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Nokia updates Lumia Storage Check Beta, allows map data to be stored on SD cards [Updated]

Storage Check has been available on Nokia Windows Phones for a few weeks now, bundled with a firmware update. The app enables consumers to check exactly what's stored on the phone and manage the data accordingly. The company has already updated Storage Check and it's currently listed over on its Beta Labs website. This is to help the team squash bugs and solve issues consumers have experienced attempting to use the app.

So what's new in this version of Storage Check? According to product page on the Beta Labs website, it's now possible to store offline maps on an SD card. That's an extremely useful feature as smartphones (rather unfortunately) don't come with 1TB storage drives. Should you be having trouble with "Other Storage", you may want to check out this option once this version of Storage Check is released to the public.

Here's a quick look at the Storage Check app that's currently available for Lumia Windows Phones (not the beta version):

Be sure to head on over to the Nokia Beta Labs to try out the beta version and look up more information. If you're having trouble with the version in the "Settings" on your Lumia Windows Phone, it's recommended you try out this beta.

Update: Adding the Store link for the Beta of Storage Check, though users may need to register to download. You can find it in the Store here or scan the QR tag below.

Update 2: It looks like the beta version with the map manager has not been uploaded to the Store yet, as only version 1.0 from April 15th is available.

Update 3: Nokia has now updated the beta version on the store. Be sure to check out the standalone beta app (use the store link or QR code below) for the latest features.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs (opens in new tab), Windows Phone Store, via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Damn you HTC!
  • Hahaha thts wat you get for joining then ^^
  • And what exactly is the problem with getting a HTC? If I remember, they were supporting WP way longer than Nokia. I have both a 8X and 920, and I prefer the 8X personally. 
    In any case, the real blame should be laid onto Microsoft for creating this storage mess in the first place. While it is nice to see Nokia attempting to minimise the issue, MS are the one who are ultimately responsible for fixing bugs and giving us features we want.
  • But what about all the other stuff the HTC sucks for
  • You really enjoy that 12gb of usable memory? Good for you.
  • I never claimed it was perfect did I? I just said I prefer it to the Lumia 920. Why the need to be a fanboy here? If you want to throw that 12GB thing at me, I can also say the 920's camera sucked badly in day light (it is awesome for low light I give it that), even compared to the 8X.
  • Have you ever seen the thread Pictures taken with your Lumia 920? or Loving the Pro Shot app? Clearly not and the HTC thread for pictures is much smaller compared to the 920 community. And I'm not a fanboy since I'm on T-Mobile and don't even have one, I'm just a little upset over HTC's poor decisions and the fact that people keep saying it's high end. The only high end thing on the 8X is the design and the screen. So actually I have nothing against you per se, I just want more from these OEMs not named Nokia.
  • You just didn't have the latest portico update. 920 camera wipes floors with X8 days and nights.
  • I love my 8 GB phone, so thanks for assuming everyone is like you and needs a shittonne of space. Yes 16 GB is perfect for me, but 8GB and I still have 1.50 GB free with 1.8 GB of others so stop talking.
  • And before someone starts bashing me saying I'm probably not using my phone like I should be: I have 50 apps, 10 of them being games, and 200 songs on my phone itself. I just use SkyDrive for all my photos to transfer so I don't waste space, and some other cloud storage features. It's really not that hard at all. And offline mapping data for my province in Canada and Egypt. What more does one need?
  • You are absolutely correct and I apologize for my assumptions.
  • Daw shucks I'm a sucker for apologies... Apology accepted
  • I have the 8X and 920 on T-Mobile. The only thing better on the 8X to me is the HTC weather lock screen. What is better on the 8X over the 920 to you?
  • To me it's the size. 4.3" is perfect for my palm size, and I like the design just a bit better than the 920. If Nokia made a 4.3" Lumia with 720p display and isn't too weighty I would go for it.
