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One of Windows 10's most valuable features could soon get an upgrade

Your Phone Companion Android
Your Phone Companion Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Your Phone app will reportedly gain picture-in-picture support for messages.
  • The app will also reportedly gain the ability to copy text from images.
  • These features aren't available yet but have been shown in images.

Microsoft's Your Phone app on Windows 10 will gain picture-in-picture support for messages and the ability to copy text from images, according to a report from Windows Latest. While these features aren't available to general users or Insiders yet, Windows Latest has images that appear to show the features in action. The outlet suspects that the features will arrive for Insiders within a month or two, but that's not confirmed at this time.

Microsoft's Your Phone is a large part of the tech giant's plans for mobile phones. People can sync their text messages, photos, and other content across their devices and use the Your Phone app on Windows 10 to control their smartphone. The app is an increasingly useful addition to Windows 10. Our executive editor, Daniel Rubino, said earlier this year that the app "could change the way you use mobile tech." While some of Your Phone's features are exclusive to select Samsung phones, the app has continued to gain useful features over time, such as the ability to control a smartphone's audio.

The addition of picture-in-picture messages would give people another way to keep in touch through text messages. Picture-in-picture windows on Windows 10 stay above other applications, so you could keep a window open to text someone without having to close the app you're in.

How Your Phone finally let me keep my phone in my pocket

The usefulness of copying text from images will vary largely on if people use text messages for sending and receiving images. Some mobile phone plans still charge extra for images, so many prefer to use web-based apps for images. That being said, it's always good to have more options.

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  • With RCS on the way, these features could be very useful.
  • so what makes you think it will work with RCS?
  • No, I don't think I will bother your phone needs a MS account and to be honest I really do not want to connect my phone permanently to my computer or a MS account, bad enough having it connected with Google.
  • It's actually worse having it connected to Google.
  • Can we get a proper comparison of using Your Phone with a Galaxy, non-Galaxy Android, and iPhone? I currently have an older Galaxy S8+ and use Your Phone regularly while working. I've been considering the 5G iPhone when that comes out, but weary of how well Apple let's iOS integrate with Your Phone. Give us an in-depth comparison, WC!
  • Same. I have iOS and ToDo and other apps on iOS generally see updates and upgrades before their Android counterparts. However, the ability to copy/paste from phone to PC or read texts on my PC really has me looking at Android again. But there are also Galaxy-specific functions so I'd love to see a comparison between iOS, non-galaxy android, and Galaxy phones.
  • Should work fine with Samsung, since Ms is up Samsungs backside
  • Yes, I said that I have a Galaxy S8+ and use Your Phone regularly
  • Can we at least get an acknowledgement from WC staff on this request??
  • This app get "little" updates frequently. Still limited and unreliable IMO.
  • Call facility has never worked with Razer 2. There's always some other app getting in the way apparently
  • I haven't checked it for a while, but it only works on one computer at a time. Not much use to me as I switch between laptop and desktop a lot. If it had a "use here" button similar to WhatsApp desktop, I could live with that.
  • Texting works fine on two diff devices at the same time for me. But the call function is buggier to switch between devices.
  • I got mines running on 3 PC's at a time with no issues(SPX for fun stuff, SPro for work Stuff, and SBook for personal Biz stuff). Not sure however if it's due to having a Galaxy Note 10 since Samsung synergizes really well with Microsoft
  • I have mine running on two devices. Now I'm sure it depends on the devices. I have an HP all in one, and a Surface Pro 6.
  • There are many issues to be fixed that should have had higher priority than new features. Unfortunate.
  • Most valuable.. Funny