very thick cable.
  • Yup. rocks.
  • For that length of cable that's very reasonable!
  • I purchased my white Purity Pros about 3 weeks ago and while the price was putting me off, I've had a chance to compare them to the best out there including Beats and Sony's top of the line. I prefer the Nokia's handling of mids and highs. I even tested with an 8X's. The 8X's audio Beats audio processing was definitely better than Nokia's Dolby. The battery life is exceptional and I average 3-4 days of constant use. And above all else the noise cancelling is excellent. My wife's snoring is easily handled with just a bit of music. I've no slept this well in years! LOL!
  • It would make sense (pun intended) that HTC Beats sound better with monster cable enhancements. I just wish there wasn't a price hike just because it has monster cable in the name.
  • "I've had a chance to compare them to the best out there including Beats and Sony's top of the line."
    No offense, but this takes away any credibility you had. Beats are terrible headphones, especially considering the price.
  • Yeah, I'm agreeing with willied on this one. Beats are terrible for the price, just a bunch of jacked up bass. Seriously go to headfi or the like and read some reviews on a good set of tins.
  • Haha I stopped reading after that line for the same reason.
  • I purchased my white Purity Pros about 3 weeks ago and while the price was putting me off, I've had a chance to compare them to the best out there including Beats and Sony's top of the line. I prefer the Nokia's handling of mids and highs. I even tested with an 8X's. The 8X's audio Beats audio processing was definitely better than Nokia's Dolby. The battery life is exceptional and I average 3-4 days of constant use. And above all else the noise cancelling is excellent. My wife's snoring is easily handled with just a bit of music. I've not slept this well in years! LOL!
  • I think i finally found a replacement for My old (Nokia) bh-905i :)
  • I switched to iems , I now have the UE900 with my Lumia 920 and it's truly the best sounding things I put in my ear
  • I want them, but will resist while the price decreases
  • Awesome review! Too bad I can't fathom spending more than $100USD for headphones.... But, as I recently quit my old job for a better, closer to home job where I can bicycle commute to work and good hands free seems lime a must (only 3.5 miles one way). I may just save up the gas money I would have used and apply that toward this purchase! Red Purity all the way!
  • If you plan on riding with head phones, one its dangerous, use a set of sport buds or anything else that can handle sweat.
  • +1 it's illegal in most countries to cycle with headphones. At the very least you should have only 1 earpiece in, and keep the ear open on the traffic side - for me that's the right ear as I'm on the left side of the road, in the US keep the left ear open when riding on the right. If I was ever stopped by police I would show them I'm only using it for training messages from the app I use which tells me how far I've gone, average speed etc. That's only half true as it plays music too, but they don't need to know that ;)
  • Its also illegal in the US...well at least Calif to drive a car while using headphones or earbuds. Reason being you can't hear emergency vehicles, (police, fire or ambulance)
  • This is funny because you can't really hear them in any modern vehicle the way they sound proof them now, especially so,if you have the stereo up.
  • How would you wear such a thing with a bike helmet anyway? :P or aren't they mandatory in the US?
  • What is the difference between Nokia Purity HD (On-Ear) and Purity Pro Wireless?
    Other than price, and the one being cable and the other wireless...
  • I believe the Purity HDs don't have the mic and all the voice operation capabilities that the Pros do. The Pros also sound much better to my ear
  • OK, so the Pros are worth the xtra cash? It costs like 1.000NOK (about 160USD) Xtra for the Pros here in Norway. But its actually, for once, cheaper in Norway, Purity Pro for 1.895NOK (about 300USD)!
  • Read the review and decide for yourself :) even that bottom paragraph should tell you
  • Haha, I actually read the review, I'm just very on/off if I should buy.
    Great review btw, give us more of those ! :D
  • Nokia Purity HDs come with 2 sets of cables. One with a ControlTalk Universal cable (mic, vol up, down, stop, pause, hang up/answer) and a Nokia AV cable (mic only) for legacy phones. I've had 2 pairs. Very happy with them.
  • I have both, everything is different. One is a premium headphone, the other is not.
    I though the HD's were quite good headphones, not the most amazing, but very good, espeically for free! But when I got the PRO's I cannot even listen to the HD's, there is that much of a difference in the sound quality.
    Then there is the benefits of the buttons on the headphones controlling the music, the NFC, the BT, and the noise cancling which is fantastic.