  • It's been widely reported that the 8x has superior audio with the built-in amp.
  • Actually the speaker phone is louder on my 920. They sound about the same using my Samsung stereo wireless headset. I was excited about that amp and beats but was highly disappointed when I tried it out. Maybe my expectations was to high. I will add I listen to Metal / Rock. It might be different if you listen to pop / rap.
  • It's been widely reported that HTC stole Nokias microphone technology in at least HTC One model. So much for HTC:s "innovation".
  • I agree, it's Microsoft's fault
  • I think his point is the broader lack of effort by HTC when compared to Nokia.  Usually I find myself defending HTC and Samsung against the Nokia bias here.  But Nokia is the only OEM that has shown time and time again how dedicated they are to WP by issuing quick firmware updates, building new apps to address feature gaps in WP, and scoring exclusive apps for their Lumia line.
  • On Tmobile, and I wasn't going to buy that ugly 810, I love my 8x, just wished their was more support, but I'll live.
  • Too bad for you. HTC has no good track record supporting their phones and especially now for their WP lineup.
  • Joining? Its a phone!
  • Assuming MS ever fixes this problelm built into the OS, what are the odds 8x owners even get an update now that TMo dropped the phone from their lineup?  I'm not very hopeful, give my past experience with HTC/Tmo devices, I can't imagine any more updates will come. 
  • You will possibly have to do what I did with my tmo hd7 to get 7.8 on it. Tmobile reps don't even "remember" selling my phone half the time. There is no support from them for my phone anymore. If I need a replacement, I'll have to get a different one since they don't even have refurbs online.
  • Windows Phones running WP8 have OTA, genius! TMo wouldnt have a say there.
  • T-Mobile can do anything with updates you genious, Microsoft still depends on carriers green signal before pushing OTA updates.
  • Thats the exact reason i switched over from the HD7 to Lumia
  • Go Nokia. Pew pew
  • A 1TB Smartphone, lol!
  • If that smartphone with such capacity is present, I will buy one.
  • That's alot of corn videos.
  • U mean porn?!
  • That too.
  • Mmmmm corn
  • The internet is for corn!
  • This is huge, symbian users now can rejoice again.. amazing!!!
  • ?
  • I meant ex-symbian users who switched to WP.. Because in Symbian this was possible...
  • Unfortunately, this can't be used on the Lumia 820 on AT&T since it does not have the required firmware version.
  • Ehem unlocked is,the way to go...
  • LOL, my DE 920 has not received update yet and it took Nokia 3 months to push porticio/fw last time to UK and DE phones.
    Unlocked is the way to go is you want to get updates last
  • Have been using a 620 and always received the updates.. Maybe I should have said unbranded instead of unlocked..
  • Mine is unbranded, unlocked
  • +1
    CV ES 920 (=unbranded) and still waiting for firmware uodate
  • Does the unlocked 820 work on AT&T's LTE network, or is it stuck on their 3G/"4G" data?
  • Same with me, AT&T 820 don't have the required firmware update :( so sad!
  • I am really sad to see the 820 be pretty much left out of the picture. It is the least talked about model, and I am pretty sure that Nokia has forgotten it's existance. Or, I should say that AT&T has forgotten it. Next time I guess I will get the 9xx model. Basically, I loved the changeable shells and upgradeable memory over the sweet camera. I will stick with Nokia, but next time I won't make the 8xx mistake.
  • I cant see the option to move the maps. Can anyone guide me?
  • its a tool in the app list and not this in the settings list. for some reason there are two different once.
    if you dont have the "maps" button you need an update.
    witha 920 for example you cant because you dont have a sdcard anyways
  • Thank you Adrian :). There was no mention that it will be in my app list and not in my settings. So got a little confused.
  • Did you find the app that is used to move the maps? I cannot see it
  • Yes I found it in my App List, instead of setting listed as "Lumia Storage Check"
    Here is the screenshot for your refernce: -
  • Thanks for the reply, what I found out the other the day is that there are two apps in the marketplace.
    The one I had was called Storage check, and just appears in the settings, it does not allow you to move maps - although it looks exactly the same otherwise.
    Lumia storage check however does allow you to move maps. screenshot below - Thanks Anyway!

