Nokia's Amazing Windows Phone Deliveries

Some interesting videos have surfaced with Nokia making some amazing Windows Phone deliveries in Hungary. The Lumia 800s were ordered through T-Mobile's web site and Nokia did their best to make the delivery special.

The deliveries included an Apollo Astronaut, dancers, Michael Jackson, and a bunch of circus performers. It's a nice promotion and does make our friendly UPS truck look rather dull.

Nokia has held some very nice promotions over seas for their Lumia Windows Phones.  It will be interesting to see what they have in store next month when the Lumia line hits full swing here in the States.  Hit the jump to catch the other three special deliveries by Nokia and T-Mobile.

Source: YouTube (opens in new tab); Thanks, Ellis, for the tip!

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  • Why the hell don't T-mobile offer the Lumia 800 in the U.S?
  • I wish Nokia would do cool stuff like this over here in the US. It's not fair that our European friends across the pond get all the fun (even though Nokia is European).
  • You know, throw in some celebrities and ridiculous things and that could be funny reality TV special in U.S. on E! or Bravo.
  • I have to admit the bewildered guy at the end was hilarious.
  • I feel off the chair...
    What a geek :D
  • How funny, the best bit for me was the first video where the guy was standing with 2 ladies.....his face....what a picture...
    Go Go Go Nokia....stilll waiting for my 900..
  • Wonder how much money has been pumped into these ad campaigns 
  • Euromarketing is strange. I'd be so embarrassed and uncomfortable if that happened to me.
  • microsoft needs to keep tabs on nokia, seriously this is a waste of money. Unless you're online and on a windows phone 7 website you won't see this video. So why not spend that money with more ads net banner ads, billboards, better training of sales reps, etc
  • Yes, having a few college girls deliver phones might bankrupt Microsoft.
  • Actually, if you ensure me that college girls will be delivering my Nokia, I and 10 more would order 1 per day for the next 11 days
  • Oh God! That last one. He looked like the last man on earth with the ladies!
  • I LOL'd at his mom taking a picture of him! So hilarious!
  • HAHAHA! Hilarious :D
  • This is one of the reasons I love Nokia so much... They are different. And they are good at it.
    PS: I would really love to get that promo song as a ringtone with my next WP7 (sure to be a Nokia)
  • OMG!
    Nokia knows how to to promote!
    lovin' it!
  • Amazing everyday
  • GUYS! Here you may find a NEW one...with "Elvis"