Official NFL Windows 10 app launches with game replay features, fantasy stats and more

Just a couple of days before the 2015 National Football League season begins, Windows 10 PC owners can now download the official NFL app for the OS. Developed directly by Microsoft, the app has most of the features that are included in the updated Xbox One NFL app.

As previously reported, the NFL on Windows will support a new game replay feature, based on data gathered by RFID chips that will be put into the shoulder pads of all NFL players. Here's a quick look at that addition along with the app's other features:

  • View Next-Gen Replays with an all-new interactive field view - view the play from 3 different camera angles, select players to see their stats and break down the play in slow motion.
  • Fantasy integration lets you track your Fantasy matchup for all your fantasy leagues.
  • Game Day notifications keep you informed whenever your favorite team scores.
  • Track live game stats and scores from around the league with in-game highlights moments after the play happens on the field. ( Follow your favorite team's latest highlights and in-depth analyst opinions.

The only thing the NFL app on Windows 10 will not be able to do is show live games directly from the app; which is a feature that is included in the Xbox One version. The may be a universal app however, the version for phone is not yet enabled for the Store.

Download NFL on Windows from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

  • Universal app? The one on WP has been terrible.
  • Probably but not available yet for phone, otherwise we would have mentioned it ;)
  • This is true. Just stoked for football season. And tired of reading about your cheating patriots lol :P
  • Crazy thing is, I feel like it's only made so much news due to Goodell having it out for them. I haven't really watched much football in the last 2 seasons, but for the many years I did watch it, every team tries to get away with something. I remember when the Raiders were known as massive cheaters. If nothing else comes fromt his I hope the owners get rid of Goodell, he's the worst thing that's happened to the NFL.
  • The fact that they built a Windows 10 app, but didn't make it universal says a lot.
  • You dont know for syre that it isnt a universal app...second, it is a universal app. You know how i know? its been developed by Microsoft. Let's try a bit of optimism next time shall we?
  • It says that Win10 for phones has not been released yet and there is no point in holding back the desktop app for a phone OS that has not released yet. A universal app is not design once and it works everywhere, there is work to scale the UI to fit the smaller device, testing on real-world devices to make sure the app works everywhere, work to make sure that you are not using too much user data on a resource constrained device, and much more. Then there are issues such as it is a Win10 app, and since Win10 for phones has not been released yet, the store on phones are not technically accepting apps yet, and so on, and so on, and so on. All it says is there is no Win10 for phones released yet, so making it work on an unreleased OS does not make sense yet.
  • This UWP strategy just might work. But I'll believe it when I see Google's apps (YouTube app & more) available.
  • Come on MS.... Mobile version is more meaningful.
  • Do you know something that we don't know? I'm starting to get really nervous with all of these new apps coming to the desktop, but the phones (and rt tablets) are getting left in the dust. I understand that these other devices are not on W10 yet, but doesnt the universal app platform allow apps to run on any windows software sharing the same kernel? ​
  • No they require 10 at the core
  • I don't know if the post was udpated before your comment. The last line shows "The may be a universal app however, the version for phone is not yet enabled for the Store." I'm hoping the writer meant "This may be..."
  • Yeah, I added that after for clarification ;) The web store says it's available for mobile, but it's not AFAIK.
  • Fuunny thing is, the web page says pc and mobile, but the store app only has PC screenshots and reviews. A little mixed messaging there.
  • They are basically reworking there apps the Xbox one updated like a week ago so the phone version is coming
  • Can they just add another mode to Windows 10 (Desktop, Tablet, Phone). Done deal.
  • 10 Mobil is live
  • I want a Football app. But this app will be okay in the meantime.
  • WWE Network app live in windows 10 store as well
  • No live games? How? Why? Simple Gamepass login should be added ASAP!
  • It's there or was last year they are combining's nfl now nfl and Sunday ticket apps under one
  • It's on NFL mobile which is Verizon exclusive
  • Didn't think we were talking mobile
  • Microsoft and the NFL are getting very close
  • Man, too bad MLB can't get something like this going.
  • THey have
  • I really wish the Xbox one app supported more fantasy football services... Like yahoo.
  • It's a great start but the app is still missing the CBS and Yahoo fantasy football integration that was promised a month ago. You also can't edit your fantasy team line-up inside the app (it will open up a web page). There's some kinks to fix but it's nice so far.
  • no gamepass integrated?
  • I thought the NFL Sunday ticket was going to be offered on the Xbox one this year?
  • The Sunday ticket is there and was last year also I watched the lions with my friends login ftw
  • The exclusive with DirecTV needs to end. Just offer everyone the opportunity to subscribe to live game streams like MLB and be done with it.
  • Sunday ticket is on Xbox
  • I'm getting my first Xbox One next week. Is Sunday Ticket really available to everyone? I know they recently opened it up to some people but it says my address is ineligible for the streaming only package.
  • Just give an address to an apartment complex in your area and autopay
  • Btw what do you ride I just have a Marin larkspur
  • Thanks for the advice! I might give it a try. Specialized Tarmac. Just got the new Garmin Edge 520 computer. It works really well. Unfortunately it requires Android or ios to pair to the bike computer, but it has some really cool features. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There some basic apps for wp I use striver
  • Now with Aussie Jayrd hayne in the NFL this app will come in hand. All aboard the hayne plane
  • Very well designed. Slick, intuitive UI. I like :)
  • Awesome! Looking forward to taking this app for a test ride next Sunday!!!
  • Such a boring genre of game
  • Beautiful as beautiful can get.  Just in time for the new NFL season.  Thanks devs and Windows Central.
  • Have they updated the X1 app? I tried using it multiple times last week for it to just pop up with some sort of error every time.
  • They were having server issues