October 2018 Update hits 2 percent of Windows 10 PCs, AdDuplex says

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The rollout Microsoft's latest Windows 10 release, the October 2018 Update, hasn't been the smoothest to date. While October 2 marked its initial debut, the update was pulled four days later, amid reports of user files being deleted upon upgrade. With a November rollout now likely, AdDuplex's latest report confirms the update has failed to make a dent, with just a 2.3 percent share of the Windows 10 market.

According to AdDuplex's data, usage of other Windows 10 editions has remained mostly unchanged, with minor fluctuations as users move forward. When compared to other Windows 10 versions, the April 2018 Update continues to dwarf their share. The closest is, as you'd expect, the Fall Creators Update falling to 4.6 percent coverage. The Creators Update and Anniversary Update follow with 1.9 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively. Windows 10 versions 1511 and 1507 round things out at 0.5 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively.

As usual, it's best to use AdDuplex's numbers as a sort of general barometer for the rollout pace. The firm's numbers likely differ from real-world numbers, and this became apparent when Microsoft released its most recent official numbers, which differed quite a bit from AdDuplex's reporting at the time. This is likely due to AdDuplex's method of sampling data, which depends on a collection of around 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that take advantage of its SDK.

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  • I'm proud to be one of the "early adopters" 😂
  • Definitely enjoy the ride also.
  • Well I'm still waiting to receive the update. I want full dark theme already lol
  • Why not join the release ring
    you can always exit after.
  • everyone is not as technically strong as Power users like you. thats why Microsoft develops and we public use it. accept that MS windows 1809 failed terribly. now dont tell me that October update is in November.
  • I am on 1809-17763.55 and not proud, but rather afraid! It appears I only lost my Edge Favorites but I am hesitant to do full work on this build even with the subsequent patches...
  • Dont know what that is but as waytopranav said, im not really that technically strong on the software side.
  • You don't have to be strong at anything. If you can use Windows, you can do it. The Updates & Security section of the Settings app has a menu item for the Windows Insider Program and you can join there if you want to. Release Preview is the ring that receives updates just before they go out to the general public. It's the ring that Microsoft skipped on this particular rollout, thus allowing these issues we're seeing to affect the general public. Of course, that means that you are open to such issues if you join the Release Preview ring, so don't do it if you're not prepared to accept that risk. Not that everyone shouldn't have a backup of their data anyway but it's that much more important for Insiders.
  • Of course adoption is low. The update has been retracted and is not available for download. Duh
  • Exactly this
  • Breaking news! Update that hasn't been made available yet fails to take over Windows install base.
  • A better stats would be what percentage of that 2.3% got the file and zip bugs!
  • So, is Microsoft ever going to re-release it? Some of us who already are facing some issues with brightness and such and it's really annoying!
  • Post article appeared my RSS reader as "October 2018 Update fails to make a dent ... " Came here to ask how something that hasn't been pushed to most PCs and is currently unavailable to them could possibly make a dent. Good to see the title's been fixed.
  • Since the rollout has not even begun in most countries, the article is totally senseless.