NVIDIA made a super-creepy Fallout 4 mod to show off its lighting tech

NVIDIA will release Vault 1080, a free mod for the PC version of Bethesda Softworks' post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4, on September 2. The mod includes over an hour of new gameplay and showcases NVIDIA's advanced lighting features.

The mod was created by NVIDIA's in-house Lightspeed Studios. The GeForce.com blog (opens in new tab) describes some of the more advanced graphical features in Vault 1080:

Volumetric lighting features extensively – in ways not seen in the standard game – while shadows are more realistic and velvety than ever. This is thanks to HBAO+ and its control of ambient occlusion, which creates authentic depths anywhere a light source is blocked, no matter how small or fleeting. You'll also see those lovely godrays whenever you do find the sun, plus weapon debris and new meshes and materials.

NVIDIA adds that the side-mission in the Vault 1080 mod is pretty creepy, too:

It's a dark and ominous journey before you even head below ground, as you travel to the ruins of a fog-shrouded church through hostile marshland. Once in you find the entrance to Vault 1080 and its dark, intimidating tunnels. Tunnels that are, inevitably, full of twisted dangers. This is a big mod – equal in size to the other vaults spread across the commonwealth – with its own brand new questline. And it's a Fallout vault like you've never seen before. It's certainly taken its toll on its occupants. They've become a congregation that embraces the darkness and sickness, and they've done it – so they believe – to survive. They're not the friendliest bunch. But is the whole thing built on lies?

When NVIDIA's Fallout 4 mod is released, you can grab it from Bethesda.net for free. In case you haven't played Fallout 4 yet, the PC version of the game is on sale for $29.65 (opens in new tab) over at Amazon

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John Callaham
  • NVidia efforts are good. But AMD spread everywhere.
  • Gameworks just cripples any competition and should not be taken seriously. Nvidia fan-boys might be ok with this but for a healthy competition and for the sake of our bank accounts nobody should encourage this. Everything around Nvidia is about closed/proprietary/expensive stuff .. Just go read in the product design of the old Ageia Phys-X cards ... Both Nvidia/AMD GPUs supported. Nvidia buys Ageia, PhysX doesn`t work while AMD card is present, this for the guys who plan on buying a cheap entry level NVidia GPU for PhysX, they took care of this in their drivers calling it "GPU issues with AMD product :) " Also the dev community doesn`t seem to like Nvidia PhysX either since there are few games that actually implement this. Also i see more and more monitors with FreeSync coming out and people with Nvidia GPUs asking why can`t they use it .. well FreeSync is a part of DP .. Nvidia is free to implement it in their GPU but why do it for free when you can ask money for G-Sync .. and now we have this crap Gameworks (Gimpworks) that pushes out proprietary code into games. No thank you, I`ve been a happy Nvidia user since TNT2 but this has to go.