NVIDIA has a fix out for a bad driver update

GTX 1080
GTX 1080

It seems NVIDIA recently broke some pretty important stuff on a number of PCs, and now the company has a hot fix out for the apparent broken driver.

According to PC World the 375.57 GeForce driver was riddled with issues relating to the Start Menu, image artifacts in GIFs and videos and causing some Windows Store apps to freak out and crash completely. What this driver should have delivered is a game-ready system for Battlefield 1, Civilisation IV and the forthcoming Titanfall 2.

The good news is that it's been replaced with a new driver, build 375.63. However, if you still see an update to 375.57, don't install it and wait until you see the newer one. Chances are you'll be much happier.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Yep I noticed all of these with my 1060 on my laptop. Glad to see a hotfix is out.
  • Awesome. I was going to revert back to an earlier build when I got home but this is great.
  • Unfortunately I've already started a reinstall triggered by this. Thing is, it didn't look like a vid card issue. Shame Nvidia couldn't manage an email over the weekend to let us know it was them and they were sorting it. Sometimes I wonder why I ever gave them my email address to supposedly keep me 'up to date' regarding new drivers. They've never contacted me about such even once.
  •   Absolutely agree.  I spent quite some time trying to troubleshoot why Mail and Onenote kept crashing on start, even went to uninstall via Powershell and contacting MS/submitted feedback.  Reinstalled afterwards and couldn't pin the tiles properly.  A crazy journey of troubleshooting and hours later with tons of nonworking solutions, thought I would do some long winded fix assuming it was a start menu corrupted database... fortunately I took a break before executing and read this.  Can't imagine people that went to greater lengths trying to fix this and failed. NVIDIA, you lost major brownie points for this one.
  • ...They didn't catch this in testing?
  • Stuff happens. Could say the same about any company pushing out software updates. Including Microsoft.
  • Heh, I remember, before the Interweb got popular, when if a company had to release a patch to an off-the-shelf piece of software it was considered a major failure as distribution was not easy and required a public announcement of failure. Much like a product recall. The Interweb is great for making this process easier, but awful for making it standard practice. Oh for the days when the end user was not part of the development cycle... sigh.
  • The difference being that times have changed now. The end user is a part of the development cycle because they optimize for different games out there. Its constantly expanding its capability to improve things for the end user. Its the world we live in now. Some is better some is worse. When problems arise its worse.
  • NVidia is so quick to push out drivers for new games I don't blame them for missing something minor like this.. Im happy I get drivers in a timely matter that work 98% of the time
  • My pc was locking up when trying to install it so I finally gave up on it. Hope this solves my issue
  • This is not the first time this year NVIDIA has borked an update.  I usually wait a month before I attempt and check the forums first.
  • Got this problem too.. I was wondering what it was :P
  • Awesome. I was about to roll it back tonight but this is way better. I've been really impressed with Nvidia's support compared to when I used to run AMD.
  • I had trouble when I installed this, the start menu went all weird and I had a Hardware error in the event log, which turned out was related to the sound card (which is on a PCI-express slot, so probably caused by the video card driver issue)
  • After having most of these issues myself, I solved this by never installing the "NVIDIA Experience" again.
  • Wow! I almost reinstalled my Windows 10 because of Start menu issue! I will check it today evening , hope it will fix the issue
  • Same here, I was about to restore from a system image I made last week. The update definitely fixes the issue, but make sure to restart after installing the newer drivers. My Start menu was still acting weird until I finally rebooted.
  • Damn it I saw this article and updated assuming Nvidia is dishing out the latest driver. Now I got .57 lol. Oh well will wait. Getting it from website. It's only geforce experience that doesn't have it.
  • Also, I think its not Civilisation IV but rather Civilization VI :).
  • Oh , so that's why a lot of apps started crashing like crazy for me in the last few days. Amazing how much power a video driver can have. And I don't mean that in a good way.
  • Since a new NVIDIA driver once resulted in reproducible blue screens, I stopped updating it at all. And why they can't do incremental upgrades - without having to download the big packet each time - is also a riddle to me.
  • Awesome, thanks for the post on this. Oddly enough, I feel like a previous driver update led to similar issues...simply launching the Start menu or launching a Store app (People, Photos, etc.) would crash the driver or leave my PC in some limbo graphics state.
  • NVIDIA drivers have been awful for the most part over the last 18 months or so. There are literally 4 drivers that PC gamers refer to as the magical drivers and they are the ones still used. NVIDIA and MS ate literally perfect for each other. Both want to force updates and neither can release updates that work.
  • I noticed that 375.63 fixed the crash I was having in Solitaire when trying to access events or the last completed event summary. Never attributed it to the earlier 375.57 driver until then. Also, the Geforce forums have been down for me - constantly getting 504 Gateway Time-out errors.