  • Just wondering if I connected these via bluetooth/cable to my computer would you be able to use the microphone for skype etc
  • I haven't tried, likely not possible via wire but I'll try with Bluetooth now...
  • Ok yep at least on the surface the microphone is picked up by Skype :)
  • Thanks mate
  • Yes you can via Bluetooth. Just select the audio source and output via skype settings. Works like a charm
  • thanks man
  • Got my black pros when it wad pretty expensive a few months ago. The most I've spent for an headphone. Works superbly. It's my default audio output source on windows so when i need it, i just turn it on and put it on my ear. Play pause buttons work on windows media player for music or movies. The best feature is that i can connect my 920 and windows 8 laptop at the same time. If i need to listen to something my phone, i just pause whatever is on my laptop and press play on my phone. It's pretty superb. Listening to Ms Jackson, Outkast, right now in a pub with these
  • Nice review but I frankly have a bad experience with Monster. Did you ever hear any other headphones such the V-Moda M-80 and audio technica ath-m50 ?
    I'm always ready to purchase new headphones and the design of those ones are sexy but Monster is one of the worst headphones manufacturer ever (and the Beats line is even worst :s).
    So a comparison with other "real top headphones" would be great !
  • I can compare them to the Bose-AE2, and I would say they are about on par with, perhaps not quite as high quality but equally comfortable and with with less sound leakage
  • Asking Jay to compare those headphones is like asking the great |Joker| from headfi to review smartphones, its better to stick to specific experts for specific products.
  • Well, you never know. maybe Jay has some experience in the headphones. I hoped he would because recommending a product with such a high price with no background is quite... dangerous.
    I know that people with background in headphones would definitely go to head-fi to discuss about headphones but my concern is that most of people visiting WPCentral will trust the reviewer because WPCentral is a really good website and it's a pleasure to read it. But as you say, I think they should stick to their speciality or ask people with a real knowledge about headphones of doing it. Like |Joker| for the audio part and Jay could stick on the interactions with our devices.
  • Watching wealthy people shop. Its like wpcentral's own Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous. lol.
  • I have the black ones. Got them for 265 euros (Finland). Got them initially for testing and was preapared to take them back. I had no idea what they might sound and feel like although I had read a lot of reviews. They're really hard to find even in Finland btw. All in all I was so positively suprised that I kept them. I think the best thing about them is that they've got versatile. Noise cancellation, bluetooth, apt-x, nfc pairing, good design and good sound. If I had to say one criticism it would be that the "white noise" caused by the noise cancellation is a tad too loud. In quiet parts of songs you might be able to hear it a bit.
  • I bought some Ultimate Ears in ear headphones years ago for $350, they sounded great but got uncomfortable after a while. Still have them but they are cracking, pieces are replaceable but I think I'm going for a set of these purity over ears instead. They'll be worth the money if they last as long as my UE have.
  • I had Bluetooth headphones but the convenience of no wires is heavily outweighed by the lack of audio settings over Bluetooth; no equaliser ruins the experience for me.
  • Did you clean these up for the product shots? I imagine these looking like a hot fingerprinted mess after even short handling. Maybe I'm wrong though...
  • I did clean them up yeah, as we always do for product shots :) they are a bit fingerprint-magnetic but not as bad as glass products
  • I'll stick with my Monster Beats. Combined with the 8x its tops
  • I have white ones and couldn't be more happier
  • Agreed, absolutely incredible pair of headphones. I have been through many sets of headphones including all of the Nokia Purity line. These are incredible, the sound quality is near perfect (considering they are wireless), the active noise cancling is fantastic (only complaint from it is with no music on, you can hear a slight hiss when the cancling kicks in, but even when you put the music on at the lowest volume it pretty much disapears.)
    Using them on a flight is an absolute savour, I couldnt believe just how much noise it cancles out on a flight, with these it was one of the best, most comfortable flights I have ever had.
    Personally I don't get peoples complaints about EQ's I have pretty much always said, if you need to adjust an EQ to make something sound correct or better, get better hardware. With these the sound is so well rounded you wouldnt want to adjust the EQ, the bass is full, well rounded and very tight, the mids are clear and distinct and the treble is incredibly clear.
  • In other words, you have absolutely no clue regarding eq given different source material, which is optimized for different listening conditions.
