This odd Windows 10 PC lacks an important feature … the battery

Gole 11 All In One
Gole 11 All In One (Image credit: Gole)

What you need to know

  • The Gole11 is an all-in-one PC that can be used as a point of sale device.
  • The device has an 11.6-inch touchscreen and four COM ports on the back.
  • The Gole 11 is currently on Indiegogo with the lowest offer being $169.

Windows 10 all-in-one PCs are often larger devices built for use on a desk, like the HP Envy 32, but Gole is currently fundraising for a much smaller all-in-one, the Gole11 (via TechRadar). Gole calls the Gole11 the "World's Cheapest All-in-One" on its Indiegogo campaign page. The 11.6-inch device features a touchscreen, four COM ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and comes with Windows 10 Pro. The cheapest offer that's still available on Indiegogo is $169.

The Gole11 has a screen that's the size of many tablets, but it lacks a battery. Its COM ports make it useful as a point of sale device, in hospitals, and in industrial settings. The downside is that you since it needs to be plugged into the wall, you can't move it around much. For example, if you used it in a store you'd likely set it up at the counter and leave it there rather than some point of sale tablets that allow you to walk up to a customer and handle a transaction anywhere in your store.

While it isn't mobile, the Gole11 has more connectivity options than other devices companies might consider for similar purposes. The Gole11 is powered by an Intel Celeron N3450 processors, has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and runs Windows 10 Pro. It also has two USB 3 ports, two USB 2 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a microSD port, four COM ports, and a mini headset jack port.

The Gole11 needs to reach its campaign goal of $100,00 to ship. Right now, the campaign has 26 days left and isn't close to its goal. Gole states that "If minimum goal isn't reached, everybody will be 100% refunded by Indiegogo."

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