Well this is interesting and we can't verify 100% at the moment, but we're told this is from the official HTC developer site for Russia (official HTC site is this: http://www.htc.com/ru/) and they're clearly showing off a Mozart for sale. No biggy there, but the fact that is says in red "UNIT HAS RUSSIAN LOCALIZATION" is of interest since as of now, Windows Phone doesn't have Russian. Heck, even the 7720 build of Mango doesn't have Russian on it, which means if this is legit it's certainly an HTC-OEM thing. You can evidently order it for 19,990 Russian rubles or about $690.

So does this actually have Russian language support? Does it run Mango? Maybe and it must.  Someone should pony up and we can all find out. Hey, if Japan can get the IS12T now, why not Russia? And perhaps, just perhaps that HTC announcement later today will shed some light on this sudden change. Stay tuned...

Source: HTC Developer Russia; Thanks, cehseven, for the heads up using our app!

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