  • Hahahahahaha! SNAP! :)
  • One thing I loved about these headphones too is that you can connect multiple devices at once. Which makes them great on the PC too, because you can have them connected as the sound output for your PC, but also as a gaming headset at the same time, and even to your phone too if you wanted to!
  • I want to be all over this, but that price bites. And my girlfriend would make me sleep on a couch if she found out I bought a $350 headphones.
  • She'd be right, given the monster... Pedigree
  • That brand is bright flag for someone who cares far more about what their headphones look like, than what they sound like. This is the same monster who sells 100$ hdmi cables that are functionally equivalent to 5$ hdmi cables. Nokia would be better off with practically any other partner.
  • My concern exactly, but having spent time with this set, they sound excellent and I highly recommend them as you'll see from the review
  • U can get Bose between $100-$300. No comparison
  • Interested point of view, I take it you have compared the two then?
  • Not with this model but with Minster brand, beats, Harmon kardon etc. Bose is king
  • As I think I made relatively clear in the review, this is the first pair of Monster headphones I have ever been impressed with in terms of sound quality. You really need to try out these headphones before dismissing them so easily.
  • I honestly can't see any unique or 'must-have' feature on these that justifies the $350 rape entry fee. C'mon, ANYTHING with the 'monster' logo on it is over-priced. I understand why you want to promote the WP community (esp. with Nokia; their dedication to WP is why I chose them), but sheesh- these are a no-go.
  • They're cheaper in the UK as you can see, this is more a sum of the parts deal rather than one must have feature
  • But that's only due to the exchange rate. I'm pretty sure 180-210 pounds is still quite the sum of cash. What might cost a million rupees may be only $500 here, but that doesn't make it any less expensive.
  • £180 is approx $270 by current exchange rates. It's the first time I've seen something competitively priced here compared to the US
  • $270 and it doesn't make me a sandwich? no sale.
  • Wow❕❗❕❗ for a Sunday the news is quite robust❗
  • I understand audiophile sound is not the first concern of mobile users, especially since full-sized cans are often difficult to drive correctly without a headphone amp. Looks, ease-of-use, practical storage, and durability come often first. However, I do wonder how those headphones sound in comparison to $250 closed Sennheiser or AKG headphones, like AKG K 550  (I've discounted $99 for Bluetooth and NFC), or to similarly-priced wireless headphones like Sennheiser RS 180.
  • My flatmate has the AKGs as well as the Bose AE2 set. He rates the Bose over the AKGs but says both sound phenominal. I'd agree, and if you're buying a headset purely for the absolute best sound quality possible for your money then I'd say those are the way to go. Which is pretty much what the wrap up of this review says.
  • I'll wait for WPCentral to have a sweepstakes with these as the prize before I purchase a pair...
    *hint hint  
  • I just handed my pair into Nokia Care a week ago. The forward/rewind button did not work when wired (flawless via Bluetooth), the sound was slightly louder on left ear and the colour would run on a hot sweaty day! They are yellow and the colour that ran off them was like a highlighter yellow! Apart from that, the sound was amazing!!! Anyone else had similar problems???
  • Does Samsung hate their windows phone? I wish I could read some positive news about Samsung wp8. Some new app or something , make me miss my Lumia! Oh please Nokia make drive beta available in Sweden any time soon at least :/ forgive me because I have sinned
  • You need to repent and buy a Nokia. :-P
  • Hmmm these (and keep using my ear buds which sound fantastic) or a new 30l backpack for bikepacking? Although I will evently get the other that I don't get first. Hmmmmm.
  • And were all the photos captured by a Lumia? :)
  • Nope, a Canon 1100D :)
  • Hmmm, what kind of music do people who spend $300-$350 on a pair of headphones listen to?
  • Onya Jay, great article
  • I like to play PS3 games while in a Skype call with the friend(s) I'm playing with. Right now I do this by having over ear headphones connected to the PS3 with an in ear headset in one ear (underneath) so I can hear the game and the call together. It sounds like the Purity Pro would allow me to pair with the PS3 for gaming audio and my phone for voice (Skype or call) at the same time BUT could I run a Skype call and the game audio together? Or does the headset stop the game audio when a voice Skype/call starts? Can anyone test this for me please, even just with a PC (music) and a Phone (voice)? Thanks.
  • Interesting they are not available in Cyan.
  • I bought the black ones. I don't use them much but the quality is worth every penny. I'm not traveling again until October so that's when they'll get their full test on an airplane, but they are very cool and sound great.