  • Any news on whether this will be available for the Lumia 822?
  • I'm also wondering this too. It only know of it being on the 920. I was looking for this app and couldn't find it anywhere.
  • I really like my 822 but I'm starting to feel like the 920 is getting all the love...
  • Same here - you can load this app but it will not run on the 822
  • What about the 820??? Seems like its dead! This makes me regret for buying one!
  • Works fine on the 820
  • First get the 1308 thats pending from verizon
  • How do you get it? Also, please tell me I don't have to do a device wipe and I'll be happy :-)
  • Installed it on my 822, but it says the service is not available.  BOOOOOO!
  • Same here. Downloaded and installed...
    Service not available.
    System could not retrieve storage information.
  • Same here with my 920 but that is expected since I don't have the 1308 FW yet
  • Finally there is an option to store maps in memory cards. It's one feature i really want to comeback on Lumia since my choice to move from symbian to winpho. :))
  • Why the flying **** does the 820's page as well as Nokia software update say that 5951 is the latest version, but this requires 5957? Do other 820 owners have 5957?
  • Same here with AT&T 820 :( but I hear unlocked 820's have the update damn it!
  • I have an unbranded 820 and it has 5957, got it when i got the 1308 update
  • This is sweet i freed up my phone storage and put my micro sd to work.
  • Well 920 users won't notice any change either seeing as how we don't have SD cards. 
  • ^ THIS.
  • Hahaha totally forgot abt that...! xD
  • Now we just need a high end Nokia on Verizon wireless with a MicroSD slot....wishing the 928 has one...
  • Not really useful for 920.... but I guess it's still a great update nonetheless.
  • Soon, we'll see apps can be moved into MicroSD card.
  • Then: nokia's firmware accidentally enabled hackers to gain root access! I can only hope... I want to change my goddamn text message sound again lol.
  • Awesome news!
    Voice maps too?
    Voice to text too? Thanks
  • storage check is still nt available in ma nokia 820....
  • Update your firmware version to 1308 first. It's the first requirement for all Lumia WP8 devices.
  • It probably never will. Nokia is awesome and all but they do hate us 820 owners
  • Lol they do!!!!
  • Just update it via NSU for retail
  • I've recieved the 1308 on my unbranded IT 820, anyway go to your country's version of the support page for 820 on nokia website, there will be shown the lastest version of the firmware avaible in your country.
  • I have 1308 on my unbranded 820 in the uk
    No data sense for unbranded yet though
  • Still haven't received the firmware itself!
  • This! Nokia rollouts are pretty horrible.
  • +1
  • +100
  • You mean carrier rollouts.
  • Summary of comments. Non920 owners: "920 gets everything!" 920 owners: "this doesn't help me" I'm looking forward to getting this on my 822 or 928 if I get that phone.
  • Spot on
  • Beta works on Lumia 620 (Germany). I can save maps/downloads to SD card :) Yay!
  • How is this app different from the one we have in the settings menu?
  • If u read you'd know.
    It allow u to use maps on SD
  • Ok i set maps to be downloaded to sdcard now here maps wont let me download new maps as the app just crashes...
  • Ok fixed it by setting map storage back to phone storage.. Deleting the map using the storage app.. Changed back to store on sdcard and re downloaded the map all from within this app...
  • I hope MS will release same kind of app for all WP8 phones as this one doesn't work on ATIV S.
  • It's just spinning around forever and pissing me off. I'm not going to do hard reset to make it work and loose all I have at the same time , lame.
  • Is this worth downloading for 920 owners, we have it built in right? I'm confused.
  • Wondering the same thing. We got this with the last firmware update. Only thing is the added ability to put maps on SD card which the 920 doesn't have. It even shows as a install instead of a update to the current app.
  • Its very disappointed with Microsoft and nokia , these are necessary improvement they missed out when they realised the phone . Before you people call me a troll or abuse me , let me tell you something , I paid rs 25000 around 500 dollars , i finished my med school and working for a salary of 30000 rupees doing two 48 hour duties per week , i work hard to earn the money when i spend 75 pec on a phone i wish would get better quality and functionality at least the basics (formated my phone twice coz other memory was like 3 gb). I had a option of iPhone 4 and lumia 820 i went for lumia because i feel i am loyal to Microsoft but they are really disappointed me this time . If we are getting their service for free or a reduced price then we could have supported or appreciated them they way some of us are doing here, but after paying so much if you (Microsoft) and nokia keep us hanging on a small firmware update its really a shame. And Microsoft live tiles are nice but they are not a superb technology or invention than giving is basic settings handy, so stop overrating it !
  • Use shrink storage app.I cleared my 2.9 GB other storage to 1.2 GB.Clear IE history.
  • keep some patience brother, Nokia will atleast give you such functionality with updates but people with HTC and samsung phones wont get anything, so keep treating patients with a smile and you will defintely get the update soon :)
  • Microsoft really really needs to fix the storage problem soon as well as allowing apps to be installed to the microSD card. I'm getting pretty sick of waiting.
  • Thats why I like it :-)
  • So now a Lumia 820 would have been enough. FFS!
  • Works on my Lumia 820. I have the portico update from nsu
  • What does NSU stand for?
  • Nokia Software Updater for Retail
