Official Heathrow Airport Guide

Should you be traveling to or through London's Heathrow Airport, there is now an official app for your Windows Phone to help you find your way around the airport and monitor arrival/departure times.

The Heathrow Airport Guide is rather impressive with the amount of information it provides not only with flights but just getting around the airport. Airport information covers maps, shops, restaurants, parking, baggage claims, internet access, and more.

Heathrow Airport Guide

Additional features of the Heathrow Airport Guide include:

  • Live flight tracking
  • Notifications of flight status updates
  • Security guide
  • Travel planning tools
  • Booking car parking

Another nice feature of the Heathrow Airport Guide is that when you pull up flight information you will find pages not only for the flight itself but also pages for the weather, a city guide that covers the basics (currency, attractions, climate, Visa/Passport information, etc.)and a parking page where you can take a picture of where you left your car and notes to help you find it when you return.

Heathrow Airport Guide is a very comprehensive travel app and if you find your travels taking you to London, this is likely a must have app. The app really goes above and beyond.

Heathrow Airport Guide is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can snatch it up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Via: Windows Phone Daily

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