  • Anything "Monster" branded is priced well over what it is worth. I still laugh at people that buy Monster cables.
  • Hahaha...I didn't read all the comments before making mine! You're absolutely correct and SHAME ON WPCENTRAL FOR RECOMMENDING THIS CRAP! Where the hell is their common-sense?
  • The price issue is mentioned right there in the review... Also, they're much cheaper here in the UK as you can see ;)
  • Normally I would agree with you, but these certainly break the Monster tradition of being cheap shit for lots of money. I still would never buy one of those cables. But these headphones are actually fantastic, I don't think you can find another set of headphones with this feature set and sound quality for the money.
    I hate the fact that they are Monster, which almost screams anti-audiophile but they really do sound good, even comparing them to some B&O over headphones. They have deeper warmer base than the B&Os but I would say pretty much as well controlled, and the mids were pretty much on par and the treble being slightly more prominent on the B&O. And the B&O phones were £280.
    Luckily I got my Purity-Pros free from the 820 at Selfridges deal!
  • If these are from Monster, the same buttmunchers who try to sell 3' HDMI cables for $150, then these are WAAAAAYY over-priced and crap. No thank you.
    I'll stick to the wired earphones that came with my BB Tour and do everything these do...FOR FREE.
  • These comments make me laugh! Too bad modern Nokia phones have very poor audio performance. Nokia's old line of Xpress Music phones are leaps and bounds ahead of any of their Lumia phones. Monster Cables own line of headphone are really good, they use higher quality materials than Bose. As for the purity headphones, they will be as high quality as Nokia determines it to be not by Monster Cable. And Monster Cable does not make Beats anymore. After Beats separated from Monster the Beats quality went way down.
  • What i want to know is, are these better than my Nokia BH 905i's?
  • Picked up a pair last night for £121 delivered on ebay, seems alot of people have won them in competitions or are review models.
  • Good price! I'd have definitely got them for that money
  • Bose?
    I have never seen an audio site recommend a set of bose headphones. How would the Purity Pros compare to a set of similarly priced Audio Technica, Sennheiser, or grado headphones?
    It's good to see you writing more articles Jay. You should do this full time ;)
  • Yeah the Bose set my flatmate has are stellar, hence the comparison. They also hold up against his AKGs as well. I haven't ever owned an expensive pair of Sennheisers so I don't think I can make a fair comparison truthfully. Compared to the HD202's that I owned forever ago they are definitely higher quality, but then the HD202's are £20 so you'd absolutely hope so. We're not an audio site as you know so if you're on the fence about these you should definitely be looking for second opinions, and look to us to discuss everything else these headphones too whilst still being able to give a reasonable evaluation of the sound quality.
  • They must must be a low end pair of AKGs.
  • They're not the top end pair, think he spent somewhere around £130 on them, so £50 cheaper than the Purity Pros and they do sound better, but don't have the bells and whistles we discussed in the review
  • Thank you for this review! I want purity headphones as well!
  • You put a wireless charging case on the beautiful Lumia 925 black??? No!!!! I wish they made those cases more attractive.
  • Actually that's a Lumia 720 :)
  • I have these headsets, very nice imo. Just wondering if I workout with them on will the sweat damage them?
  • They don't worth the money. I have the wired ones and they don't worth the money either. Remember we are talking about headphones here and for the price they don't deliver the way they should. Even a pair of cheap skullcandies headphones sound better.
  • I agree with you about the wired ones, I think I even stated that in the second paragraph of the review. But these are different to the wired ones, much better sound quality
  • LOVE these headphones.
    Question though, how do you get the Nokia accessory app?  I don't get it when I NFC pair (I'm using the Lumia 928)
  • Pair up then go to settings -> accessories and you can then tap the headphones to see their details. There's an option there to pin out the tile :)
  • $350? Are they made of gold, looks way overpriced.
  • I recently bought the previous generation Purity HD cyan headphones, and although I haven't used them extensively, I'm very happy with the purchase. Microsoft is selling them for $99 currently in all 4 colors. I felt very justified with my purchase at that price.
    Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset - $99.99 Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset/productID.253796400
  • Thank you very much for the review. You covered every aspect and that helped me a lot. Just received my new Nokia Purity Pro headset and I am very pleased with the sound quality and connectivity. Thanks again!
  • Could anyone kindly advise whether this model will sound good with iPhone (5)?