  • Where is the difference to the new storage tool i received with the firmware update that sits in settings?
  • It adds the ability to store Here+ Maps on the SDCARD now instead of in the phone memory!
  • Yes - because its a newer release. But why do i have this app installed under apps and also installed under settings now? could you explain that as well ?:)
  • Because you downloaded it. That was easy.
  • If you have a read of the Beta labs article it basically says its being kept separate for now whilst they iron out any bugs, so we will hopefully see it merged into the system setting app at some point.
  • Awesome, don't even have the 1308 update! Unlocked Lumia 920!!!
  • same here, but my phone is a 820
  • Still waiting for Build phones to get updates!
  • Not working on my AT&T 920
  • Works like a charm, from the QR, on my red 820.
  • Happy days, hopefully this is the start of better use of the memory card. Was surprised it installs as a separate app though rather than as an update to the 'Storage Check' within the settings menu. Hopefully a future update will merge them. Can someone confirm whether the maps are moved automatically from the phone storage to sd card or do we have to delete and re download?
  • Sorry for the late reply but you do have to delete and redownload. It's a big confusing actually, you have to pick phone then delete them then pick SD and redownload as otherwise you just get two copies!
  • On my AT&T 920 I see the "storage check" item inthe settings, but when I press it the screen redraws and nothing happens?
    Anyone else see this???
  • Tried to delete/move the maps and storage check is still showing 300mb plus of maps on my phone, though when I go into apps Drive and Maps are 30mb-ish. Not sure if they are on my phone or SD card now. Also as an aside, I hope this also now means we might be able to save Nokia Music mixes to the SD card in future.
  • Yep, it doesn't seem to work quite like you expect. You have to select phone first and delete them then select SD and download, otherwise you get two sets
  • Service not available, could not retrieve storage information
  • Still having that annoying Infinite spin' issue. The really annoying thing is i have 3gbs of 'other' data I still can't get rid of!
  • I know right, same problem here.
  • I'm still having the same issues with my 920.
  • Can't wait until I can have my maps on my SD card saving alot of internal memory. I hope more apps and even Xbox live games allow this since I had to delete more than half my games to free up for some of the newer ones.
  • That my friend is why I benched my 8X for a 920. I got sick and tired of having to delete stuff.
  • Got it on my unbranded lumia 820 in the uk and it works brilliantly, shifted all my maps to my sd card :)
    Also, when i got the storage checker it freed up 2GB of the 4GB i had in other storage for those wondering :)
  • It doesn't work on my Lumia 810.
  • You did get the part about the required 1308 firmware update right??
  • well aware of issue.
  • Thats good but does it move you rold maps to sd or just installs new ones to sd ?? in which case how do i delete my old maps ???
  • You got to delete old maps from phone storage first, then download to SD again - both in the app itself. Done successfully with my L620 today. Easy.
  • Does not work on TM 810 as well .
  • I have like 4gb of my memory taken up by that damn Other category. So sick of it
  • Get that "Shrink Storage" app from the marketplace, it really does help... Got my Other from over 6gb on my 8X down to 2.57gb in one pass...
  • So .. Is there any chance that I can get the same experience on my HTC 8x ?? It doesn't has to be the exact same app, maybe some developer can come out with a similar thing. I already got 3 GB of other storage.
  • Read the posting right above yours ^^^^^^
  • is there but firmware update not in sight for us L920.1 users.
  • @tbonenga .. Thanx m8.
  • still waiting for firmware update.... tick tock tick tock
  • Still broken on Nokia Lumia 620 :(
  • I can install and move maps onto the SD just fine on my 620 but since then, I cannot browse the phone content on my computer! (Win 7 64b here). The phone appears in the 'Computer' window but is empty.
  • I can browse phone storage and SD without any problems (L620, Win 7 32b).
  • I've just installed this app and, as stated, it is still the 15.04.2013 version. Anyway, it's not even starting for me. I get the "Service not available. Could not retrieve storage information" error. Sad.
  • Something like this should be made available for ALL windows phones!
  • Who buys other than Nokia WP?
  • Got a 920 and 820. 920 is fine. 820? 0 games installed. Just a few Necessary apps installed. Couple songs. Less than 1GB left. Ridiculous dumbphone.
  • lol you can put songs, photos and videos on SD card
  • bet he did not know that.
  • A "couple songs" shouldn't be a factor no? :) all media files go to my SD but I have a few songs that are not. SkyDrive auto upload turned off. Other storage 4GB, system 2GB. Couple common apps installed (whatsapp, maps etc). Full.
  • well, the storage check is there just to clear "other" storage
  • Got update last night
  • nsu nokia software updater, usd it on my n9 before, me thinking a lot didnt know about NSU? Prolly first time nokia users? Its a good sign though:)
  • Still no firmware update on AT&T, so app won't run.
  • Lumia 810 owners might never see this :'(
  • :-(
  • OK does this not work on the Lumia 822??
  • It does not currently due to the firmware version.
  • I don't have that Storage Check thing, can someone enlighten me how that works, how can I expect to have it, being a branded 820 user.
    Regarding the juvenile silliness of calling something crap, as opposed to liking something, I just need to say: drop that puerile bs, it's stupid. Lu